And now we rank the best games from the most revolutionary system of all time. Disagree? Fine. Go fuck yourself and see your way to the door. The Gameboy took us from Tiger Electronics handheld games to something much much greater....

10.  Super Mario Land

An amazingly fun game, provided you could actually see what was going on. Yes, the graphics were tiny. But if you can get over that, the action is solid and the soundtrack is as catchy as it's NES counterpart, Super Mario Bros.

9.  Gargoyle's Quest

Playing as the bad guy is fun, but boy is it fun. The Ghost's N Goblins spin-off is just has hard as it's source, but actually a lot more fun.

8.  Metroid II: Return of Samus

For anyone who didn't like the original Metroid, the sequel probably fixed what you didn't like. It's much more linear, so no more getting lost. Plus, the boss battles are better. Great game.

7.  Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Hey we can finally see Mario!!!  The action is slower than most other Mario games, but the trade-off worked. It's a lot of fun, has some great boss battles, and the game has some cool secrets hidden througout.

6.  Pokemon Red/Blue

And lo' a legend in born. Possibly the definitive handheld series starts here, and god is it fun. It's rock, paper, scissors or crack that will force upon you an OCD need to collect them all.

Posted by robio Thu, 21 Apr 2016 01:44:37 (comments: 13)
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