PlayStation 38.00
Overall 8.00
Posted 6 hours and 10 minutes ago:

Taking Haruka out bowling! Gonna get lots of strikes!!

Posted 5 hours and 50 minutes ago:

Mother****ing orphan keeps getting spares bastard MUAHUAHA Missed your spar esukcit SUCK I

Posted 5 hours and 45 minutes ago:

Against a little girl it's a close match 2 strikes in a row mother****er

Posted 5 hours and 44 minutes ago:

3...demon child

Posted 5 hours and 25 minutes ago:

Phew 154-148 I am win with terrible score

Posted 5 hours and 15 minutes ago:

You're amazing, uncle kaz! You're like a pro bowler" SHE LIE SAND EXPECT ME 2 BUY HER MORE STUFF

Posted 5 hours and 5 minutes ago:

IT WOREKED I buy her more stuff

Posted 4 hours and 45 minutes ago:

Perfect night for children: brutal beatings, visits to bikini bars, getting drunk, and bowling

Posted 4 hours and 30 minutes ago:

ALso, her taste in video games doesn't suck; she never wants to go into SEGA arcade!

Posted 4 hours and 29 minutes ago:

ALso, her taste in video games doesn't suck; she never wants to go into SEGA arcade!

Aarny91 posted 2 hours and 25 minutes ago:

@KazKiryu to play Yakuza 3

Posted 4 hours and 20 minutes ago:

@Aaarny91LOL It's not sujitable for her anyway. too violent

Posted 4 hours and 15 minutes ago:

oh god no she just asked to go o in but she's not trying a game just a doll collecting machine Prepare to be disappoint, girl NOBODY CAN ****ing GET YOU A TOY FROM THAT

unelss I break into it

Posted 4 hours and 14 minutes ago:

but I yakuza so I could od that but I don't like you much so i choose not to (demon child!1)

Posted 4 hours ago:

Holy mother of God I ****ing got A KITTY KAT But my pockets are full so **** her I'll hrow it way My baseball bat and collection or energy drinks, are more important than some stupid toy

Posted 3 hours and 59 minutse ago:

Okay next one drop Big surpise

Posted 3 hours and 58 minutes ago:

I wish I could photograph her face at the exact moment of disappointment, that would be the perfect photo, Mack-DESU!

WodenWantsWords posted 3 hours and 56 minutes ago:

@KazKiryu: Doit

Posted 3 hours and 50 minutes ago:

"aw...you were so close" I got you a kitty kat you ungrateful bastard;( I even sent my bat away I'll keep it as a reminder of how much I hate you (or a voodoo doll)

Posted 3 hours and 45 minutes ago:

Tokyo needs more voodoo

Posted 3 hours and 25 minutes ago:

She's eating more

Posted 3 hours ago:

I just went to the children's park and now people are trying to rob me and the girl (because she insulted them, if I didn't like beating people so much I'd be mad at her)

Posted 2 hours and 35 minutes ago:

She just ordered a 1,200 yen dish at Kanraiā€¦and din't give me any. Kids can be so cruel

Posted 2 hours ago:

Happily played darts at her request , just so I could have an excuse to get drunk. Was too drunk to score the 200 points she wanted me to. Too drunk to care about the sledging that this will result in.

Posted 1 hour ago:

Bought her a driunk that loiwers bloodd pressuree from Don Quijote to help with all that she's been aeting

Posted 45 minutes ago:

Playing baseball, Harkua wante me to score 1,000, missed a few to make it look hader then it is, but nott to many; her sludging during the bowling was intense. Kids can be so cruel.(x2)

Posted 30 minuts ago:

Took her gambling, tried to lose at blackjack on purpose to teach her a lesson bout games of chance, but doubled my chips instead. I hope she learnt something all the same. Am feeling more sober.

Posted 20 minutes ago:

Left her outside bikini bar; safe area for kid, and she glad to see me off when I get horny. I think she have fear of men, maybe y she eat so much? Think I might vomit ona stripper. Fingers crsosse
Posted by Foolz Sun, 03 Oct 2010 03:03:45
Sun, 03 Oct 2010 03:09:08
In other words: brillaint game.
Reasoning behind score, main story worth a 9/10, side questing worth a 9/10, but they kinda get in each other's way, so overall that knocks the score a bit lower.

Loved every minute of it! Happy I think they might actually be able to pull off zombies. Who knows. The game has a great sense of humour, so we'll see. Also got quite dark at times which was nice to see!

*Goes back to trying to get 100%* (I'll fail miserably when it comes to the mini-games.)
Sun, 03 Oct 2010 05:46:12
Cleverly done there.  Funny too.
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 02:12:59
I'm really happy that you "got" this game.  I would suggest that you also go back and consider the first 2.

#1 is the better overall game, but the only downside is considerable, very long loading before each fight.

#2 takes care of the issues and more polished, though the story compard to #1 and #3 is lacking.

#4 is supposed to be the very best of them all, according to those whom have played it, so looking forward to that.
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 05:12:11
Excellent review, loved it. I would love to play Yakuza 2 but my half dead PS2 doesn't seem to run it.
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 07:01:50
Thanks, and yeah, am definitely looking into the Yakuza backlog! Will try and get through them before I go for Yakuza 4.
So I won't be playing Yakuza 4 for a long time. Sad

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! That sucks. Any idea of what's the problem?
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