Is how long I have now existed (+ 9 months or so), which by my reckoning makes me middle-aged, and by historians' reckoning who are unaware of infant mortality, dead. We're both technically wrong, as the average age of death in Australia is a horrifying 80 or so for men, and people who lived in the ages of infant mortality basically lived just about as long if they weren't a slave. Essentially, the biggest contributing factor to life expectancy outside of infant mortality was the abolition of slavery! Anyway, that means I have to exist for another 50 years! Perish the thought. By my calculation, I'm hoping to have achieved my goals over the next decade (one work basically complete as of writing, three to go), and will consider myself lucky to have lived so long, which would mean I'd have 40 years of pointless existence left. Lame! Why the fuck do people live so long, and how is it that most people seem to think they don't live long enough?!  

No offence to the relative geriatrics who make up the majority of my fellow posters. Nyaa

Posted by Foolz Thu, 14 May 2020 04:33:40 (comments: 10)
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