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[] ​Metro Exodus reviews round-up, all the scores 7s 8s and 9s Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Rage 2 gameplay demo video Edit gamingeek
Star Fox: Grand Prix Ignites G-Diffuser For N.Direct Rumor Edit gamingeek
[] ​Far Cry New Dawn Launch Trailer Edit gamingeek
Far Cry: New Dawn gameplay launch trailer first 12 minutes Edit media gamingeek
[] Resident Evil 2 The Ghost Survivors DLC  Will Behave Like The 4th Survivor And The Tofu Survivor​ Edit gamingeek
[] Sony Gaming Boss Says The Industry Is "Better" Because Of Nintendo's Efforts Edit gamingeek
[] Yo-Kai Watch Popularity Declines Sharply A gainst Steady Ol' Pokémon​ Edit gamingeek
[] ​THQ Nordic net sales rose 713% to $447.6m in 2018 More De Blob for everyone! Edit gamingeek
[] For Activision, giving up Destiny 2  was the result of 'missed financial expectations'​ Edit gamingeek
[] Metro Exodus review - 4A's post-nuclear shooter  widens its horizons ​ Edit impressions gamingeek
[] ​Activision Blizzard confirms it has laid off 800 employees Says it was Destiny Edit gamingeek
[] ​Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy sales top 10 million No, ur N.Sane Edit gamingeek
[] ​New Days Gone trailer reflects on happier times for Deacon PSA: Watch Days Gone By by Day 6 on youtube Edit media gamingeek
[] Metro Exodus Videogamer review 7/10 Edit impressions gamingeek
[] NIS And Acquire team up for To All Mankind a Switch survival adventure game​ Edit gamingeek
Kill la Kill the Game: details Edit gamingeek
  Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition Debuts Co-Op   New Characters on Switch February 26th, 2019​ Edit gamingeek
[] Epic's lawyer explains why the dance lawsuits against Fortnite don't have any merit​ Edit gamingeek
[] Sony claims they're 'open for business'  with cross-platform play, Wargroove dev says different​ Edit gamingeek
To All of Mankind was announced for Switch​ producer is Nippon Ichi Software’s Gen Suganuma Edit news gamingeek
[] Pokemon GO 'AR Viewing Platform' event announced for Japan, utilizes Microsoft Hololens​ Edit news gamingeek
Switch Online NES lineup gets Blaster Master SP  and Metroid SP 2 Edit gamingeek
[] Pokemon Lets Go demo is now up on the Switch eshop Edit gamingeek
[] Dragon Quest 11 for Switch includes extra content and modes is out this year ​ Edit gamingeek
[] Jim Ryan appointed president and CEO of Sony  Interactive Entertainment ​ Edit gamingeek
[] ​Crackdown 3 reviews round-up, all the scores You will also cry at these reviews Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Far Cry New Dawn reviews round-up You will cry at these reviews Edit impressions gamingeek
[] ​Crackdown 3 review – Terry Crews simulator  represents a minor miracle Edit impressions gamingeek
[] More Astral Chain screens Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem: Three Houses screens Edit gamingeek
[] Link's Awakening Switch screens Edit gamingeek
[] Platinum Games Switch Exclusive ​pics Astral Chain Edit gamingeek
Platinum Games Switch Exclusive video Astral Chain Edit gamingeek
[] ​Yoshi's Crafted World screens Edit gamingeek
[] Unravel 2, Switch, March Edit gamingeek
[] Japan Got A Few Extra Games In Its Nintendo Direct Aragato for nuthin', sincerly - the west Edit gamingeek
[] No link between violent video games and increased aggression in teens, study finds​ - so parents can SUCK IT Edit gamingeek
[] ​Ninja Theory's Hellblade is heading to Switch Hellblade, it's like that one knife that won't cut an orange Edit gamingeek
[] Square-Enix officially announces Oninaki, shares story details​ On everything except Xbox Edit news gamingeek
[] Nintendo Direct 2/13/19 - Asset round-up  (all screens, art, boxes, and more)​ Edit media gamingeek
[] Daemon X Machina demo now available Yoshi's Crafted World demo too Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem: Three Houses being co-developed  by Koei Tecmo​ Edit gamingeek
[] Rune Factory 4 Special coming to Switch Rune Factory 5 in development Edit gamingeek
[] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Special Episode Info and video Edit gamingeek
​Alex Kidd in Miracle World heading to Switch Edit gamingeek
[] Hollow Knight: Silksong, a "full-scale sequel" Announced Edit news gamingeek
​Final Fantasy IX available on Switch today Launch trailer Edit media gamingeek
[] This week's North American downloads - February 14 (Tetris 99, FINAL FANTASY IX and more)​ Edit gamingeek
Arcade Archives - the next selection of releases announced includes Ice Climber​ Edit news gamingeek
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Country: UN
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Thu, 14 Feb 2019 21:57:41

Never played the OG Link's Awakening, but I like the look of the remake. Feels like Animal Crossing, a little Pikmin-y, too. Seems like it's very faithful for the original colour scheme, too. Honestly seems to have captured the look of the original quite well.

SupremeAC said:

Yeah, I figured it was the next game by MonolithSoft as well.  It's Platinum, so it's bound to be good, but for a Platinum game it looks pretty basic.

The first thing I liked in the trailer was the soft and fluffy dude picking up the rubbish and putting it in the rubbish bin. LOL

    A father's no shield
for his child.
We are like a lot of wild
spiders crying together,
but without tears.

Country: UN
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Fri, 15 Feb 2019 01:02:24
gamingeek said:

Damnit, Captain Toad is getting a special episode with new stages, some based on Mario 3D World.

But it's not sold separately. I think you need to own the Switch ver to download it. Sad

I need to get Captain Toad on Switch; never played the orginal.

gamingeek said:

There's quite a few new demos on the Switch eshop, Daemon Machina, Pokemon Go, Yoshi and more.

GASP *Runs to the eShop*

The VG Press

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Fri, 15 Feb 2019 20:47:25

Yoshi is beautiful, the mech game is boring.

Country: BE
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Joined: 2013-06-11
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 22:23:16
Haven't played Daemon x Machina yet, but I was hoping that the gameplay would hold up as I do like the artstyle.

I'm looking at you Link's Awakening  O_o
Country: UN
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 23:12:43

The Vag Press!


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