Hereby some perculiar things I have learned when traveling through the States.

1) You keep walking to the absolute minimum. You do everything by car. If you can choose to drive half an hour to be able to save 2 minutes walking time, you will do just that. Walking is evil

2) If you do not have a car?! Well fuck you then, you are not leaving your house ever!

3) Turn signals?! What the fuck is that?! Never heard it!

4) The speed limit kinda seems random, 60 mph, 60 mph, 55 mph, 60 mph, 55 mph, 55 mph! Why the change of 55 mph to 60 mph? It seems random to me!

5) Speaking of the speed limit, it is not really a hard limit, more a suggestion. I was driving slighty above the speed limit with help of my cruise control, but everyone was passing me left and right, even the trucks!

6) Shifting gears is hard, automatic transmissions for everyone!

7) Busses are for old people and the poor. And sometimes some tourists!

8) Fuel is cheap

9) Lots of Dodge Rams, even though 90% will never use it as a pick up truck!

10) Hardly any front licence plates. Some car really look weird without them!

Posted by Iga_Bobovic Sun, 08 Nov 2015 19:38:14 (comments: 10)
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