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[] Ubisoft DRM was "attacked" at weekend "95 per cent of players were not affected." news Iga_Bobovic
[] MS reveals Lips: I Love the '80s Out in April. Amazing songs. news Iga_Bobovic
[] 2010 FIFA World Cup gameplay What are we up to? 44 years of hurt? news Iga_Bobovic
[] Fifteen new Fallout: New Vegas shots Right baccarat at ya. media Iga_Bobovic
[] Steam for Mac announced, detailed Launching in April with all Valve's games. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 7/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Toy Soldiers 8/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
EA to Publish Death Spank From the Monkey Island people. news aspro
Red Dead Redemption Delayed Take2 laying off 15% of staff news aspro
[] Activision Gets Into Fitness Gaming 10 Minute Solution games for the Wii news aspro
[] CVG GOW3 review 9.2 impressions gamingeek
[] Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands: first footage media gamingeek
[] Eurogamer review God of War 3 if you want to revel in old-school pleasures decked out in the very brightest new armour, this is about as good as it gets. impressions gamingeek
[] Edge mag feature: NIGHTS time extend Looking back at that freakish, flying joker editorial gamingeek
[] Halo Reach bug prevents teabagging If there is no teabagging there is no reason to play... news gamingeek
[] Sony wand getting nunchuk? news gamingeek
[] Microsoft force Sony to scrap Arc? news gamingeek
[] Red Dead Redemption images media gamingeek
[] Medal of Honor Images Tier 1 media gamingeek
[] God of War 3 Madrid event pics media gamingeek
[] GT5 video and media media gamingeek
[] NIER replicant video media gamingeek
Ironbeards guide to Monster Hunting media gamingeek
[] The Last Story: in development for 2 years Real time battle system in place news gamingeek
[] EGM digital mag video preview impressions gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 artwork media gamingeek
Zangeki no Reginleiv review 4 stars out of 5 impressions gamingeek
[] Max and the Magic Marker impressions I simply recommend you give it a serious look and consider supporting fantastic indie teams and games like this impressions gamingeek
[] Ubisoft's Authentication Servers Go Down Assassin's Creed 2 becomes unplayable news Yodariquo
[] PS3 motion-controlling Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 news Ravenprose
Retailer Leak: New Look/Weight PS3 Loses .2 kg news aspro
[] Modern Warfare 2 hits 25m unique players "DLC details coming this week." news Iga_Bobovic
[] Hollywood director praises Heavy Rain LaBute wants "sophistication" to continue. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Blizzard: console WOW still "unlikely" A regular topic at HQ, says Brack news Iga_Bobovic
[] MPs quizzed on videogames this month UK's big three laying out future plans. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Aliens vs. Predator DLC next week Special Edition MP maps for all. news Iga_Bobovic
[] HMV throwing FFXIII party today On Oxford Street in cor blimey London. news Iga_Bobovic
[] THQ E-Shop opens in Europe Buy Metro 2033, get RF: Guerrilla free. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Forza 3 Jalopnik DLC goes live Add 10 of the world's best cars. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Civilization V's Jon Shafer and Dennis Shirk Eurogamer Interview editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Previews Sid Meier's Civilization V impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Ghost Recon Future soldier trailer media gamingeek
Gow of War 3 sex minigame exposed NSFW news gamingeek
[] Bodycount Gamespot interview editorial gamingeek
[] DS2 needs 'strong online functionality' Says Monster Hunter tri developer news gamingeek
[] New Alan Wake trailer released media gamingeek
[] Sony readies 3D PS3 update So you bought your HDTV? Well now you want a 3D one news gamingeek
[] Vanquish 'a brand new kind of shooter' news gamingeek
[] Ghost Recon: Future Soldier details land news gamingeek
[] Q&A: Codemasters Reveals Bodycount, Studio Ref editorial gamingeek
[] Yakuza 3 Eurogamer review The Western version of Yakuza 3 might have suffered a few heartbreaking cuts, but it's still intriguing at every turn and shouldn't be missed impressions gamingeek
[] Codemasters unveils Bodycount FPS news gamingeek
[] Robin readied for Arkham Asylum II? news gamingeek
[] God of War III epilogue was scrapped news gamingeek
[] Take an in-depth first look at Prince of Persia media gamingeek
[] GiantBomb :"God of War III Interview news gamingeek
[] Natal to get full lineup at E3 news gamingeek
[] Bodycount screens Like Black but with painted faces media gamingeek
Nintendo Power online preview impressions gamingeek
[] Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth video review Gametrailers impressions media gamingeek
[] Endless Ocean: Blue World Official Movie 1 Live action trailer media gamingeek
[] Pachter: Infinity Ward Firings May Effect COD Really? Hmm... never thought about it. news aspro
God of War III Cost $44 million. So how many copies will it have to sell? news aspro
[] HUMOR: Why Sonic the Hedgehog 4 will suck editorial Ravenprose
Donkey Kong World Record Broken Not Billy Mitchell. news aspro
Tiger to Share Cover on PGA Tour 11 Elin doesn't get half, some Irish guy does. news aspro
Rockband 3 Launches Late 2010 And the beat goes on... news aspro
DJ Hero DLC Hits This Month news aspro
[] Bizzare Creations Dev Defends Activision They were great. Really, really good news aspro
Weird New Wii Game Mini games where you bet on internet search results. news aspro
[] SMG Vs. NSMB. Wii - review impressions media Iga_Bobovic
[] Heavy Rain "fuels a lot of hope" Quantic Dream chuffed with response. news Iga_Bobovic
[] SWTOR is EA's "largest ever" project Reckons WOW cost $100m to make. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Modern Warfare 2 DLC named "Stimulus Package" due out this month. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Warhammer 40K  For the emperor 9/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Silent Hunter 5 5/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] FFXIII ships 5 million copies worldwide Well they made their money already. news Dvader
[] God of War III gametrailers review Is it epic enough? impressions media gamingeek
[] Final Fantasy XIII 360 reviewing higher than PS3 v impressions news gamingeek
[] PS3 wands not focused on casual games news gamingeek
[] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii tutorial Motionplus allows any angle media gamingeek
[] Hanabi Festival returns to Virtual Console Castlevania: Rondo of Blood featuring news gamingeek
[] Eurogamer preview True Crime 3 impressions gamingeek
[] Eurogamer hands on Just Cause 2 impressions gamingeek
[] True Crime 3 gameplay GDC10: Brawl Gameplay - Take to the streets and punish the wicked media gamingeek
[] Mafia 2 images media gamingeek
[] True Crime 3: First images media news gamingeek
[] Sony trying to convert Wii devs Develop mag confirms Nunchuk device rip news gamingeek
SUDA happy with critical reception No More Heroes 2 news gamingeek
Scarface concept art from cancelled game media gamingeek
Will Wright talks Wii Says its a toy market, talks Nintendo investment in software editorial gamingeek
[] Reggie Forbes mag interview Blah blah, still no Wii HD etc news gamingeek
Sneak Peak at Warner Bros FPS Video here including American Idol's Randy Jackson news gamingeek
[] EA Sports Active Going Multiplatform news gamingeek
[] FIFA World Cup South Africa Video media gamingeek
[] Flips Twisted World dev diary VIDEO media gamingeek
[] Sin and Punishment US boxart Wow media gamingeek
[] Street Fighter 4 is on Iphone right now. It's $10. news Dvader
[] GDC: Mafia 2 hands on preview GS has exclusive impressions impressions Dvader
[] SFIV: Hakan Revealed! Weirdest SF character ever? news ASK_Story
[] Yakuza Review -- 8.5 "Great!" ...even though it's subtitled! impressions news phantom_leo
[] NPD February Results Wii fails, end of Nintendo era, OMG hide! :P news Dvader
[] MGS: Peace Walker gameplay footage. I hate PSP, I hate that this is on PSP, I dont want it... damn it looks good... I want a PSP. media Dvader
Cyrsis 2 PC and Console CryEngine trailer. So pretty. media Dvader
[] Sakamoto wanted Metroid Other M to be 2.5D Blame Kotaku for the misunderstanding news ASK_Story
[] Might & Magic Clash of Heroes coming to PSN/XB Good-bye hours to my life! news ASK_Story
Nintendo Details Last Story Official blog up. news aspro
Kojima Interview (Via Twitter) Talks Peacewalker news aspro
Medal of Honor 1up preview impressions gamingeek
[] Medal Of Honor doesn't work with PS3 Move news gamingeek
[] New PlayStation Move trailer shows balls media gamingeek
[] Perfect Dark CVG XBLA review impressions gamingeek
[] GDC: Q&A - Sony Studios' Yoshida On Move Deve news gamingeek
[] Aragorns Quest PS3 developed by TT Fusion Wii version made by Headstrong games news gamingeek
[] New Fable III screenshots media gamingeek
[] Monkey Island 2 pics media gamingeek
[] 20 pics of Playstation Move Did they get the Wii photographer or something? media gamingeek
[] 44 pics of Final Fantasy 14 media gamingeek
[] Sony GDC 10: Press Conference: PlayStation Move media gamingeek
[] Last Story Artwork Sakaguchi's Goochimama game media gamingeek
[] "From Trauma Center to Trauma Team" editorial gamingeek
Max and the Magic Marker review The physics engine is as rigid as World of Goo, and the concept is as orginal as Lost Winds. impressions gamingeek
[] Metroid Other M preview impressions gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 Vooks impressions impressions news gamingeek
Ghost Trick promo trailers media gamingeek
OnLive Service Dated, Priced June 17, 14.95/month news Yodariquo
Media Create Figures Updated Japanese Sales Numbers news aspro
[] GDC: Engadget hands on with Move With video impressions media Dvader
[] GDC: EyePet hands-on "Squee!" says Steel. impressions Dvader
[] GDC: GS Duel hands-on Wii Hobo Fighter HD news Dvader
[] GDC: GS TV Superstars hands on Another Wii HD mini game collection news Dvader
[] GDC: GS Sports Champions hands on Wii Sports HD impressions Dvader
LOTR Aragorn's Quest coming to PS3 Move. Wii HD ports have begun! news Dvader
[] GDC: GS Move Party preview Why read this. impressions Dvader
[] GDC: Introducing PS Move Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii news Dvader
[] EA COO Interview. Shiny Discs Here To Stay Also weighs in on Infinity Ward news aspro
The Red Star Coming to Handhelds Take2 to publish game with troubled past. news aspro
Prinny 2 Screens Sold enough for a sequel eh? media aspro
Y's Vs Legend of Heroes Date Set RPG titans join forces. Should be amazing. news aspro
Square Enix Working on New Engine Advertising for jobs. news aspro
[] Deus Ex 3 trailer Awesome sunglasses media Dvader
[] Nintendo signs deal to develop "Dr. Who" games. Source is a crappy newspaper news Dvader
[] Sid Meier's GDC Keynote Interesting stuff about protecting the player from himself and great AI is not a good thing. news Dvader
[] GS Yakuza 3 review A GS review?! Lets fight! impressions Dvader
[] GS MLB 10 The Show Review Cause everyone on this site loves baseball impressions Dvader
[] The Grinder is now a top-down shooter. First footage Xbox 360 media news Ravenprose
Foto Showdown - Photo-driven RPG Konami's new DSi game news aspro
Kojima on Future of MGS Tweets replace tea leaves. news aspro
3DTV Industry Favors Gamers Over Movies news aspro
Will Wright Spouts Off at SXSW Horse training games are big in Germany. news aspro
[] History of Fan Made Sequels Being Shut Down Feature editorial aspro
EA Takes In-Game Advertising In-House news aspro
[] Ars Technica Doesn't Like Strippers NSFW Editorial about seedy marketing of games. editorial aspro
Level 5 Game Announced in April Also working on next Prof. Layton news aspro
[] NBA Jam Wii Trailer media Ravenprose
Red Steel 2 The first 20 minutes media gamingeek
[] Dead or Alive Paradise: Spanking the Monkey video Wait.... I thought it wasn't about making softcore porn? media gamingeek
[] Gametrailers TV Nintendo blowout 4 video chapters of Iwata all over your face media gamingeek
[] Sony Concerned About PS3 Move Shovelware news gamingeek
[] Exclusive CVG Red Steel 2 footage media gamingeek
[] Tiger Woods PGA 11 wont support Natal Not in a position to do so news gamingeek
[] Molyneux: Natal is bigger step than Move C'mon Moly! Does it really matter whose is bigger? news gamingeek
[] Digital Foundry vs Move Talks of inherent latency editorial gamingeek
[] Sam and Max headed to PS3 news gamingeek
[] NPD: February Down 15 Percent On Lagging Unit Sale Constrained Wii news gamingeek
Dragon age 2 release date news gamingeek
[] Medal of Honor Exclusive Tier One Trailer media gamingeek
[] Fable 3: new video media gamingeek
[] First screens of Ghost Recon Future Soldier Do we call it G.R.F.S? media gamingeek
Fragile Dreams - more screens media gamingeek
[] Earth shattering Mario Galaxy 2 details coming? Uh oh.... I smell a hedgehog! news gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 press impressions and video impressions gamingeek
[] EEDAR NPD analysis - Wii in short supply February numbers reflect entirely on the Wii being supply constrained and has little to do with declining demand of the product. news gamingeek
Prince of persia sands of time trailer The movie media news gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 website updates news gamingeek
[] The Grinder weirdness continues Still a FPS on Wii? But Gauntlet on 360? news gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 Super powers trailer media gamingeek
[] Valve thinks Biometrics are the future Interested in the Vitality sensor? news gamingeek
Max and the Magic Marker video tour media gamingeek
Crystal Bearers for £16 Is it Hobo time? news gamingeek
[] Rumour: Infinity ward holding back royalties  To keep staff around - this sucks news gamingeek
[] Joystiq Metroid Other M interview editorial gamingeek
[] Dirt 3 in the works news gamingeek
[] Doctor Who Wii is real Koch Media handling sales and marketing news gamingeek
Pachter: Wii needs a catalyst news gamingeek
[] Another Reggie interview Talks Wii 2, motion rivals etc editorial gamingeek
[] GDC dev leaks DS2 info Gamecube like dev kits? news gamingeek
SUDA re-iterates: No More Heroes 3 for Wii 2 If, it happens news gamingeek
[] Metroid Dread talk news gamingeek
[] Tournament of Legends GDC Interview, Impressions Yay... impressions gamingeek
[] NBA Jam debut trailer media gamingeek
[] Rabbids Go Home $18 on amazon Because you're worth it news gamingeek
[] GDC dev: Wii development costs less than PS1? news gamingeek
[] Metroid other M Shacknews impressions impressions gamingeek
[] Eurogamer: Moving on with motion controls Editorial on Natal and Move and what it means for the market editorial gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 worldwide boxart comparison media gamingeek
[] Director of FFXIII speaks of Story-Driven Games Don't expect FF to change all that much! impressions phantom_leo
[] Excellent FFXIII Review and Pros/Cons Breakdown Well thought-out points! impressions phantom_leo
Yakuza 1Up.Com A- Review Kickin' the Haters in the Nuts! impressions news phantom_leo
[] Reggie Fils-Aime Q&A news Ravenprose
[] The Press Room Episode #51 editorial impressions media news Yodariquo
[] RUMOR: Insomniac going Multi-platform? Resistance to Ratchet and Banjo team-up? news ASK_Story
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Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:10:55

Ravenprose said:

gamingeek said:

Just saying, in a debate which is already thorny, escalating things with pics of people urinating on a console and then following up with Pony pics. NOT LOL helping.

They may not be helping, but they sure are funny. LOL

Thank you. Now, lets all MOVE on.



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Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:11:41

aspro said:
Will Wright article is pretty good, certainly worth a read.

Oh man, I'd love to see him live on a presentation.

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Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:11:44

SteelAttack said:
Archangel3371 said:

I miss my foreskin. Sad

The fuck?

......The fffuucCK?!


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Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:43:56

edgecrusher said:

SteelAttack said:

Archangel3371 said:

I miss my foreskin. Sad

The fuck?

......The fffuucCK?!


LOL You know, from like circumcision. Sheesh. Nyaa


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