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[] Pink And Blue Wii Remotes? Nintendo: coming February 14th to North America news Ravenprose
[] Amazon Dishes Deals On Batman Today, PS3 Tomorrow $34.98 USD for standard edition; deluxe edition $59.98 news Ravenprose
[] Tony Hawk Still Optimistic About More Ride Future Board Support news Ravenprose
[] Dementium II approved for release Moon was originally a GBC game (screenshots revealed!) news Ravenprose
[] Amazon deal: Rabbids Go Home for $30 news Ravenprose
[] Aonuma: Zelda Wii is well into development news Ravenprose
[] The 20 best Nintendo multiplayer games ever editorial Ravenprose
[] Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom - more footage media Ravenprose
[] Mega Man remix album, download for free media news Ravenprose
[] NPD - yearly and November analysis Yay, graphs! news Ravenprose
[] Ireland talks about Blaster Master extras, says details coming in soon news Ravenprose
[] Miyamoto Q&A It's not enough to live up to expectations, we must always be different. editorial Ravenprose
Alan Wake cover story all week long at 1up New interviews, videos and info. editorial media Dvader
[] Tron: Evolution screens, details Takes place between the films impressions media Ellyoda
[] Music game DLC selling despite genre decline No need to pump out 4 games per year news Ellyoda
[] Heavy Rain hands-on impressions impressions Ellyoda
[] Nintendo Game Line Up for Early 2010 Blue and pink 'motes on Valentines. aspro
Mega Man 10 Drops in March Other Nintendo release dates. news aspro
[] SCEA Merges QA Centers 30 jobs elimenated. news aspro
Dragon Age Coming To Mac Digital DL only. news aspro
Stock Analyst: EA's Best Hope is Buy Out But don't hold your breath. news aspro
[] MW2 Still King of England Tops charts for 4th week. news aspro
Unreleased Shots of LL Prototype Iwata talks LL R&D. news aspro
[] Iwata: More 2D mario coming news gamingeek
[] Shadow Dancer and KOF 95 coming to VC Yes doggie fight! news gamingeek
Play Asia Now Selling DSi LL's Why wait? news aspro
Gran Turismo 5 Summer Release (US) June gloom man. news aspro
True Crime Gets Reboot United Front to dev, set in China. news aspro
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (WTF)? Features FF7's Zack news aspro
THQ To Bring UFC 2010 in Spring (US that is). news aspro
[] Aussies asked to voice opinion on R18+ Adult rating considered in light of constant bannings news Ellyoda
Famitsu Shows Sexy Sylvia from NMH Paradise Unlockable mode objectifies female form. media aspro
Pokémon turns kids into witches and satanists Be sure to watch the video media Ellyoda
Stevie Wonder weighs in on game accessibility But doesn't sue anyone, because he didn't have time to see his lawyer. news Foolz
[] Medal of Honour exclusive debut trailer Dodge IEDs and scour through the freezing mountains for Bin Laden---I mean looking for Bin Laden! media Foolz
[] Prince of Persia the forgotten sands debut trailer Careful not to get sand in your giant sphincter media Foolz
[] Halo Reach in game engine debut OH YEAH! *chest pumps* media Foolz
[] Halo Reach trailer Featuring the all star cast from Gears of War media Foolz
[] Massive Free Realms Update Brings Tiny Dinosaurs media news Ravenprose
[] Banjo & Kazooie In Sega All-Stars Racing It's official! media news Ravenprose
[] Nyko reveals Type Pad Pro for Wii   LOL! media news Ravenprose
[] EverQuest Launches Its Sixteenth Expansion news Ravenprose
Top 10 game titles that sound like porn titles editorial news Ellyoda
QVC Tricks Thousands Into Overpaying For Wii Wii + Plastic crap = $360 editorial news Ellyoda
THQ Game Night impressions Lifesize statues of guys with chainsaws impressions Ellyoda
Tony Hawk RIDE dated and priced for Australia March 10, with a RRP of $180 news Ellyoda
[] Sony discusses monthly online fees Sort of news Ellyoda
[] Bethesda acquires RAGE publishing rights New IP from id Software joins publisher of Fallout and Elder Scrolls news Ellyoda
[] Gerhard Florin to leave EA in 2010 Executive VP and GM of international publishing to stand down at end of fiscal year news Ellyoda
[] Live Army of Two 2 Q&A on Thursday 4PM GMT news Ellyoda
[] Red Dead Redemption preview impressions Ellyoda
[] Super Mario Bros. appear again on The Simpsons media Ellyoda
Australia announces ISP-level content filtering Unclassified content to be blocked news Ellyoda
[] Zhu Zhu Pets coming to DS, courtesy of Activision Hell yes! news Ravenprose
[] Nintendo trademarks Cii, Bii, Oii and Yii as well news Ravenprose
[] Rayman DSiWare landing in Europe on Dec. 25th news Ravenprose
[] Nintendo undecided on graphical style for Zelda Wi looking at Monster Hunter 3 for inspiration news Ravenprose
[] Nintendo trademarks the term: Zii news Ravenprose
[] PES 2010 vs FIFA Wii Eurogamer review Foolz-a-riffic impressions gamingeek
Lost Planet 2: 15 pics Archiemondous! media gamingeek
[] No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle preview Gamesradar impressions gamingeek
[] Hands on No More Heroes 2 impressions gamingeek
Square's Shooter Lands Dec 23 Zero hour dated. news aspro
[] IGN's latest Nintendo Podcast alienates Nintendo fans in one episode. Includes podcast summary editorial Ravenprose
[] Shine Megami tensei; Strange Journey IGN preview Nothing like a Dale Earnhardt duffle bag! impressions Foolz
[] Play Age of Conan for free forever! And if you do play, it will be forever... news Foolz
[] Spec Ops unlikely to be seen this year editorial news Foolz
[] Lead and Gold IGN preview impressions Foolz
[] Alien Breed Evolution IGN review 7.9/10 impressions Foolz
[] Global Agenda hands on Get ready to start grinding impressions Foolz
[] Tales of Monkey Island Season 1 Eurogamer review 8/10 impressions Foolz
[] Splinter Cell Collector's Edition trailer A trailer for a collector's edition...? media Foolz
[] Etrian Odyssey III debut Japanese trailer media Foolz
[] Savage Moon debut trailer media Foolz
[] Lead and Gold multiplayer interivew Yeehaw! media Foolz
[] Madden NFL 10 Ultimate Team DLC trailer Gotta catch 'em all! media Foolz
[] Phantasy Star Zero intro media Foolz
[] DSI LL GS  Hands-On Preview impressions Foolz
[] Rock Band Network updated hands on They're really up to date as usual impressions Foolz
[] PS3 Slim Could Have Been Smaller, and Used Network Storage Ravenprose
[] 2009's best Wii games (that died at retail) editorial Ravenprose
[] IGN Earthworm Jim 2 VC Review 7.0 impressions Ravenprose
[] IGN Blaster Master VC Review 9.0 impressions Ravenprose
[] Shiren the Wanderer: more screens, details media news Ravenprose
[] Monster Games explains why no local multiplayer in Excitebike: World Rally news Ravenprose
[] No Tron for Wii, DS Boo! news Ravenprose
[] CNN's Ten Best Games of 09 CNN? news aspro
[] Transformers Prequel Game Announced High Moon Studios also made Darkwatch. news aspro
Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball for PSP Same as previous version. news aspro
UFC 2 Dated May 25 - Same day as Peacewalker. news aspro
[] Japan Wii and PS3 install base Wii sold 9 million, PS3 4 million gamingeek
[] Japan Hardware sales Dec 7th Wii and PS3 see boost news gamingeek
[] Console Thefts Up 285% news Ravenprose
[] So Which Nintendo Team made Wii Fit? ? gamingeek
[] Natal next in line for gimmicks Says analyst editorial news gamingeek
[] Rabbids Go Home: Sequel coming? YES PLEASE! news gamingeek
[] Super Monkey Ball Step and roll trailer media gamingeek
[] Critical Reception: Silent Hill Shattered Memories reviews describe as "a nostalgic love letter addressed to diehard series fans." impressions gamingeek
[] Dead of Alive Paradise screens Much juggs? media gamingeek
[] New Alan Wake screens media gamingeek
[] Japan's Top 10 selling games of 09 9 out of 10 on Nintendo systems news gamingeek
[] Famitsu Score Zelda Spirit Tracks Did it get the 40/40? news gamingeek
[] Hotel Dusk 2 HQ scans media gamingeek
[] Arc Rise Fantasia Trailer media gamingeek
[] The Press Room Episode #40 Still be your heart editorial impressions media news Ellyoda
EA Signs on 7 More MMA Fighters news aspro
MS and Nintendo Are Screwed Says SCEA Marketing Tool news aspro
[] Top Selling Games of 09 Through Nov. Ninty takes 4 of top 5. news aspro
Pirates of the Caribbean LBP pack hitting Dec 22 f WATER!!! news Dvader
[] Mass Effect in 5 minutes Spoilers! :P editorial media Foolz
[] Kane and Lynch 2 UK reveal media Foolz
[] Dead to Rights eurogamer preview impressions Foolz
[] Darksiders Classic Adventure Interview editorial media Foolz
[] The Saboteur live action trailers media Foolz
[] Napoleon: Total War Chapter 1: Story Mode media Foolz
[] SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs gameplay media Foolz
[] Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight walkthrou No sparkly vampires or teen angst, though media Foolz
[] Heavy Rain Hasan's Shop Lots of footage, but no nipples this time media Foolz
[] Rooms: The Main Building Trailer: The Debut media Foolz
[] Red Dead Redemption GS preview Looks great impressions Foolz
[] Square-Enix says browser games are the future news Ravenprose
[] Classic Game Room 2009 GOTY Awards! editorial Ravenprose
[] Periodic table of controllers media Ellyoda
[] Resident Evil 5 Episode 2 DLC Media and info media gamingeek
[] Nintendo Power review scores Crystal Bearers gets an 8 impressions gamingeek
[] The $500'000 Wii And you thought PS3 was expensive... news gamingeek
[] Sony Launches Home MMO Called Sodium One. This is a joke right? news aspro
Another Code R web puzzle opens Use the Wii internet channel to solve it news gamingeek
MGS: Peace Walker Strolls Onto PSN Download demo today. news aspro
GTA Chinatown Wars Heads to JP. Maybe it will sell there. news aspro
Mega Man 10 Screens Eight images. media aspro
[] Army of Two: Most improved sequel ever? PSM mag gives its verdict editorial impressions gamingeek
[] Tex Murphy 1 and 2 FREE on GOG Till Dec 24th news gamingeek
[] Dyack: Cloud gaming is a win for everyone NO - you being quiet is editorial news gamingeek
Transformers coming to Wii and DS too news gamingeek
[] No More Heroes 2 IGN preview impressions gamingeek
[] Dead Space 2 video Q and A media gamingeek
[] Analysis: Nintendo dominate year to date sales Software editorial news gamingeek
[] Study: PS3 owners buy the most movie licenced Wii owners the least news gamingeek
[] Hands on Split Second impressions gamingeek
[] FFXIII the first 10 minutes media gamingeek
[] Wada: WoW has a rival in FF14 editorial news gamingeek
[] RE5 Gold Edition scans media gamingeek
[] Kane and Lynch 2: first video Does Gertsmann make a cameo? media gamingeek
[] 3 new No More Heroes videos media gamingeek
[] Ace Attorney Investigations: preview impressions gamingeek
[] Kotaku No More Heroes preview impressions gamingeek
[] Live No More Heroes 2 demo video SUDA on hand jerking his controller media gamingeek
1up No More Heroes 2 preview impressions gamingeek
SUDA video interview Shinobu to get own game? Focusing on Wii evolution? impressions news gamingeek
[] Destructoid No More Heroes 2 preview impressions gamingeek
[] Gamespot Miles Edgeworth preview impressions gamingeek
[] IGN: Mature games on Wii? Let the bitching commence! editorial gamingeek
[] Tales of Graces debuts high in Japan chart gamingeek
[] The making of Super Mario Bros. 3 Aspro will like this one editorial gamingeek
[] Gamesradar review Crystal Bearers 7/10 impressions gamingeek
GamePro Gets Make-Over John Davison is now running the show. news aspro
FF8 Soon Available on PSN Playable on PS3 and PSP. news aspro
EA's Medal of Honor to be M Rated A first for the series. news aspro
[] Possible list of features for PSN premium service Cross game chat, free PS1 games. news Dvader
Sony makes Official TV for FF13 Cid wil fix it if it breaks. news aspro
Nippon Ichi Goes Retro "Classic Dungeon" for PSP news aspro
Square to Publish Lost Winds in JP news aspro
[] Microsoft seeks patent for shaming fat people This is a real article news Ellyoda
[] Banjo in SEGA all Stars racing And MS Avatars gamingeek
[] Natal hurt by lag and lack of buttons Says Travellers Tales developer gamingeek
[] EDGE mag January scores gamingeek
Mass Effect 2 1up preview 7 Holy Poop moments gamingeek
1up Rocket Knight preview gamingeek
[] Borderlands sells 2 million gamingeek
[] EA reclaims top Euro Publisher position news gamingeek
[] Take Two expects $137 million loss news gamingeek
[] It's Australia Day! AVP ban overturned news gamingeek
[] Europe gets God of War trilogy With art and music too news gamingeek
[] Sony Motion controller pics Mock up pics from tech mag news gamingeek
[] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories NL review 9/10 One of the best impressions gamingeek
G4 Video preview No More Heroes Desperate Struggle impressions gamingeek
[] FF13 Launches To Strong Sales 42 year old American flys to Tokyo. news aspro
Few More Lost Planet 2 Screens media aspro
[] What Spider-Man can learn from Batman Arkham Asylu largest criticism of Spider-Man games: "WHERE ARE THE DRUGS?!" editorial Foolz
[] Borderlands passes 2mill world wide Borderlands 2 won't be far off then. news Foolz
[] Gran Turismo 5 DEMO IGN hands-on That's how desparate we are now: posting previews of demos impressions Foolz
[] IGN details what they want in SMG 2 "More epic story and HD please." editorial Foolz
[] Mass Effect 2 video interview editorial media Foolz
[] Alien Breed Evolution episode 1 eurogamer review 7/10, isn't episodic gaming dead? impressions Foolz
[] Army fo Two: The 40th Day eurogamer hands on impressions Foolz
[] Behind the scenes of split/second editorial media Foolz
[] Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Ri Best. Title. Ever impressions Foolz
[] Nuclear Dawn: Modern Combat Rising gameplay debut More teasing thna Jay Electronica media Foolz
[] Mega Man 10 debut gameplay media Foolz
[] Linebarrels of Iron Japanese story trailer media Foolz
[] Heavy Rain GS Hands-On impressions Foolz
[] Icahn Gobbles Up $70 mill of Take2 Stock What's he planning? news aspro
[] Tomb Raider Underworld < $10 US (PS3) news aspro
Aonuma Interview / Zelda Retrospective He directs the Zelda franchise. news aspro
[] Miyamoto Saddened by Hardcore Criticism Also a task master (see last para). news aspro
[] NYTimes Great Game Moments of 09 So EVERYONE does this now? news aspro
[] Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight - nintendo lif Miami Nights is not a terrible game as much as it is painfully average, like Vader impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Okamiden - more screens media Iga_Bobovic
[] Dementium II - impressions impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Monster Hunter 3 - updated fact sheet, still no Wi news Iga_Bobovic
[] Fox News - Best games of 2009 editorial media Iga_Bobovic
[] 1up talks No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle impressions Iga_Bobovic
The Gayest Video Games LEOOOOOOOOOO editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Ghost Recon going all sci fi Ubisoft trademark points to future game gamingeek
[] Is 'WiiRelax' the Vitality Sensor's Debut Title rumor news Ravenprose
[] 19-Disc Castlevania Soundtrack Collection in the works news Ravenprose
[] Square-Enix planning to continue down a traditional path with Crystal Chronicles games news Ravenprose
Tales of Graces - impressions impressions Ravenprose
[] Cliffy B. working on a ton of 'awesome s$@%' news Ravenprose
CoD: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition review 7.0 Good impressions Ravenprose
[] CNet's worst video games of 2009 media Ravenprose
[] Wii Continues Japanese Dominance news Ravenprose
[] IGN Lufia DS screens media Ravenprose
[] Rock Band Adds More Weezer news Ravenprose
[] Calling Trailer media Ravenprose
[] Nielsen gamer data - more details news Ravenprose
[] Okamiden - more screens media Ravenprose
[] Unreleased titles of the Sega Master System editorial Ravenprose
[] Nintendo of America's holiday card media Ravenprose
[] Dementium II - impressions impressions Ravenprose
[] Monster Hunter 3 - updated fact sheet Still no Wii Speak news Ravenprose
[] Kawazu Crystal Bearers interview Next game multiplayer? gamingeek
[] Shadow Complex on sale Meaning less money goes to activism! news Foolz
[] Crystal Chronicles IGN review 6.2! Reviewed by Bozon impressions Foolz
[] Adrian Cho interviewed about the art and inspirati on behind Mass Effect 2: "The teletubbies were a big influence on the first game" editorial media Foolz
[] Allods eurogamer hands-on impressions Foolz
[] Splinter Cell conviction eurogamer hands-on impressions Foolz
[] Nier Kane Teaser media Foolz
[] Splinter Cell hunter becomes the hunted interview editorial media Foolz
[] Crystal Chronicles GT review 7.7 impressions media Foolz
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Country: AU
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Joined: 2008-08-18
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 07:22:31
^Okay, after playing a dumb game, since I'm coming off a long haul game, I'll give it another try (sober).

Country: UN
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 07:53:47

aspro said:

Iga_Bobovic said:

aspro said:

I tried playing Mario Sunshine. Ugh. Camera control in that game is asinine, I'm not sure I'll be able to play it.

 You hate 3d platformers. Why are you playing Sunshine?

 I loved Galaxy, so thought I'd give it a try.

Tsk, tsk. I guess a short history lesson is in order. Back in the day when Miyamoto made Mario 64, they ran into memory problems. So to lengthen the game they designed the mission structure. Instead of having platforming from A to B, like the old Mario games, you had all kinds of different stuff.

You had usually a open sandbox like level and you did not complete it, but you collected stars. You earned stars by collecting 100 coins, eight red coins, racing Koopas, climbing somewhere, beating certain enemies. Since that day platformers were about exploration, missions and some platforming on the side. So the early 3D platformers were more collecthatons than pure platformers.

Galaxy was Miyamoto saying fuck that, lets do platforming. In Galaxy most, levels were pure platforming. Go from point A to B and get a star as reward. So in other words Galaxy is not a 3D platformer, like the other 2 Mario's. It 2D Mario in 3D (and 2D if you count the side scrolling levels).

You probably did not like the collecthatons, but you did like the 2D Mario's. This explains why you hate 3d platformers and love Galaxy. So if you want more stuff like Galaxy, here it what you can do?

Wait for Galaxy 2

Get NSMBWii it is closer to Galaxy that Sunshine will ever be

You want more Galaxy, well there is more. Like 60 stars more! Get to it. 

P.S. Galaxy is based on the pure platforming levels in Sunshine, these are awesome. Too bad they are surrounded by collecthatons. 

The VG Press
Country: SG
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:23:24

Iga_Bobovic said:

gamingeek said:

Iga_Bobovic said:
No I for the last time I am applying for a job of designing porn for bugsonglass. Why do you not believe me? I am telling the truth.

Until I see the porn pictures of a porno Mario I refuse to belive you are involved.



Oh shoot.

Good luck with that one.

You don't know what makes Bugsy tick, do you? Do you know what gets Bugsy's juices flowing?

Yes I do.



Country: SG
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:47:13
IGN details what they want in SMG 2 "More epic story and HD please."
Did IGN really ask for HD in mario galaxy 2? If that is true.... fuck em. I have a feeling it's a certain aussie messing around though..
Edited: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:52:02

Country: SG
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:07:56

Le Motion Controller en détailsLe Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détailsLe Motion Controller en détails

Le Motion Controller en détails

This thing is such a rip

Le Motion Controller en détails

Country: US
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:13:43
^ It's still better than Natal!

LOL at that pink light bulb, though.

The VG Press

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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:22:05
EDGE #210 (January) scores: Ride the low #1
Avatar: 5
The Saboteur: 5
Tony Hawk: 3
Wheelspin: 3
F1 2009: 7
Blue Toad Murder Files:The mysteries of Little Riddle: 4
Little Big Planet PSP: 6
Gravity Crash: 7
Pixel Junk Shooter: 8
Forever Blue: 7
Maestro: Jump in Music: 7
Astro Boy: 3
Invizimals: Brian Blessed (or a 5)
Pokemon Rumble: 4
Gyromancer: 7
Is Forever Blue Endless Ocean 2?

Country: SG
Comments: 47488
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:25:18

Ravenprose said:
^ It's still better than Natal!

LOL at that pink light bulb, though.

It turns out the pics are mock ups by T3 mag

Updates done Happy

Edited: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:31:11

Country: US
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:29:13

gamingeek said:

Ravenprose said:
^ It's still better than Natal!

LOL at that pink light bulb, though.

It turns out the pics are mock ups by T3 mag

Sad Well, that's disappointing.

The VG Press

Country: UN
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:31:20

GG your forgot these

Edge Decade awards

Decade review results:

Game of the Decade: World of Warcraft. Runners-up: GTA III, Half-Life 2, Halo, Resident Evil 4

Hardware of the Decade: PlayStation 2. Runners-up: DS, Wii

Developer of the Decade: Nintendo. Runners-up: Rockstar North, Valve

Publisher of the Decade: Nintendo. Runners-up: Activision Blizzard, Sony

Person of the Decade: Satoru Iwata. Runners-up: Shinji Mikami, J Allard

Failure of the Decade: Red Ring of Death. Runners-up: PS3's launch, Gizmondo
The VG Press
Country: SG
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:51:59

J Allard?


Country: SG
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:59:33


Why does no one care?

Country: CY
Comments: 7370
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Joined: 2008-06-24
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:01:14
i care, in a hobo kind of way.  in other words ... too soon for me to care


Listen to Wu-Tang and watch Kung-Fu

The VG Press

Country: SG
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Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:07:19

bugsonglass said:
i care, in a hobo kind of way.  in other words ... too soon for me to care


Country: SG
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:25:47

Subscribers are now receiving their copies of E210, in which we recognise a decade of endeavour in videogames. For the full account of why we've made these picks, it's all in the issue, which hits UK newsstands December 22.

The years 2000 to 2009 lend themselves unusually well to breaking them into a discrete and emblematic chunk. It was the decade that finally separated the old firm of Nintendo and Sega, as one took the blows and reinvented itself beyond recognition, while the other withdrew from hardware entirely and became a thirdparty developer. It was the decade that seemed to belong to Sony, with its PS2 smashing all-comers, before hubris caused a face-first fall from grace from which the company is still in the process of recovering. It was the decade that saw Microsoft making its debut with Xbox, a name that encapsulated its gruesome aesthetics and sheer grunt, a console that lost possibly billions of dollars but gave the company a crucial foothold in the market. And it was the decade of the PC, as technologies like Flash and companies like Playfish and PopCap made developers and gamers out of anyone.

The years 2000 to 2009 were when gaming finally became ‘normal’. The stereotype of anti-social nerds is still dragged out every so often, but nowadays it tends to be with more affection. From Diner Dash to Halo to Ico to Peggle to Wii Sports to World Of WarCraft, the common theme here is this: everyone’s playing. Your grandmother having a lash at Wii bowling isn’t just funny, it’s profound. Gaming is now the hobby of countless hundreds of millions the world over, and the revolution feels good.

The following gongs credit the companies, games, people and hardware that made the decade what it was (oh, and feature some of the worst bits about it, too). Let us know what you think of our take on these ten years, and make sure you read exactly why we've made these decisions. The next decade certainly has a hell of a lot to live up to.

Game Of The Decade
World Of WarCraft

Half-Life 2
Grand Theft Auto III
Resident Evil 4

Hardware Of The Decade
PlayStation 2

Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii

Developer Of The Decade

Rockstar North

Publisher Of The Decade

Sony Computer Entertainment
Activision Blizzard

Person Of The Decade
Satoru Iwata

Shinji Mikami
J Allard

Failure Of The Decade
Xbox 360 RROD

PlayStation 3 marketing

Country: SG
Comments: 47488
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:36:31

Quantum Theory : nouvelles images

Quantum Theory : nouvelles images

Tecmo - Quantum theory

Country: US
Comments: 17098
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Joined: 2009-02-25
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 14:18:28

gamingeek said:

Le Motion Controller en détails

This thing looks so incredibly cheap. Maybe that's Sony's strategy.  Make a motion controller that costs $10 and everyone will be willing to drop down the money to pick it up.

Country: MX
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Joined: 2008-06-24
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 16:49:50

gamingeek said:

Why does no one care?

I care.

Country: SG
Comments: 47488
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 17:33:07


I just played a few more hours of Little Kings Story. What an awesome game and so much bigger than I thought. It eases you into it like an old man into a bath.

Country: SG
Comments: 47488
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 18:06:47

GAF Crystal Bearers Impressions from 3 different peeps

Originally Posted by batbeg:
Thus far:

+ Excellent graphics with stunning character models that really bring the fantastic art to life
+ Awesome soundtrack. May be getting the soundtrack if it keeps up
+ Dialogue and voice acting is surprisingly great. Even Belle does q great job
+ Camera gets the job done
- Unfortunately the pointer controls feel sloppy thus.far

Thus far I really like it!

My thoughts are the same. The camera isn't nearly as bad as people have been making it out to be, especially since if you control it with the D-pad during battle, you're using the B button for your attacks. If it were the A button then yeah I could see where it'd be a mother bitch.

I REALLY love the art design, the details on the character clothing is especially detailed and vivid


I've put about an hour and a half into the game and am having an absolute blast so far. It's really a shame that for all intents and purposes SE is sending this out to die and not advertising it at all.

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