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Insane Saint's Row 3 LE Headphones, soundtrack and a ton of weird in-game extras. $99. news aspro
Retailer Leaks Battlefield 3 PC Specs Can you run it? news aspro
MS to Launch XBOX Music in 2011 (Report) Seem to be making "XBOX" their consumer brand. news aspro
EVE Online FPS Will Be Free... Kinda There is a cover charge. news aspro
Lead Designer and Art Director Leave XCOM Leave half-way through game to form own studio. Uh oh. news aspro
King of Fighters 13 Gameplay Trailer Coming to North America in October. media news aspro
Game Related Sales Up in US First Quarter $5.9 billion, up 1.5% over last year. news aspro
Call of Duty Multiplayer Boss Interview Details on Black Ops multiplayer and design philosophy. news aspro
EU Board Game Maker Fighting Release of Trenched He doesn't dig Double Fine's Trenched. news aspro
[] Irem Pioneer Wants Disaster Report to Return Japanese disaster game was cancelled in wake of earthquake. news aspro
Nintendo STech Starts Galaxy User acceptance testing But what the hell does that mean? news gamingeek
Retailer lists 'Legend of Paper Zelda' for Wii U Megaton LOL news gamingeek
Burnout Crash started out as a Wii title It was a user-created game where you drew the road with a wand news gamingeek
Microsoft has “lost its way” with recent Halo Says head of Microsoft game studios news gamingeek
Latest FF 13 - 2 screens media gamingeek
3DS Nintendo Video coming to Europe on Wednesday Trailers, TV shows and more in 3D media news gamingeek
Hitman: Absolution - 'This is living, breathing AI' news gamingeek
Ghost Recon was 'too demanding' Future Solider 'changes tempo' gamingeek
Sakaguchi discusses the Last Story Says that the gameplay is the priority here news gamingeek
Zynga Paid $53 Million for 'Words With Friends' The popular mobile game. news aspro
Why Burnout Paradise Didn't Have Crash Mode The excuse is so poor you'll have to read it a few times. news aspro
Zumba Tops UK Charts Again RE Mercs dropped out of the top 40. news aspro
New Trailer for id's Rage media aspro
[] New Dark Souls Screens media aspro
Look for Marvel V Capcom 3 News at Comicon news aspro
Sony's Welcome Back Promotion Boosted PS3 Sales Says EEDAR. news aspro
Forza 4's E3 Trailer media aspro
Latest List of EA Server Shutdowns Sucks. news aspro
Shane Kim, MS Superstar, Now Working at GameStop He's on the board, so he'e probably independently wealthy by now. news aspro
XBOX Music Rumor "Inaccurate" MS is going to release voice and search enabled features to existing Zune service. news aspro
Starcraft II Regional Servers Merging "There should be no impact on game performance" news aspro
New PS3's Will Be HDMI Only No more component support (it's cheaper anyway). news aspro
Mass Effect Lead Game Play Designer Leaves Goes to work for a small company. news aspro
EA Buys PopCap for $750 Million USD Popcap is a leading casual/mobile game developer. news aspro
NOA: 3DS video later this summer Netflix will let you stream 3D movies to 3DS news gamingeek
Inazuma 11 Wii screens media gamingeek
Ridge Racer Vita tech demo video gamingeek
Harvest Moon Grand Bizaar screens and boxart media gamingeek
[] Iwata Asks: The Nintendo eshop Today, we are here to talk about Nintendo eShop. I've gathered together the people who made the Nintendo eShop application and the content for enjoyment there. news gamingeek
Nintendo talk Challenges Of 3DS Classics news gamingeek
[] Microsoft: Windows 7 Phones are struggling news gamingeek
Molyneux: 'I agree with core Kinect scepticism' But breakthrough will come news gamingeek
Eurogamer preview Burnout Crash The discovery that this digital spin-off is cartoony, 2D and Kinect-enabled inevitably resulted in grumbles and sneers. impressions gamingeek
More 3D Pixel Racing Wii screens media gamingeek
Game of Thrones screens Looks like an RTS media gamingeek
Eurogamer review Yakuza of the end 7/10 - The End? impressions gamingeek
1up: 11 Wii U Games We'll Definitely See editorial gamingeek
[] Japan: Nintendo Video Service for 3DS part 2 Fashion, girls and comedians? news gamingeek
[] Monolith's Programming Staff Discuss Wii U Project Developers want to show up overseas technology with first HD title. news gamingeek
Racoon City video leaks Grab it now before Crapcom take it down media gamingeek
Miyamoto 'uppending of tea tables' is necessary Read more of what Aonuma thinks here news gamingeek
Ken Levine - 'no plans to do any games' for Wii U "I have nothing against Fruit Ninja, I respect all kinds of games, I love all kinds of games" news gamingeek
Namco opens new teaser site news gamingeek
More on Valve's EA Steam Embargo Is it over post-sale support/communication? news aspro
Ms. Splosion Man Review from 1UP "A" "punishing, but still so strangely addictive". impressions aspro
Rumor: Windows 8 Will Play 360 Games Rumor so nuts it has to be circulated. news aspro
EA Has, Redirecting to B3 Site Countdown to cease and desist for camping news aspro
Call of Juarez Multiplayer Trailer media aspro
Translanted Famitsu Reviews Rhythm Heaven, No More Heroes, Alice, FEAR3. impressions aspro
Ms. Splosion Man Off to Good Reception 90 on Metacritic. news aspro
Funny Feature About SCE/Namco Colab Studio They formed in 07, their first game? Ridge Racer for Vita. news aspro
Last Week's Japanese Charts PSP on top, LA Noire debuts at #1. news aspro
THQ Shuts Down UK Development Division They made Warhammer and Juiced games. news aspro
Japanese 2011 Sales So Far Sales drop 15% over last year. news aspro
10 Handpicked Indie Titles Being Shown Off at PAX Is the next World of Goo among them? news robio
Metacritic uncovers, drops crooked publication Metacritic has told CVG that it has been forced to de-list a games publication from its review listings after uncovering "corrupt practices". impressions news gamingeek
Eurogamer preview Silent Hill Downpour As demos go, it's short and gorgeously incoherent, but it's enough to showcase a game that's being put together with a real feel for authentic scares. impressions gamingeek
Family Fishing Wii commercial Open world game Made by Yuji Naka media news gamingeek
Germany May Be Softening Violent Game Restrictions Ratings board approved uncensored version of Gears 3. news aspro
Deus Ex HR story trailer gamingeek
Nintendo hasn't lied to you about the Wii U's future But it has let you assume A LOT... news gamingeek
[] Frontier Gate screens gamingeek
[] Famitsu's Readers Want Kingdom Hearts on PS3 news gamingeek
Dragons Crown Vita info In French gamingeek
Mario Kart 3DS: Can Retro Studios mix up the old? It's not safe. It's not predictable. But underneath it all, it's still good ol' Mario Kart. news gamingeek
Ark of Sinners Wiiware footage media gamingeek
Kirby Wii hands on preview from Gamesradar A feel similar to other Wii updates of 2D franchises like New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country impressions gamingeek
Game Dev Story Getting Sequel More details on the popular mobile game. news aspro
Rhythm Heaven commercials media gamingeek
Final Fantasy XI May Be Heading to Vita Square says they are considering it. news aspro
Uncharted 3 User Ranks Reset “We’re looking into it. Stay tuned.” news aspro
Giant Bomb Reviews EDF: Insect Armageddon "2/5" "fails to capture the chaos that made its predecessor 'special'" impressions aspro
Namco's Teaser Site is For "Brave Company" 3DS and iOS hero simulation game, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine. news aspro
No Dedicated Servers For Uncharted 3 Will ensure longer support. news aspro
EA Founder Talks About the Bad Old Days Mostly about how difficult it was to work with Nintendo. news aspro
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Probably the closest thing you'll get to a Metroid game this year. impressions media phantom_leo
June NPD 360 sells over half a million units. news aspro
COD: Elite Begins Today The beta at least. news aspro
Silicon Knights Hire 80 New Staff Working on "the 3D Game Development Engine". news aspro
More Netflix on 3DS Videos media aspro
Ubisoft Unveils Online Pass Program "Uplay Passport" news aspro
[] Impressions of Netflix on 3DS And some screens/ video. impressions media news aspro
Binary Domain Trailer This is the game from the Yakuza director. media aspro
Rockstar Hiring Ads Indicate May Be Looking at 3DS Or at least 3D. news aspro
No Skyrim Demo Makes sense for this kind of game. news aspro
[] Street Fighter x Tekken Teaser Video media aspro
Third Behind The Scenes Rage Video This one focuses on the weapons. media news aspro
[] Full Res Shots of Final Fantasy XIII-2 media aspro
NCAA Footbal Review from 1UP "B" "the best-in-class football game, and a total underachiever". impressions aspro
[] Netflix on 3DS hands on video news gamingeek
Capcom making 4 PSVita games news gamingeek
Capcom all but confirms Devil May Cry HD Collection news gamingeek
New House of the Dead Overkill PS3 screens, boxart media gamingeek
Binary Domain 'core weapons trailer' gamingeek
Crytek: PS Vita will have 'a hard time'  Against mobile devices news gamingeek
HotD: Overkill PS3 extras revealed 2 extra levels, a crossbow and other things news gamingeek
Driver San Francisco video media gamingeek
3D Pixel Racing video and screens WiiWare racing equivalent of 3D Dot Game Heroes gamingeek
Netflix Now Available on Nintendo 3DS news gamingeek
Super Earth Defense Force hits Wii VC USA news gamingeek
Naughty Dog  on Uncharted 3 Also: Wii U doesn't have anything PS3/Vita dont news gamingeek
Aonuma involved with Wii U for 2 years  Skyward Sword could be Nintendo's last Wii title news gamingeek
Rachet and Clank All 4 One pics media gamingeek
Uncharted 3 Beta Extended Until July 15, 9:00 AM PDT news aspro
Xenoblade Chronicles Europe screens media gamingeek
Gravity Daze PSVita videos news gamingeek
16 pics of the Dragon Quest Collection media gamingeek
Crytek: Massive exclusive interview  CryEngine 3 on Wii U, TimeSplitters return, next gen engines etc news gamingeek
Why Windows 8 Won't Run 360 Games The technical reasons enumerated here. news aspro
MTV preview 3DS Metal Gear Solid 3 Worrying controls impressions gamingeek
Ark of SInners WiiWare review The principles of this game are sound, but the execution makes the game a disappointment impressions gamingeek
PSN hack was 'great experience,' Sony exec states Network president Tim Schaaff takes a weird stance on security breach news Foolz
[] Last Story import review The Last Story has some fantastic boss battles, by JRPG standards and by action game standards. impressions gamingeek
Namco's Brave Company 3DS pics news gamingeek
[] Metro last light prologue video gamingeek
Zynga Tried Buying PopCap for $1 Billion USD Reports Forbes. news aspro
What Happens When Your XBL Account Gets Hacked Ripten dude tells his personal tale. news aspro
NHL 12 Trailer Shows New Tackles media aspro
Giant Bomb Reviews Ms. Splosion Man "3/5" "requires a saintly degree of patience". impressions aspro
Team Bondi Work Conditions, A Different Perspective An employee goes on record with his view of working on LA Noire. news aspro
L.A. Noire Not Finished. More DLC After Reefer Madness Cole's Time At The Burglary Desk Could Be Next news robio
Lords of Shadows Concept Video Footage of Simon Belmont Much more of a badass than Gabriel media robio
'The Last Story' Trademarked by Nintendo in the US Not a guarantee of things to come, but a good sign editorial news robio
Sega show off Shinobi 3DS trailer media gamingeek
Ubisoft dodges Far Cry 3 Wii U questions Yet Just Dance 3, 4, 5, 6 confirmed. news gamingeek
Trailer for Capcom's latest 3DS game media gamingeek
[] First Look at Ace Attorney Movie media aspro
Sony has unveiled its World Game Project news gamingeek
[] Sonic Generations 3DS Special stage pics media gamingeek
[] Urban Champion 3DS screens gamingeek
UK Games market dips gamingeek
Microsoft registers dual Sony-Microsoft web domains Some strange stuff here, read it news gamingeek
View 3D Screens of Kid Icarus here Download to 3DS SD card media gamingeek
Kic Icarus Uprising screens Wait you two know eachother? media news gamingeek
Team Ninja on Ninja Gaiden 3 violence gamingeek
Assassin's Creed 3DS Pulled Into Revelations The status of a major Ubisoft project is now in question. news gamingeek
IGN: Imagining Metroid on Nintendo's Wii U editorial gamingeek
Gamespot test Netflix on 3DS three hours and 45 minutes before the red light came on news gamingeek
[] Rune Factory 4 media media gamingeek
Best Selling Third Party Wii Game Sells 14 Million And you're going to have to click to find out what it is. news aspro
Man Completes Dragon Quest 9 It took him 773 hours. news aspro
New US Releases Week of July 17, 2011 Call of Juarez, Smurfs,Fallout Vegas DLC... news aspro
Netflix coming to UK next year - Report Schweet gamingeek
Capcom: Monster Hunter probably on Vita & 3DS gamingeek
AMD: Xbox 720 graphics will look like Avatar news gamingeek
Digital Spy look back on Majora's Mask editorial gamingeek
Red Sun Gamer takes a look at Xenoblade Chronicles. Video preview here impressions media gamingeek
Worst Movie Video Games of All Time You Bet Your Ass E.T. Is On It editorial robio
What's Different With HotD: Overkill PS3 news aspro
Meet James Vega New Mass Effect 3 Party Member. news phantom_leo
Uncharted 3 Beta Stats HO! LY! CRAP! news phantom_leo
Go Vacation release date bumped up to October 14th in America, was end of December news gamingeek
Hideo Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Peace Walker HD, PS Vita news gamingeek
Shinobido 2 PSVita images news gamingeek
Modern Warfare site joke continues Activision files complaint gamingeek
Best of XBLA at E3 2011 Tiny bit old, but totally relevant! editorial media phantom_leo
Microsoft: 360 has best first party output news gamingeek
Analysis: What's Special About Little, Lovable Link editorial gamingeek
Digital Foundry: The Future of Anti-Aliasing editorial gamingeek
Shadows of the Damned flops in the U.S It must be because it's on Wii... oh wait news gamingeek
Microsoft explains news gamingeek
Top 5 hurdles Wii U has to overcome editorial gamingeek
3D Pixel Racing NL review A portion of the NintendoLife review: As interesting and unique as the visual presentation is, it's still not quite enough to cover up the many gameplay flaws that rear their heads impressions gamingeek
Ninja Gaiden 3DS on the backburner While they concentrate on NG3 news gamingeek
The New SSX Crafted By You They listened to your concerns, and made the changes. news aspro
Kojima Talks About Peace Walker Conversion And the Vita. news aspro
Steam Changes It's Content Delivery System Various changes detailed. news aspro
Final Fantasy Type-0 "Almost Done" PSP title was originally designed for mobile platforms. news aspro
Infinity Ward Talks About Plots in MW2 and 3 They feel the story in 2 could have been better. news aspro
Publisher of Nintendo Power and Edge Going Digital It's not as immediate as it sounds. But they are in trouble. news aspro
BandaiNamco #1 in Revenue in Japan This Year They represented 16.7 percent of total software revenues for the year. news aspro
Shadows of the Damned Sold Only 24K Child of Eden sold 34K. news aspro
Slew of Ubisoft Release Dates Including PS3 Child of Eden, Call of Juarez and more. news aspro
Kojima Nixes Snatcher Rumors Maybe Suda will make it for him. news aspro
WayForward's Bloodrayne Dated for August 30 PSN/XBLA side-scroller from Shantae/Boy Blob makers. news aspro
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Country: US
Comments: 13967
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 22:58:37

...and thus we have the basis for Primitive Combat, a new Real Time Strategy game coming in Fall 2011 by UbiSoft for PSN and XBLA!



Country: NL
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 22:58:37

Iga = god

Iga = ninja

Ninja apex predator

Iga will slap Leo through the monitor


The VG Press
Country: US
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Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:10:57

What have you Pirate-Samurai-Viking-Ninja's been playing this weekend?


*I forgot about Barbarians! Coming soon to Primitive Combat -- Barbarian DLC Pack!*



Country: US
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:13:19

*Those last 3 tiny pics are respectively: Adventures of Shuggy (XBLA), Boulder Dash-XL (XBLA) and Darwinia + (XBLA). Tinkered a lot with DL'ables this weekend!*

Edited: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:13:57



Country: UN
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Joined: 2009-02-25
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:14:42

I've done very little gaming this week. I had a house guest who was kind of a pain in the butt and was constantly camped out in my living room which made it difficult to play.  Today I did go on a run with Super Street Fighter IV though. However when i got my ass kicked by a 13 year old kid I decided to call it quits.

I also tried to start playing Mother 3 again, but like so many jRPGs it has a slow start so it's kind of tough to sit through and I just can't quite force myself to do it. Shame because it's an excellent game.

Country: MX
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Joined: 2008-06-24
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:48:32

Borderlands: Pretty cool shooting mechanics, and great looking, but it feels like a beautiful, empty world. Pretty scarce in regards to NPCs, and boring in its quest variety.

Amnesia - The Dark Descent: I'm fucking scared of playing this shit again. Barely 1.5 hours in. There's something following me, and I'm quite afraid to discover what it might be. Can't stand the teeth gnashing sounds.

DQ IX: Just beat the prison lieutenant. Greygnarl gave me the Dragon Warrior armor and now I feel like a badass.

Terraria: Started playing it this weekend and I'm hooked. This is my little dude:

Country: US
Comments: 13967
News Posts: 1450
Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 17 Jul 2011 23:57:06

Ya. Just try the Zombie Island of Doctor Ned... it's anything but empty!

You'll find hordes of Zombies and Frankenstein like monsters chewing on your ass from all sides!

Set in a Bayou no less... Lots of Purples and Greens, rather than Tans, Browns and Beiges of the REST of the game!



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