I was just browsing the Switch eShop for the heck of it when I saw a recent release I was not expecting --AT ALL--! My jaw literally went agape and to noone at all I said out loud: "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!" This was a legendary Genesis game that I was sure was lost to time. I don't believe it was released on any other system other the original Genesis/Mega Drive and has not been available on any eStore on any other console. There was just a very limited commemorative re-release done by Limited Run games; it had a translucent cartridge, a certificate of authenticity and a bunch of other swag -- I think it even came in an old-school Genesis plastic box to boot -- but this was playable only on a Genesis or Genesis-emulating cartridge-based console, none of which I presently have... This limited run was also sold out as of 2021...

This game was arguably one of the best of the 16-bit era and though it was tough as nails, I loved every second of playing it! It was the closest there was to getting a Gradius game on the Genesis, but the graphics were far and away better than any Gradius game that came before it -- and it came out in 1990! 33 freakin' YEARS ago!! I bought it without a half a second's thought and started it up... The title screen music came immediately to mind without having heard it for over 30 years! I have to admit a little tear did come to my eyes! This was the most nostalgic thing to happen to me in yeeeears! If this game was released, it could mean a slew of other old Renovation games also fading into obscurity may also get a second chance!

Without further ado...

Posted by phantom_leo Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:14:28 (comments: 13)
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