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[] Nintendo Life Splatoon Octo Expansion review "All in all, Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion is a masterclass in how to do DLC right. It fits in perfectly with the standalone game" impressions gamingeek
[] ​Is Nintendo Switch in trouble? gamingeek
[] Strauss Zelnick: the UK is a great place to invest in  but Brexit "a really bad plan" Go back home foreigner! Back I say! gamingeek
[] Fortnite on Switch is already a huge success​ To the surprise of no one gamingeek
[] ​You can't buy Call of Duty: BLOPS4 DLC packs separately Season pass or nuthin gamingeek
[] Panic Button in demand for extremely high-profile projects on Switch, also interested in doing original titles gamingeek
[] Smash Bros. Ultimate is a "brand-new game" " built from the ground up" gamingeek
[] Xenoblade 2 - Rex and co will travel to an alternate world Where they meet Shulk and Fiora gamingeek
[] Sony shares slide amid gamer backlash over 'Fortnite' PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch issue​ gamingeek
[] Octopath Traveler can last 100 hrs To do everything and 50-60 hrs for the story alone gamingeek
Starlink: Battle for Atlas: Star Fox Gameplay  and Arwing Customization Details​ gamingeek
[] PS4 Fortnite account curse is not "for the players" at all "It doesn't feel like it helps grow gaming to me." editorial SupremeAC
[] Bethesda explains how and why the Alexa Skyrim:  Very Special Edition came to be ​ gamingeek
[] Doom' Makes Argument for Switch as Simultaneous  Release Platform, Dev Says​ gamingeek
[] Digital FoundryFortnite's Switch port is impressive - but frame-rate could be better ​ gamingeek
[] Eurogamers best of E3 2018 gamingeek
[] ​Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all respond  to the Fortnite account locking fracas gamingeek
[] Kingdom Hearts 3 probably won't have Avengers  and Star Wars characters gamingeek
Smash Bros. Ultimate Ganondorf, Little Mac and Samus on the Spirit Train gamingeek
[] Panic Button set to reveal another "major Switch port" next month​ - GTAV plz gamingeek
[] Nier Directors and Producers discuss Nier on Switch They want it to happen gamingeek
Mario Tennis Aces - Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa  Paratroopa being added to the game sometime after September​ gamingeek
[] Game Under Podcast 102 Foolz and Aspro are back on the streetz. editorial impressions media news aspro
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