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The VGPress prioritises functionality over snazzy looks and browser crippling flash and codes. This is much appreciated as it means faster loading, easier to use features that don't bog down your browsing experience. It has occasional technical problems, which sometimes prevent you from accessing some of the forums but you can easily workaround this by right clicking and opening said forums in a new tab.

This has all been coded by its founder and tech maestro Yodariquo and we still daily miss his presence on the site.

Posting youtube videos has become much harder and I'm not sure how to easily go about it these days. The site could also use an updated news posting widget that could split long headline automatically into headline and subline. This would make news posting far more streamlined and enjoyable.

It could also use an online gaming toggle button which you could set up under profile options, list a number of online games you are playing. Then on every page where you post there could be a tick box which you could hit, and when you do an icon glows and pulses to show you are online playing said game. Allowing other people to join you more easily.  

More of a problem is the activity.

The Non-gaming forum has mostly stagnated and a variety of threads all fail to garner enough replies to make said threads worthwhile. Long running threads like the Movie Hype thread have stagnated as interest is only passingly seen when new Star Wars or comic book action movies get new trailers.

The Anime thread used to have a somewhat decent level of participation but it has dropped to very low levels, making you feel like you are talking to yourself.

On the gaming side, threads exist periodically for some games and when there are enough people playing the same game - there is a decent amount of participation in said threads. But there are a lot of threads with few replies that never gain traction.

On the reviews side, thank God for the user Dvader who keeps reviewing the many games he's playing. The review section would be pretty empty if not for him.

On the Blog front Punk has gifted us with multiple Greateast games of all time updates, but hasn't done new ones for a while - presumably because the ever declining replies have made it feel not worth it for the most part.

VGPress's heart is in its users and so we must review them.

Gamingeek regularly updates the site with the latest gaming news, which can spur discussion but a lot of what is posted goes without comment. He has consistently failed to update on recent weekends though and updates fairly late on Mondays. This leaves the weekends updates looking very empty and other forumers rarely plug these gaps.

He also seems more pre-occupied with watching Anime rather than playing games so is rarely involved in any actual game playing thread discussions. And he seems to only be interested in the NX these days and has little enthusiasm for other consoles or PC.

There are a number of what I would call fairly inactive users, who haven't been seen in weeks, or longer and only re-appear for an occasional post. Iga Bobovic, Bugsonglasses and Ravenprose are among them. And because the membership of the site is so low you really feel it when even  few are missing.

The site also has a big problem with trolling - particularly with a user called Archangel and despite numerous reports to admin, he still hasn't received any warnings or punishments for these transgressions.

Edgecrusher is another big sarcastic troll, who frequently defiles the purity of these boards with animated gifs of vulgar pornstars gyrating their buttocks about. He is most interested in PC gaming when most of the forum, isn't.

Travo is a great forumer and we love hearing about his family, kids and what he or they are playing. He has one big problem though and that is that he never joins Gamingeek to play Splatoon which leaves Gamingeek feeling sidelined and alone when pwning Japanese ninjas.

Dvader is a large contributer to the site, what he fails to bring to the news page, he brings in spades to the reviews section and the gaming forums. He also does numerous reviews for the movies he's seen which the forum greatly appreciates. He does, however like to frequently disgust the forum with medical tales of genital scanning and the pleasure he derives from doing that.

There has also been a recent addition to The VgPress team - Supreme AC. He is very active on the news page which stirs discussion and gives realtime company for other Europeans online at the same time. However he seems to disagree with Gamingeek far too much, which can be annoying to all over common sense seeing forumers on the boards.

Gagan is a fascinating character, almost exclusively seen on the gaming forum. It would nice to see him spread his wings more to the news and non-gaming boards.

In terms of Aussies we have been abandoned by Darth Homer, whose only redeeming feature was that he actually watched Avatar (the anime series) through to the end - unlike most of the Avatar-shy other forumers here. Other than that there is Foolz and Aspro, both of whom have been less active than usual in recent weeks.

Aspros main problem is that he keeps promising that he will watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Netflix, but never does. Foolz is quite a character. On the other hand he has dialled down the snark, and needs to get back to his best.

SteelAttack is a busy doctor in a sexual therapy clinic in Mexico. Complying with standard Medical Practice in Mexico this means he gently rubs his genitals over patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. His big flaw is that he doesn't play Splatoon and that means he's a really negligent gamer and person; and can hardly be called a friend (until he plays Animal Crossing online with others).

Nintyfan brings the comic book and movie/tv news in spades and is criminally ignored in replies by most people on the site.

There are other forumers like Coopersville, Te Rojo or Gemeni who we would like to see more of and to get to know more. But their activity is often so low, they're not a big enough presence on the boards.

Now I must mention someone we are all sick of: Robio. Whose endless tales of farming and farming based games, stink up the site like the manure that fertilizers these farms. However what he brings to the site is priceless - cosplay, drunk stories and the craziness of what happens to him in his everyday life.

He also likes to call women sluts, which can lead to hilarious situations.

Joking aside, the VGpress' biggest asset are its people, who are all good and decent at heart. And participating on a gaming forum without all the hate, trolling and snark is a pleasure for the vast majority of the time.

However more activity is a must.

Posted by gamingeek Wed, 17 Aug 2016 12:36:02
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Wed, 17 Aug 2016 12:52:04
I'm more snorky than snarky at the moment.

Wed, 17 Aug 2016 12:53:03
Reads like a 6.0
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 12:54:43
Sure, NOW Foolz shows up.
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:07:59
What the fuck is this drivel?!

Info is all wrong....I've become much less of a PC guy in the past few months and gravitated back to consoles just because its a bit easier and most of my friends are there.

The part about porn is correct though.

I don't contribute more because #1 I don't have the time for more than quick posts and #2 when I do try to come up with something more time consuming only like 3 people care. lol

What this site needs is voice chat. You want vulgar?
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:33:09
A reviews complaint? This is working perfectly....
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:41:53
Are you complaining that I corrected you?
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:46:13
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 15:06:19
Damn you!
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 15:37:29
I haven't posted about cosplay or being drunk in ages. God I've gotten boring.

Women who dress as Blackcat are still sluts though.
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 16:34:13
I can definitely agree with the comfort in posting somewhere that is not a hate fest of all types of gaming.
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