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[] The big Amy Hennig interview interesting read on where the industry may be headed Edit SupremeAC
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[] Warframe Gets A Huge Graphical Overhaul  In The Plains of Eidolon Remaster Update which is free Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom debuts its own classic system a $260 plug-n-play home arcade​ Edit gamingeek
[] Sony has internal policies in place to reduce  sexual content in PS4 games​ Edit gamingeek
[] Travis Strikes Again: Version 1.2.0 coming  April 18th, 2019 (DLC Pack 2), with plenty of content and teases Edit gamingeek
[] Joker from Persona 5 Joins the Battle in  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on April 17th, 2019 Edit gamingeek
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[] EA Community Manager says the Switch is "amazing," but they have no plans to bring Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the platform​ Edit gamingeek
[] Talk of an official launch for the Switch in China  sends Nintendo stock soaring​ Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo originally had plans for a VR experience  roughly 4 years ago​ Edit gamingeek
[] Rita Ora's Carry On from Detective Pikachu Video Edit gamingeek
[] 1080° Snowboarding dev says the game was created  to show off the N64 controller, with the idea spawning from one of Miyamoto's hobbies​ Edit gamingeek
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Sun, 21 Apr 2019 11:19:15

Happy 30th birgthday Gameboy!

Lets all take a moment to think about all the great and weird gizmo's this lineage has provided us with.

I think my favorites would be the magnifying glass/lamp accessory that allowed you to play the original Gameboy in the dark.  I also had some kind of beefed up speakers you could slot over the bottom end and required extra batteries.  Nyaa

Other notable 'innovations':  The rumble cart on the Gameboy Colour game Pokémon Pinball, and that weird game about beating vampires that required you to actually play it outside in the sun, where the screen wouldn't be able to cope with all the light and you couldn't make anything out.

Also: original GBA screen being darker than originally promised to developers, making it so that all release games were so dark you could hardly see any detail.

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Sun, 21 Apr 2019 14:57:39
Ahhh the good ole Gameboy. The very first system I actually saved up in purchased with my own money.

When I actually purchased it, I had been doing kind of poorly in school and my parents started limiting how much I could play video games. With the gameboy, that was really easy for them. My mom kept it in a cabinet where she kept a ton of potpourri scented things for the holidays. I would get to use it on occasion, but for the most part it stayed in that cabinet for about 2 months.

When summer came around and I finally got it back, it pretty much had that same clove in spice smell attached to it. That smell lingered on the Gameboy for the next two years.
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