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Splatoon 2: This year you will get splatted by me
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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:05:15

Splatoon 2 - Version 2.3.0 due out later tonight

Main Weapon Special Performance

Aerospray MG / Aerospray RG

· Increased the amount of droplets dropped by bullets

.52 Gal / .52 Gal Deco

· Reduced the bullet spread of the first shot while also extending the time it takes to reach max bullet spread

Jet Squelcher / Custom Jet Squelcher

· Bullet spread after jumping reduced by 20%

Clash Blaster

· Intervals between shots reduced by 2 frames (22 frames -> 20 frames)

· Adjusted the number of splash droplets and painting radius so that the area painted per droplet does not become unexpectedly tooblarge due to the above change

L-3 Nozzlenose / L-3 Nozzlenose D

· Increased bullet speed by 25%, without changing the range

H-3 Nozzlenose

· Improved the bullet spread after jumping

· Increased the area of paint upon landing a shot

Carbon Roller

· Extended the distance of maximum damage possible by a horizontal swing by about 35%

E-liter 4K / Custom E-liter 4K

· Increased the speed of the bullets at full charge by 50%, however the range is unchanged

Mini Splatling

· Reduced the time it takes to recover ink after shooting by 10 frames

Hydra Splatling

· Extended the firing duration by 25%

Dualie Squelchers

· Reduced the bullet shake when standing in a normal position by about 20%

Undercover Brella

· Expanded the coverage area of the umbrella as a whole

Sub Weapon Performance

Squid Beakon

· Opponents near your installed Squid Beakon will now appear on the map

Special Weapon Performance

Tenta Missles

· Holding the ZL button will now allow you to swim through the ink until fired


· The player can now change direction in the air more quickly, allowing for more agile movement


· The player can now change the direction of the Baller more quickly, allowing for more agile movement

Main Special Special-Gauge Point PerformancE

Custom Splattershot Jr. … 190 → 180

.96 Gal ………………. 200 → 190

Gold Dynamo Roller …….. 200 → 190

Splat Roller ………….. 170 → 180

Slosher Deco ………….. 190 → 200


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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 14:06:56

Edited: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 14:12:13
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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 14:57:04

I'd like to try out the .96 Deco.  I haven't played splatoon 2 in ages, and things aren't likely to improve anytime soon with the current workload, but I saw that the deco comes with the Splashwall.  It's no .52, but perhaps if I can get used to the .96's slower firing rate I can really get back into the flow.  The Splashwall is very underrepresented in the weapon selection at the moment, and it's such a great sub.

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Wed, 07 Mar 2018 19:19:35

I used to love shredding through splash walls with my Heavy Splatling in Splatoon 1. Now the new update for Splatoon 2 has increased the firing duration for that weapon by 25%. Should be fun.

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Wed, 02 May 2018 15:16:44

After analysing my Splatoon 2 results, I can conclude that I am one of the greatest Salmon Run players in history. And could play professionally if such a thing exists. I recentely saved 13 people without dying once myself. And I have done at least 11 - 0 on numerous occasions.

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