After beating Persona 4, I wondered what I would play next. Eventually
I decided I should finish Dragon Quest VIII, and then I'd probably move
on to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne after that. But for whatever reason
that didn't happen. I ended starting Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
instead, played that for 28 hours, and then switched to Dragon Quest
Heroes: Rocket Slime. And after rescuing the last six slimes in the
game, I didn't stop. I just kept going, and I guess now I'm aiming for
100% completion.That's a great way to remove all the fun from a game...

Oh, and I found out Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime's credits are amazing.
The slime puns never stop, even for the credits. It's a shame you can't
watch them more than once. You could probably find some video on
YouTube though if you want to see for yourself.

Other games I've been playing recently at some point:  
  • Fire Emblem - I'm up to Chapter 26 playing as Eliwood. I'll beat it eventually. Eventually.
  • Super Mario Advance - Collecting several eggs for the Yoshi
    Challenge, currently at 28/40. Collecting the Yoshi eggs and then
    beating the level without dying can be tricky, especially since the
    Yoshi eggs often take the place of mushrooms.
  • Mayhem Intergalactic - This is an indie game available on Steam. I bought it mostly for the achievements, but it's not a bad game. Oh,
    but I'm still playing it for the achievements. I just have one left,
    and it requires 100 multiplayer wins. Guess what? I've never played a
    multiplayer game against actual people. There aren't enough people
    playing the game, so I always have to go up against bots.
Posted by lordandrew Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:04:59 (comments: 1)
Sun, 23 Aug 2009 04:33:28
Bots>people anyway!
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