It’s usually very tough for me to share this kind of personal stuff with others but it has been helping me out a lot most recently so here goes.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and have been on medication for it for about 21 years now. I’ve been interested in trying to come off of the medication for quite some time. Over the past several months I have tried weening myself off of it very slowly. Things seemed to have been going pretty well. The first month and a half being off the medication wasn’t too bad but several weeks ago I could feel the anxiety coming back and knew I had to get back on it again. Have been back on it for almost two weeks and it has quite literally been hell with my anxiety this past couple of weeks as the medication does it’s thing and gets me back to where I was before.

The good news is that I am really starting to feel like I’m getting there finally. Probably going to take another couple of weeks to fully get there but I’m definitely better off today then I was previously. Am definitely working with my doctor through all this and talking with a bunch of people around me has helped tremendously well also. Just wanted to share with all of you because I consider you all friends.

Anyway thanks for taking to read this, if you did, and always take care of yourselves.

Posted by Archangel3371 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 20:48:50 (comments: 54)
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