I was just browsing the Switch eShop for the heck of it when I saw a recent release I was not expecting --AT ALL--! My jaw literally went agape and to noone at all I said out loud: "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!" This was a legendary Genesis game that I was sure was lost to time. I don't believe it was released on any other system other the original Genesis/Mega Drive and has not been available on any eStore on any other console. There was just a very limited commemorative re-release done by Limited Run games; it had a translucent cartridge, a certificate of authenticity and a bunch of other swag -- I think it even came in an old-school Genesis plastic box to boot -- but this was playable only on a Genesis or Genesis-emulating cartridge-based console, none of which I presently have... This limited run was also sold out as of 2021...

This game was arguably one of the best of the 16-bit era and though it was tough as nails, I loved every second of playing it! It was the closest there was to getting a Gradius game on the Genesis, but the graphics were far and away better than any Gradius game that came before it -- and it came out in 1990! 33 freakin' YEARS ago!! I bought it without a half a second's thought and started it up... The title screen music came immediately to mind without having heard it for over 30 years! I have to admit a little tear did come to my eyes! This was the most nostalgic thing to happen to me in yeeeears! If this game was released, it could mean a slew of other old Renovation games also fading into obscurity may also get a second chance!

Without further ado...

Posted by phantom_leo Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:14:28 (comments: 13)
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Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:22:58

Behold GAIARES!!  surprise

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:25:28

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:27:09

Even the magazine ads were legendary!

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:28:40

They even brought the same dude back to advertise the 2021  re-release!

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:31:16

This is literally the kind of nostalgia you could wrap yourself up in like a warm blanket and dream about through an entire winter-time to keep you warm, happy and cozy! Don't know if any of you know it, love it or hold it in as high regards as me, but this was something I totally had to share!!  smiley

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:43:28
I'm not familiar with it; may have to check it out later. I'm always own for Sega Genesis games
Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:45:50
Jamie Bunker should have kept his mullet.
Mon, 11 Dec 2023 20:48:05

He's literally the epitome of 90's video game dude!

Even the frickin' magazines bring back floods of memories!

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 21:07:08

Although the game was compared mostly to Gradius back in the day, it almost has more in common with R-Type. R-Type has it's Force pod that flys along with it's R-9 Arrow Head fighters and Gaiares has a it's own similar pod. Although it looks like a "Claw" or "Craw!" from the Thunder Force games, it can be shot at enemy ships to capture their weapons! I think there's about 13 you can steal throughout the course of the game! If I recall correctly, I think there's alternative pathways thru the game a-la Darius too... This --REALLY-- was one of the best side-scrollers of that era! It borrowed a bit from everyone else, but became a legend all unto itself!

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 23:20:21
I'm so glad my friends talked me out of growing a mullet in highschool.
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