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[] Dontnod announces new indie studio Dontnod Eleven Dontnod 1 through 10 dead. Edit news gamingeek
[] Metal Gear Solid V 'Definitive Ex' listed by Amazon With Ludens? Edit gamingeek
[] FAST Racing Neo Future pack DLC screens Edit media gamingeek
[] PS4 Project Boundary Trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo's Q1 Financials Bring Losses and Modest Sales But Company Sticks to Profit Projections Edit gamingeek
[] Pokémon GO Players Told To Steer Clear Of Japanese Nuclear Disaster Zone - Fuckashima it, I'm going anyway Edit gamingeek
[] How do you explain the phenomenon of watching videogames? Like this: Obviously these people have no hands, so can only live vicariously through video Edit gamingeek
[] Expanded Oculus motion-tracking support paves way for room-scale VR Edit gamingeek
[] WWE 2K16 & Beyond Good & Evil HD free in August's Games with Gold Edit gamingeek
[] FAST Racing NEO & Steamworld Collection are getting a physical release on Wii U Edit gamingeek
[] Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 digital pre-orders come with free Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Edit gamingeek
[] Ex-Burnout creators start work on a new driving game After Dangerous Golf fails to meet expectations Edit gamingeek
[] Lady Layton announced for 3DS & mobile Edit gamingeek
[] Level-5 grabs 'Lady Layton', 'Inazuma Eleven Ares' and more trademarks Edit gamingeek
[] Take-Two are believers in Nintendo And enthusiastic about NX Edit gamingeek
[] NX info coming soon, specs and pricing of certain aspects RUMOR - Emily Rogers Edit gamingeek
[] Pokemon GO hits 75 million downloads Edit gamingeek
[] Original Pokemon theme singer returns to prove he's still got it Still, the very best. Edit gamingeek
[] Pokemon GO costs WWE tag team a victory (video) A third tag team had been spending the night playing Pokemon GO. It took them all over the arena, and eventually had them walking through the ring right in the middle of a match. Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon - Nintendo reveals the Top 100 players for the Callie vs. Marie SplatFest Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon - European SplatFest compilation video I'm getting misty eyed Edit gamingeek
[] FAST Racing Neo - upcoming DLC detailed New tracks! Edit gamingeek
Gunman shot by Pokemon GO player he tried to rob Now they're fighting back Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo Q1 FY 2016 full details - hardware sales software sales, projects, million sellers more Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo granted patent for 'Supplemental Computing Device' Now official Edit editorial gamingeek
[] Kotaku says Eurogamer NX story has weight They have heard similar rumors and 2nd hand reports on its portability and carts Edit gamingeek
[] New Hellblade video outlines game’s “real-time" "cinematography” technique Edit gamingeek
[] Russian Pokemon Go Copycat Has You Catching Something Totally Different Than Pokemon - Ukranians? Edit gamingeek
[] Pokémon GO has Parents Naming Children After Pokémon And Onyx is one of them Edit gamingeek
[] NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option Eurogamer says Edit editorial gamingeek
[] Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy hitting NA/EU in 2017, subbed trailer Edit media gamingeek
Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - details, screens Native 1080p rendering resolution Edit media gamingeek
[] NST Lead Designer and Assistant Designer leave the company What now for Mario and the minis? Edit gamingeek
Man robbed, shot while playing Pokemon GO at park 14-year-old charged Edit gamingeek
Level-5 can't confirm NX development but love working with Nintendo Edit gamingeek
[] GAF insider/Developer says NX is using a Pascal Tegra That's not X1, it's the next one Edit gamingeek
[] May 14th Tech article said NX is using a Pascal based Tegra That means it's the newer next gen Tegra chip. Edit gamingeek
[] This Xbox One 1TB bundle contains four games a $50 Best Buy gift card and more for $300 Edit gamingeek
[] Miitomo updated with a new mini-game Edit gamingeek
[] Video: George Takei plays Pokemon GO Edit gamingeek
[] Kirby Cafe - music available on official website soundtrack incoming. Edit gamingeek
[] NEW ZELDA ‘DRESS OF THE WILD’ RELEASED Yes, this is a real thing Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Brazillian Forum leaked NX specs on May 17th Pascal based Tegra - Note: Pic is for illustration purposes only Edit gamingeek
[] PlayStation VR HK Trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Driveclub VR pics Edit gamingeek
[] Dishonored 2 players will find Emily and Corvo have very different powers Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom Project Palm: Smartphone App Aimed Towards Girls Project Middle Finger for Ono Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo's Roller-Coaster Week Edit gamingeek
[] Eurogamer's NX Rumours and What They Mean for the Next-Gen System Edit gamingeek
[] DF: We built a PC with PlayStation Neo's GPU tech  At the base level, a 2.3x improvement in compute can't satisfy a 4x boost to resolution - and that doesn't factor in other limiting factors Edit gamingeek
[] Yo-Kai Watch 3 is No.1 in Japan Pokémon games return to the Top Ten Edit gamingeek
[] Sony sold 3.5m PS4 consoles in the last quarter 500k more than last year Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom teases Project Palm Handjob game? or is it Dragon's Dogma 2? Edit gamingeek
[] 'Early copy' of No Man's Sky sells for $2,000 on eBay Somebody has more money than sense Edit gamingeek
[] Driver playing Pokémon GO crashes into Australian school "The man, who presumably wanted to be the best there ever was, overshot a roundabout" Edit gamingeek
[] GameFly lists Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for retail release on 3DS Edit gamingeek
[] Little King's Story HD remaster is coming to PC 5th of August - updated graphics Edit SupremeAC
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Joined: 2009-02-25
Sun, 31 Jul 2016 01:18:20
SupremeAC said:

I'm about to do the urgent quest at the end of the level 5 quests.  Not sure how far in that is, but it's probably way behind where you are.  Have you done any online quests so far?  I've done one online quests against a Narjala, but that's it.  As for tomorrow (Sunday), I could probably make it on somewhere between 18:00 and 21:00 UTC.

I can do that time tomorrow. I've yet to get online though. I tried earl today and failed. For reasons still unclear to me, my 3DS and WiFi router don't like talking to one another.
Country: UN
Comments: 12750
News Posts: 649
Joined: 2009-02-25
Sun, 31 Jul 2016 01:18:41
travo said:

Btw, did anyone else do any body steering while playing the NES?  

I used to thrust my hands upwards while trying to make Mario jump. LOL

Was there any other way to play?
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