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[] EA Earnings Down, Rumors of Buyout Up Disney seen as most likely. news aspro
[] Icahn's Takeover of Take2 Continues news aspro
[] New Registrations in WoW on Hold in China Seen as a good sign. news aspro
THQ To Bring All-Star Karate To Wii news aspro
iTouch Game Revealed NSFW Game Reveals a lot more than most. news aspro
[] You'll be "pissed off" by Fable III reveal Molyneux teases X10 demonstration. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Third LEGO Star Wars game revealed Based on Clone Wars. Dolly good. news Iga_Bobovic
[] SEGA All-Stars Racing demo on Live Sonic! Alex Kidd! Samba! Tails. news Iga_Bobovic
[] First Fallout: New Vegas details spill Hardcore! Reputation! Clever mutants! news Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Disgaea 2 8/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer preview LEGO Harry Potter impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews BioShock 2 8/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Request the Sunsoft games you want, says Ireland news Ravenprose
[] Final Fantasy XIII gets a 70% review From PSM3 mag impressions gamingeek
[] Miyamoto making a new Motionplus game Not Zelda gamingeek
[] BIG Ubisoft announcement this week Ghost recon future? gamingeek
[] The Design Of No More Heroes 2 Is a better-designed game really "better" -- and what does that really mean? Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander takes a look at how Grasshopper Manufacture's No More Heroes 2 evolves on its predecessor. gamingeek
Free online for Monster Hunter 3? In Europe is the rumour. gamingeek
[] Endless Ocean 2 soundtrack samples gamingeek
[] Endless Ocean 2 Vooks review Well done Arika. impressions gamingeek
[] Bonus Round: State of the Industry Pt 1 Yay! More Michael Pachter! media Ravenprose
[] Supreme Commander 2: IGN hands-on impressions Foolz
[] Retrospective: Team Buddies Arcade impressions Foolz
[] Special Editions Article Not so special anymore editorial Foolz
[] Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy XIII editorial Foolz
[] L.A. Noire revealed impressions Foolz
[] Mortal Online open beta trailer media Foolz
[] ModNation PSP announcement trailer media Foolz
[] MAG GT review 8.2 impressions media Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 Red Carpet trailer media Foolz
[] Star Trek Online review in progress impressions Foolz
[] Gamers4Croydon interview with David Doe Fight the power! editorial Foolz
[] ModNation PSP first look impressions Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 Aussie interview editorial media Foolz
[] Dante's Inferno GS review 6.5 impressions Foolz
[] Random hint about a Demon's Souls sequel?! Very vauge hint but sounds like it could be DS2. Rag jizzed his pants. news Dvader
Famitsu RE5 AE scans showing Barry and Rebecca! BARRY!!!!! news Dvader
[] Bioshock 2 GS review 8.5 impressions Dvader
Level 5 Working on PS3 and Wii Titles Says CEO news aspro
[] Next Assassin's Creed details Set in Rome, online assassin mode news Dvader
1up review Bioshock 2 "Our second trip to BioShock's underwater city is good but doesn't quite live up to the original" impressions gamingeek
[] Hands on Fifa World cup 2010 gamingeek
Tales of Graces DLC pics media gamingeek
Netflix VP pimps Wii service Downplays their own HD service gamingeek
Monster Hunter Tri video preview impressions gamingeek
[] Ghost Recon Future Soldier coming to Wii/DS Probably a lame verison made by A2M gamingeek
Austrailia gets Endless Ocean 2 bundle gamingeek
[] Pirate Ordered To Pay Nintendo $1.5 Million news Ravenprose
[] Nintendo Power: big surprises coming next issue news Ravenprose
[] Official Nintendo Magazine teasing something special news Ravenprose
[] Dead Space: Extraction heading to XBLA/PSN? RUMOR news Ravenprose
[] IGN Voice Chat Podcast summary editorial Ravenprose
[] pirates may be screwing up release dates for Australia news Ravenprose
[] EA: DLC gets consumers to buy new, play longer news Ravenprose
[] Square-Enix wants to create games using smaller teams news Ravenprose
[] Exile getting a revamp? news Ravenprose
[] NBA Jam to see PSN/XBLA release too? news Ravenprose
[] Tropico 3 hands-on impressions Foolz
[] Hero 108 hands on impressions Foolz
[] Nore More Heroes 2 second opinion impressions Foolz
[] Making of R.U.S.E. dev diary part 2 editorial Foolz
[] Need for Speed SHIFT Ferrari DLC slideshow media Foolz
[] Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Sonic and Banjo Ka Still unclear why Sonic needs a cart media Foolz
[] Valkyria Chronicles 2 gameplay and intro media Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 GT review 8.8 impressions media Foolz
[] Dante's Inferno GT review 6.8 impressions media Foolz
[] Victor Ireland accidentally confirms more remakes in the pipeline news Ravenprose
[] NIPPON ICHI ! ! ! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! ! ! news phantom_leo
[] ...and Dante's Inferno a 9! Well, that was unexpected! phantom_leo
Cultivate Teams, Not Ideas On ideas versus execution editorial Ellyoda
Zangeki no Reginleiv Beachfront gameplay Beachfront????? media gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2 widescreen is glitched gamingeek
[] Gameinformer Bioshock 2 review "Once wondrous and foreboding, this underwater society now has the familiarity of a local shopping mall." impressions gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2: The first 10 minutes gamingeek
Sakaguichi talks working with Miyamoto on The Last Story gamingeek
Tatsunoko VS Capcom Secrets Phoenix Wright in a desk? news aspro
[] Every Heavy Rain Review so far IGN, 1up, Eurogamer, and more. impressions Dvader
[] Blaster Master: Overdrive Review - Nintendolife 9/10 - Looking good impressions robio
[] Nintendo Media Summit Coming news Ravenprose
[] Lufia DS - more screens, preorder bonus media news Ravenprose
[] What Is Electronic Arts Doing Wrong? editorial Ravenprose
Gamers Who Are Scared Of Aging editorial Ravenprose
[] ExciteBike: World Rally eurogamer review 7/10 impressions Foolz
[] Ubisoft to bring out top franchises more Mirror's Edge xtreme running 2011 news Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 IGN Au review 9.1 impressions Foolz
[] First Look: Rock of the Dead Dancing zombies! Another game perfect for Archie that he won't buy. :( impressions Foolz
[] Rockstar Confirms Fall release for L.A. Noire yeah right... news Foolz
[] Darwinia+ IGN review 360: 8.9. PC: 8.8. impressions Foolz
[] Runes of magic fall of the demon lord trailer media Foolz
[] Everquest II: Battlegrounds trailer media Foolz
[] Naugthy Bear Butter Jelly Time trailer Aren't we over that skit yet? media Foolz
[] preview media Foolz
[] Ghost Recon: Future Soldier debut teaser media Foolz
[] FIFA 2010 World Cup and Ultimate team hands on fapfapfapfapfap impressions Foolz
[] RE5 Desperate Escape GS hands-on impressions Foolz
Shiren Wii - 1Up.Com Review - B+ "A Huge and Challenging Adventure." phantom_leo
The Old Republic not before April 2011 Star Wars looking far, far away news Ellyoda
Dear Videogame Industry, Please Stop Making Games There are too many! editorial Ellyoda
New Alan Wake trailer Comes out in May media Dvader
[] First LA Noire details gamingeek
Call of Duty 7 set for 2010 release Set in Vietnam or Cuba? gamingeek
[] Sony to update existing franchises with motion gamingeek
[] Official Playstation mag scores GOW3 Kratos gets a.... what out of ten? gamingeek
[] Eurogamer No More Heroes 2 review It boasts tighter design, more robust visuals and a settled sense of identity that makes it a better, more solid proposition. impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo facing Wii supply challenge As sales continue to be brisk gamingeek
[] Brink images media gamingeek
[] Star ocean 4 images media gamingeek
[] L.A Noire: First images media gamingeek
[] Retailer Slashes Final Fantasy XIII's Price In Half news Ravenprose
[] Heavy Rain Gamesradar review 7/10 impressions gamingeek
[] Killzone 3 details incoming Soon-ish gamingeek
[] Eurogamer review Max & the Magic Marker It's half the price of the PC version impressions gamingeek
[] Disney scaling back its high end games Concentrating on games which bring in the moolah gamingeek
[] Europe gets No More Heroes 2 Release date announced news gamingeek
[] Nintendo unsure over future WiiWare demos It was always a limited time offer? gamingeek
[] Activision predicts the console war winner Sales predictions inside gamingeek
[] An Englishman in New Tokyo Culture shock! editorial Foolz
[] Heavy Rain eurogamer review 9/10! impressions Foolz
[] VVVVVV IGN Review 7.5 impressions Foolz
[] Endless Ocean: Blue World IGN hands on impressions Foolz
[] New Pokemon revealed news Foolz
[] Heavy Rain IGN AU review 8.8 impressions Foolz
[] Rooms: The Main Building GT preview impressions media Foolz
[] Storm Over the Pacific debut trailer media Foolz
[] Battle of the Immortals Soul Gear trailer media Foolz
[] Red Dead Redemption Q&A editorial Foolz
[] Greg Canessa interview editorial Foolz

Major Aussie gam
EB Games, GAME, and Gametraders say they are prepared to accept restrictions on how to display and merchandise adult content. news Foolz
[] Aussies heavily pro 18+ in consulation Only 1 percent of processed responses to government survey against an adult rating for games; more than 6,000 responses received in total so far. news Foolz
[] College Athlete Sues NCAA and EA Landmark case fights for student rights. news aspro
Lost Planet 2 Will Have Split Screen Co-Op Capcom keeps it real. news aspro
Ubisoft German Hotel event Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 - in english gamingeek
[] Konami's new Wii game: By Climax WTF is this? gamingeek
[] 25 stunning FF XIII screens gamingeek
[] First Halo Reach Footage Have ya seen this? Biyatch? media gamingeek
Pre-order Miles Edgeworth Perfect Prosecuter At game UK for £19.99 gamingeek
[] Fable 3 video Go! Go! Go! Is there a dog? gamingeek
Perfect Dark XBLA footage media gamingeek
Splinter Cell Conviction footage the first 20 minutes media gamingeek
[] Prototype dev Radical hit by massive layoffs gamingeek
[] Gears of War meets Lost Planet 2 pics A wet dream, for some. Like Mario and Sonic *vomits* media gamingeek
[] Fable 3 Eurogamer preview It was a typically Molyneux presentation, stronger in suggestion and rhetoric than hard detail impressions gamingeek
[] Microsoft details of exclusive DLC MW2, Dead rising 2 and moar gamingeek
[] Perfect Dark X10 images media gamingeek
[] Super SFIV- Style trailer media gamingeek
[] God of War 3 Exclusive Chaos Will Rise Trailer media gamingeek
[] RE5 Gold Edition : Barry & Rebecca footage media gamingeek
12 RE5 Gold Edition pics media gamingeek
[] Dead Rising 2 Tools of the trade trailer media gamingeek
11 Dead Rising 2 pics media gamingeek
9 Crackdown 2 pics media gamingeek
Splinter Cell Conviction pics 4 here media gamingeek
[] Fable 3 impressions impressions gamingeek
Fable 3 pics media gamingeek
X10: FF XIII bundle pics media gamingeek
X10 Halo Reach pics Half Life 2 reach? media gamingeek
[] X10: Dead Rising 2 to have exclusive DLC PS3-owned gamingeek
[] Japanese top 30 chart Feb 1st week gamingeek
[] Online Zangeki No Reginleiv footage media gamingeek
[] Very good Zangeki No Reginleiv footage media gamingeek
[] SUDA wants to make NMH3 on Wii's successor Was not involved with the port of NMH1 gamingeek
[] GG pics get linked by Go Nintendo again Look! There's Milk almost being eaten by a whale media gamingeek
Shattered Memories wouldn't exist without Wii Says Climax - More insights inside gamingeek
[] NGamer on Nintendo's upcoming summit "it threatens to be better than their last two E3s glued together" gamingeek
[] Zangeki no Reginleiv Black box pics Reflective writing, nice media gamingeek
Reggie vs Keighley: NSMB vs MW2 What was said? What was not? gamingeek
Nintendo digitally distributing games To Wii's with hardrives. Endless Ocean 2 was the first gamingeek
[] Future publishing see circulation slump gamingeek
Aussies get No More Heroes 2 in April too gamingeek
360 FF13 Special Edition You can push her button. news aspro
Dead Rising 2 Screens media aspro
[] VGPress Podcast -- OMG! New one is up, GO NUTS! aspro
[] NPD January 2010 Take a guess news Ellyoda
Sonic theme park and resort?! Or as I call it, heaven. media news Dvader
Mega Man X Release Dates Wii first, then PSN, then XBLA. news aspro
[] Canadian Pol. Spending Public Funds on Gaming Close to 10,000 Loonies. news aspro
Sex Ed Turns To Gaming Games don't have to blow. news aspro
[] Dead Rising 2 X10 walkthrough gamingeek
[] Uncharted 2 new DLC pack trailer. Maps, skins, from Uncharted 1. $6, comes out two weeks. media Dvader
Climax talk updating silent hill gamingeek
[] Fragile impressions impressions gamingeek
Monster Hunter Tri cinematics trailer :O :O :O media gamingeek
[] Endless Ocean's Changing Waters The development team talks about the differences between the original release and Blue World. gamingeek
[] Prince of Persia Forgotten sands Wii info 60 FPS, built from the ground up gamingeek
NIS to Release Less Games, Focus on PS3 Disgaea maker just hoping to survive. news aspro
[] Eurogamer interview: Final Fantasy XIII editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Sony's Jack Tretton: "Thank You" Spin that will spin your head. news aspro
[] De Blob Coming To TV NBC &THQ do reverse licensing deal. news aspro
[] Take2 Denies Layoffs Only firing management, not 20% of staff. news aspro
Gran Turismo Sells Over 55 Million Copies Take that MW2. news aspro
Starcraft 2 is in Closed Beta Testing Kim il Jong postpones nuclear launch. news aspro
Activision Loses Money Even with Modern Warfare 2. aspro
[] EA's Poor Forecast May Be Even Worse Someone please put them out of their misery. news aspro
[] Alan Wake for PC canceled "Not the right platform" news Ellyoda
EA offers free Command and Conquer downloads Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Tiberian Dawn, and Red Alert media news Ellyoda
[] Darksiders Manual Code Revealed Get a free copy of Red Faction Guerilla! darthhomer
Red Octane Shut Down Yowsers. news aspro
Level 3 - Episode 162 Bioshock 2, Serious Sam HD & Mass Effect 2 media darthhomer
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Sun, 14 Feb 2010 20:43:11

Dvader said:

Now that is a hotel room!

^ I can see you taking a hooker to that Hotel room...

...and just sitting there, staring at the walls, forgetting she is there...

Edited: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 20:44:38
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Okay VADER, GG, STEEL, people with access to Neogaf I need you help

Go to this neogaf thread and post the following message.

I have a problem, I just installed start patch 4.2.6 euro version with the help of the GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial (I had the official 4.2 system update). And the installation worked perfectly. So I started to install the following patches.

  • Disable Disc Region Checks 1/5, 2/5,..,5/5
  • Region free GC game no VM Patch
  • Region Free Channels
  • Block Disc Updates
  • Block Online Updates
  • Remove no copy protection¬†1/5, 2/5,..,5/5
  • Move disc channel
  • Auto press A at health screen

And most of it worked really well. I can move the disc channel, I can copy my Brawl save to SD card, it immediately skips the health screen. All works as it should except for the region free part.

The disc channel recognizes my imported games (No More Heroes and MadWorld, which are both imported US versions). So far so good, I click on the window and I get the usual Wii start up screen. When I press 'start' the screen turns black and nothing happens. Just a black screen! This forces me to shut down the Wii by pressing and holding the power button.

So in short, the Wii recognizes my import games, but it does not start them.

I tried various things to get it fixed. I tried deleting the Disable Disc Region checks and reinstalling them. I disabled various other patches, like Region free channels and GG games, but to no avail. I tried searching the internet, but found nothing. Could you help me?

Thanks in advance

The VG Press
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Will do Iga.
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phantom_leo said:
"Shiren has the potential to appeal to the same gamers who became addicted to Demon's Souls; Shiren is turn-based and simpler-looking, but its core premise -- you're always in danger -- is remarkably similar. Progress here is a goal in and of itself, and smart adventuring is rewarded just the same as careless play is punished. Shiren does a great job of straddling the divide between accessibility and challenge, presenting a roguelike experience that may well appeal to any RPG fan. Or at least, any RPG fan willing to give it a chance. Maybe this franchise (and genre) are destined to remain a niche, but at least devotees of this niche are being treated well." 1Up.Com's B+ Shiren Review.





A: Yeah. I can see that. The Rogue-like games have that "I can die at any moment" quality that Demon's Souls has. And, yes, the consequences are just as harsh, but in my opinion, THAT makes for a great game!


i was wondering about shiren.  will look forward to reading further impressions from you as you play on.

and speaking of demon's souls, i went back to play the game again after putting it aside for a couple of weeks ... and i noticed weird things happening.  Like an NPC who was not there before, talking to me and stuff like that.  so i called a friend of mine who also got the game and got hooked and he told me that he read online that for valentine's day and until tuesday ... the world tendency is moved to pure white.  i thought it was kinda cool that there are such global aspects to a game which is most of the time a pretty lonely and solitary pursuit.  

so yeah now i have to keep playing to try and experience as many of these unique occurences as i can while this is going on


Listen to Wu-Tang and watch Kung-Fu

The VG Press

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gamingeek said:
Halo Reach: packaging

Is it just me or does that dude on the right look like he has cyborg arms? Really skinny...


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