For the past several months I've been kicking this around and decide whether or not I should bother with this list. I don't play quite as much as I used to, and in particular the last few years I've played less than ever. Writing, even inconsequential stuff, doesn't come quite as easy as it once did for some reason so that's made things even harder. Then this ridiculous pandemic happened and suddenly I've had more free time and started playing a lot more than I had in years, and it's jump started my interest in gaming again in a big way.

Still, the writing part hasn't quite clicked, but after a few false starts I decided to say 'fuck it' and just force it. If it sucks, so be it. Hell, 5 people at most are going to read it so really cares?

So what will the top games be? What will be number one? Will I finish my list before Vader finishes his Top 100?  To find out the answers to these questions and more STAY TUNED!!!!

Posted by robio Sun, 14 Jun 2020 23:22:45 (comments: 93)
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Thu, 31 Aug 2017 04:06:03
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Sat, 02 Apr 2011 13:37:07
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gamingeek said:travo said:Can you see a doctor today?not bothered Just as long as you can still gra... avatarrobio See comment >>
Wed, 05 Aug 2020 17:00:52
Do they even do anything with Mii's anymore on the Switch? ... avatarrobio See comment >>
Mon, 03 Aug 2020 03:16:36
So I've been playing Bloodstained this weekend. Good solid Metroidvania, but this is one of the most... avatarrobio See comment >>
Mon, 03 Aug 2020 01:06:34
I bought my copy of Wii Fit U and had it arrive this weekend. I still get sad everytime I boot up th... avatarrobio See comment >>
Mon, 03 Aug 2020 01:00:02
So we have a pretend hurricane coming (category one they are so cute). I've got beer though, so I sh... avatarrobio See comment >>
Sat, 01 Aug 2020 17:41:14
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Sun, 21 Oct 2018 22:42:11
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Mon, 16 Jan 2017 15:39:20
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Tue, 02 Aug 2016 03:32:56
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Thu, 31 Mar 2016 17:11:42
Though I should've listened to reviews when it came to Wii Music.... avatartravo See comment >>
Thu, 12 Mar 2015 01:30:55
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