A few days ago I beat Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It's the third game in the series, and the gameplay hasn't changed drastically, but I still really like it.

For those who like numbers, my final time was 21 hours 57 minutes. During that time I found 129 puzzles and solved 110 of them. That's over four hours more than the time recorded on the previous two games. Although that statement is based on the current time listed for the first two, not the time listed when I originally beat them. No, I haven't completed every puzzle.

So anyway, the puzzles are good. That's key, but what really impressed me is the story. The Prime Minister disappears in an explosion after a time machine demonstration backfires. Luke and the Professor get a letter from Luke ten years in the future, and they're off on an adventure. It's clear from the start that things are going to get crazy, and they definitely do.

I enjoyed the plot a lot, and that's definitely helped by the characters. There are some great new characters, but new characters aren't ignored either. I was surprised to actually learn about Professor Layton's backstory. It's difficult to discuss that without spoiling anything, but it really is incredible.

With fun gameplay and surprisingly great storylines, I now consider Professor Layton among my favourite series. Really good stuff.

On a side note, after beating the game I threw together a list dedicated to everyone's favourite Don. But if you haven't played all three games, beware. There be spoilers.

Posted by lordandrew Fri, 15 Oct 2010 06:12:54 (comments: 4)
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