Well, I bought me a new phone a couple of days back.  Thanks for the tips everyone, you'll be happy to know I bought something completely different.  :p  I did heavily consider getting a Moto G5, as I think Raven pointed me towards.  It was getting a lot of good reviews, but in the end I went with a new Nokia 5, mostly because of the design.  These new Nokia phones (Nokia in name only, it's a new firm apparently) really are a cut above everything else in the design department.

As for Android.  Everything is so COLOURFULL.  I hate it.  The settings don't make sense.  I can't find settings for stuff I want to change, and some settings just have me circle between different menu's without allowing me to change anything.  I miss winphone.  People can crap on it all they want, but it was the cleanest and easiest OS by far.  Now that I'm on Android I also can't understand the claims that Winphone is much less flexible.  There were more settings in my winphone than on this.  I get that Android is more flexible though, in that you can download skins and whatnot.  Which is exactly what I did.  I downloaded a launcher so I could make my phone look just like my Winphone.  And by God, am I glad I got rid of the eyesoar that stock Android is.

Syncing contacts and stuff from Winphone to Android is also a headache.  The short story: it can't be done.  You can't sync your outlook account with Android.  There are programs that claim they can do it for you if you install it both on your android phone and windows pc, but they cust upwards of $30.  The long story: I had given up on it, had transferred my contact list to my gmail account (which I don't use for anything).  Later on I was looking for a calendar that would at least accept an outlook account, so that my calendar's would sink between my pc and phone and I found the Blackberry calendar.  It's free with adds.  But to install it, you had to download the Blackberry Hub+ app.  To which you could then link your outlook account.  After fidgetting around with some more arcane setting screens, I managed to link up my outlook account.  And behold, it actually worked.  Better yet, Blackberry also has a Contacts app, meaning I can keep my contacts synced as well.

Even better yet, for some reason, Google accepts a Blackberry account as a valid, syncable account.  To my surprise I could all of a sudden see my outlook agenda's in the google calendar and my contacts showing up in the android contacts.  I tried deleting the Blackberry calendar and contacts apps (free with ads) and only keeping the Hub+ and lo and behold, everything still works.  I have conquered Google, outsmarted the internet.

So, to all you Winphone users out there (GG, Aspro), when the day comes that you bust your phone and are forced to move on to Android (the less said about iOS the better), remember that not all is lost.  Check out these apps that have made me a happy chappy again:


A launcher that reskins the start screen and allows you to recreate the look and feel of a Winphone.  Your apps will still be fisher price colloured, but at least your startscreen will be clean.  It allows you to have an app tray when you swipe to the right like you have on Winphone, it has clean widgets (live tiles) for your agenda and a better contacts list.  It's free for 2 weeks, after which some functions are hidden behind a $4 paywall.  I have yet to see how much this affects my settings, but I think that with some concessions I'll be able to keep it free.  And if not, this launcher is worth more than the asking price.


a set of a couple of thousand white Winphone style icons that you can use to replace Google's horribly colourfull ones.  It doesn't cover everything, but it covers most apps you'll need.  It's also free.

Blackberry Hub+

Set your outlook account as your main account in this app and watch how the impossible becomes possible as Google will sync your outlook calendar and contacts.  It works and for some reason, the internet isn't aware of this little wonder app.  The Hub+ app is free.

Posted by SupremeAC Mon, 31 Jul 2017 09:13:04 (comments: 12)
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