Conclusion: No amount of Hollywood voice talent could save Narc’s tired ass from the bargain bin. Yet, there’s a silky smooth single-malt scotch quality to the boorish phrases that spill from Michael Madsen and Bill Bellamy’s lips. Can we hear Madsen’s rakish, “You better calm your ass down, bitch,” one more time, please?

Conclusion: Generic gangbangers offend and titillate middle America with swearing, violence and misogyny. Or so it would seem. 187: Ride or Die never got as much attention as GTA because, well, the public chose Die over Ride.

Conclusion: We’d be surprised if you didn’t drop more f-bombs than the titular heroes while wrestling with the wonky controls and craptacular gameplay. Kane & Lynch’s painful attempt to mimic Tarantino cool comes off as pathetic and desperate.

Conclusion: Kyle’s whiny swearing is thankfully relieved when the loutish Handsome Bob steps in and shows him how to spew vitriol like a real man. The ribald dialogue in Streetwise ensured the Final Fight franchise’s place in the pantheon of weird, wonderful over-the-top brawlers.

Conclusion: The pretender to the next-gen GTA throne overcompensates with more than its share of potty mouth. But can Saints Row 2 outdo GTA IV? The race to the bottom is well and truly joined.

Conclusion: Fiddy’s penchant for stringing together ever more ludicrous combinations of profane lingo earns his game a high ranking in our list. We can only hope that this fall’s Blood on the Mothaf***in’ Sand continues to break down the vicious stereotyping that has defamed the true soldiers of hip hop culture.

Conclusion: You already knew the game that features a swear-on-demand option was going to win this contest. The cursing is so densely packed that very early on, the words totally lose their meaning; it would be more shocking to hear Tony Montana scream “MOAR KITTZENS PLZ!!” while kicking dope-fiends in the groin.