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Dot Heroes Gets DLC news aspro
[] Capcom can add DLC to Tatsukono VS Like playable Phoenix Wright: but its up to Nintendo? gamingeek
12 minute Red Steel 2 developer video interview editorial media Iga_Bobovic
[] Uncharted 2 skins DLC confirmed It's not free, though. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Bayonetta Official Guide trailer. I cannot believe what I just saw. media Dvader
[] FFXIII Collector's box detailed Art! Music! Transfer tattoo! £59.99. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Mass Effect 2 DLC is out now and free Shepards are delighted. (Slight spoilers.) news Iga_Bobovic
[] Final Fantasy I & II for iPhone Get back to where you once belonged. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13 The game that could be Fallout Online. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Music genre isn't dead, says Harmonix User-generated content will save it. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Get Games expands range with sale offers Tropico, King's Bounty, indie titles for cheap. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Funcom teases Secret World location Faux website for Maine town uncovered. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Retrospective: Mutant Storm Reloaded editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Previews Chime impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] ESRB rates Castlevania Rondo of Blood for Wii! Hell yes! news Dvader
[] Dark Void Plummets in UK charts Down to 33rd gamingeek
[] EA Sports Active Job listing spotted 360/PS3 DLC involved gamingeek
[] Rising Star still publishing Marvelous games No More Heroes 2 coming to Europe gamingeek
[] Monster Hunter Tri US Bundle announced Classic controller (PRO) included news gamingeek
[] NGamer review FFCC Crystal Bearers 84% impressions gamingeek
[] EA sees no impact from Tiger Woods scandal Tiger getting Wood does nothing to deter sales gamingeek
[] Rockstar promise to be good to PS3 gamingeek
7 new God of War 3 screens Whoa, the best yet media gamingeek
9 minutes of Heavy Rain gamingeek
[] Halo Reach artwork and images Where the **** is Archie? media gamingeek
[] Target discontinue more Wii games Excitebots, Boy and His Blob, TMNT gamingeek
Sonic All Stars racing features PSO track Oh Vadeeeeeeeeer gamingeek
Max and the Magic Marker Aussie Nintendo review it's a very enjoyable, laid-back platformer with some really clever puzzles in its later stages. impressions gamingeek
Dark Void Zero 1up review A impressions Foolz
Rolling Blackout: The Dark Side of Updates Together we could rule the galaxy! editorial Foolz
[] Mass Effect 2 IGN AU review 9.3 impressions Foolz
[] Halo Legends homecoming trailer media Foolz
[] Torne Japanese debut trailer media Foolz
[] Split/Second shipyard gameplay media Foolz
[] Interstellar Marines Bullseye trailer media Foolz
[] Bad Company 2 Single-Player reveal media Foolz
[] Dead or Alive: Paradise Japanese debut trailer media Foolz
[] HourOne debut trailer media Foolz
[] The Press Room Episode #45 Express edition editorial impressions media news Ellyoda
[] Bonus Round Ep. 401: Part 2 more Pachter! media Ravenprose
Iwata asks: Zelda handheld history Must read for all Zelda fans. editorial Dvader
Dead Rising 2 Weapon System Explained Needlessly complicated. news aspro
[] Castlevania LoS details. 15 hours, platforming. Who cares about the composer. news Dvader
Mass Effect 2 1up review more action, more dialogue, and less role-playing. A- impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Xbox Live indie games earn six figures More than just a home for prototypes? news Iga_Bobovic
[] 2K "scaling back" BioShock 2 DRM SecuROM less restrictive on Steam. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Darwinia+ on XBLA in February Two great games for 10 quid news Iga_Bobovic
[] PC Assassin's II gets European date System requirements offered up too. news Iga_Bobovic
[] EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup confirmed First screenshot tomorrow. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Supreme Commander 2 here in March First on PC, then who cares news Iga_Bobovic
[] EA's Moore excited by new iTablet Apple's next device to change gaming? news Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer hands-on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer hands-on Mortal Online impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Article: PS3: Hacked editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer Reviews Mass Effect 2 10/10 impressions Iga_Bobovic
Dante's Inferno N64 baby screens God of War 3 is putting this game to shame media gamingeek
[] Apple Tablet to have Heavy gaming focus 150 games prepped already gamingeek
Dead Rising Live action trailer Directed by Inafune - God this is terrible! media gamingeek
[] Castlevania composer leaves Konami But... the music! gamingeek
Capcom 360 Exclusive Revealed! (Updated) 360 nabs Capcom's biggest franchise in JP. aspro
Heavy Rain Trophy List Revealed Mostly Secret, as you'd expect. news darthhomer
[] Assassin's Creed 2 for PC $60 on March 16th Lol, PC news Dvader
[] New Platinum Games title to be revealed on GTTV th Please be Mikami's new game. news Dvader
Pokemon as traditional Japanese art media Ellyoda
[] Part 2 of Lost Planet 2 trailer WOW! media Dvader
[] 11 minute long Lost Planet 2 trailer. Split into two parts. media Dvader
[] Apple Unveil the iPad a "revolutionary" product that was between a laptop computer and a smartphone and was "awesome" for watching films and TV shows. gamingeek
[] Rabbids Triple pack heads to Wii All 3 minigame-fests for the price of 1 gamingeek
[] NGamer review scores Endless Ocean 2, Silent Hill etc impressions gamingeek
[] Max and the Magic Marker first look gamingeek
[] Nyxquest post mortem interview gamingeek
[] Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 confirmed. With a big 2 on the main site news Dvader
Microsoft sued over Xbox Live Points Allegedly unfair handling of points news Ellyoda
[] Criterion Finally Confirm NFS Development In case you need more proof. news darthhomer
[] EDGE mag reviews Mass Effect 2 9/10 impressions gamingeek
[] Time Extend: Jet Set Radio future gamingeek
[] PS3 hack released gamingeek
[] Ubisoft plan constant online authentification For PC games - Good luck Edgecrusher gamingeek
[] 3DTV and PS3 interview gamingeek
Yakuza 4 images gamingeek
[] Spec Ops the Line videos gamingeek
[] Lost Planet 2 images It's like Dune! media gamingeek
[] EA Announce FIFA world cup 2010 Please Foolz, nooooo.... gamingeek
[] Spec Ops the Line images media gamingeek
[] Japan budget line Wii trailer media gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 director talks Caldera gamingeek
[] Natal was turned down by Iwata Latency and price a problem gamingeek
Endless Ocean 2 review "The sequel retains it's realistic credentials, but expands things to include a adventure experience, multiple locations and more varied interactions." impressions gamingeek
[] Shattered Memories ONM interview gamingeek
[] Europe - Animal Crossing DLC LOL Burns night scottish hat gamingeek
Red Steel 2 collectors edition Europe only? gamingeek
1up review No More Heroes 2 A - "Desperate Struggle is now a must-buy, and at the very least, finally makes the series deserving of the evangelism surrounding it" impressions gamingeek
VGChartz No More Heroes 2 review "While the original No More Heroes set the bar high for action games on the Wii, Desperate Struggle absolutely surpasses it in every way imaginable" impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo Life No More Heroes 2 review 9/10 - BUY IT impressions gamingeek
[] Marvelous seeing staff pay cuts gamingeek
Gamepro 4.5 star review: No More Heroes 2 "slashes its way onto the Wii with even more boss battles, much-improved gameplay, and loads of worthwhile new content" impressions gamingeek
[] Eternal Darkness trademark, not renewed Licence up for grabs? gamingeek
[] Destructoid Trauma Team preview You can play it like Phoenix wright? impressions gamingeek
[] Gameinformer review No More Heroes 2 "this is yet another third-party Wii exclusive of which Nintendo faithful can be proud" impressions gamingeek
Gamepro Video review No More Heroes 2 impressions gamingeek
G4TV reviews No More Heroes 2 4/5 "Undoubtedly, it's one of the finer games to be released on Wii in some time" impressions gamingeek
[] Gamesradar review No More Heroes 2 9/10 Did you hear that? It's the sound of your wallet groaning impressions gamingeek
Gamedaily reviews No More Heroes 2 "a game that surpasses the original in every way possible" impressions gamingeek
[] New Last Flight Screens media gamingeek
[] Get on WiiWare's Last Flight And hack zombies with cleavers gamingeek
[] Trauma Team Dev. Featurette gamingeek
[] Trauma Team impressions and videos impressions media gamingeek
Gamespy review No More Heroes 5/5 Dvader! Do you hear that?! impressions gamingeek
[] Endless Ocean 2 footage and impressions Out in 8 days OMG impressions media gamingeek
[] Psychonauts is $2 on Steam. Super HOBO deal! news Dvader
[] Lionhead Set to Debut Fable III Next Month Hurry up and port Fable II to PC please news Foolz
[] Mortal Kombat movie series to be reboot. MK is still the best video game movie ever. news Dvader
[] Darwinia+ tutorial vids impressions Foolz
[] IGN UK MAG review. 7.6 impressions Dvader
[] No More Heroes 2 Launcht Trailer media Foolz
[] Red Steel 2 Caldera trailer media Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 Scout Plasmid Vignette media Foolz
[] Dark Void Zero GS review. 8.5, I really want to play this. impressions Dvader
[] Monster Hunter Frontier Japanese debut trailer media Foolz
[] Lost Planet 2 Gears fo War trailer media Foolz
[] Spec Ops fall of dubai and evolution of war interv War...war never changes. editorial media Foolz
[] Lost Planet 2, May 18th, Gears of War skins. Skins a 360 exclusive, new trailer media news Dvader
[] Risen Updated GS impressions impressions Foolz
[] Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online GS hands-on impressions Foolz
[] Newegg sale, many 360 games for $10 Not many of them any good news Dvader
[] Battlefield Bad Comapny 2 GS updated hands on impressions Foolz
[] Ubisoft new PC policy, required to be online. Wow, PC gaming sucks news Dvader
[] MAG GS final hands on and QA editorial impressions Foolz
[] GS Mass Effect 2 review 9.0 impressions Foolz
Farewell Nintendo editorial Ravenprose
Bayonetta Load Time Patch Now Available SEGA reduces load times on PS3 news aspro
[] EA annouces FIFA World Cup Game, with online tourn Foolz has his new game for the next  year. news Dvader
RE5 Lost In Nightmares gameplay vid. Weird filter thing going on. media Dvader
1up Red Dead Redemption preview impressions gamingeek
[] iPAD Edge mag hands on What's if for? gamingeek
[] Sony refuse to comment on Q3 performance gamingeek
[] Life to Date Nintendo sales DS sells 125 million units gamingeek
[] Nintendo profits drop 9.4% Wii Price cut responsible? gamingeek
[] Hands on Red Dead Redemption gamingeek
[] RE5 Gold edition video 2 gamingeek
[] RE5 Gold edition video 1 gamingeek
Endless Ocean 2 UK site open O......M........G gamingeek
Tower of Shadow playable flash demo gamingeek
[] Tatsukono original plan documents Show that it had a Ghost and Goblins level planned gamingeek
Zangeki No Reginleiv demo videos From Gamevideos media gamingeek
[] Guitar Hero Scores Black Sabbath Masters Great stuff to hear...literally! news darthhomer
[] Mega Man Zero Collection Comes West All 4 zeroes on 1 DS cart. news aspro
Climax Wants More Silent Hill Not much else was said. news aspro
Konami Reveals New Wii Racer GTI Club Supermini Festa also for PSP. news aspro
Top Rentals 2009 (and most advertised) Reveals 360 owners lack of commitment. news aspro to Distribute Activision  PC Classics news aspro
New THQ FPS gets Release Date Metro 2033 drops March 19 news aspro
[] Heavy Rain 91% gamesmaster review Incredibly original impressions gamingeek
[] Final Fantasy XIII review 81% from Gamesmaster: Style over substance impressions gamingeek
[] Bad Company 2 Demo out now on XBL! Download now, or I will come to your house and do it for you! rragnaar
[] Rebellion want motion control in AVP gamingeek
[] WiiWare demos ending soon 3 days left to download them gamingeek
[] Streetfighter alpha 2 hits VC gamingeek
[] Eurogamer Endless Ocean 2 review 7/10 (they rated the first game 6) impressions gamingeek
[] Assasins Creed 2 DLC review Forli gets a.... 5/10 impressions gamingeek
[] EGTV: Eurogamer vs IGN gamingeek
[] FIFA world cup 2010 screens media gamingeek
[] Assasins Creed DLC trailer Battle for Forli! media gamingeek
[] The art of God of War 3 gamingeek
[] Dead Rising 2 images media gamingeek
[] SUPER Street Fighter IV: New trailer media gamingeek
[] Assasins Creed 2 DLC pics media gamingeek
[] Shiren the Wanderer 3 video gamingeek
[] Halo Reach comparison shots They're reaching gamingeek
[] Four new Red Steel 2 pics media gamingeek
[] IGN Trauma Team preview impressions gamingeek
[] Wii sales hit 67 million gamingeek
[] Epic impressed with iPad gamingeek
[] iPad games in action media gamingeek
[] 10 PS3 motion games released this year Includiing sports and pet sims gamingeek
[] Resort, NSMB Wii, Wii Fit Plus sell over 10m each exactly as Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata predicted in August 2009. gamingeek
[] Destructoid No More Heroes 2 review No More Heroes 2 still makes me laugh, scream, think - 9.5 impressions gamingeek
[] Rondo of Blood hitting VC But it wont be in English gamingeek
[] No More Heroes 2 soundtrack So awesome it will melt your ears off gamingeek
[] 10 mins of No More Heroes 2 media gamingeek
[] Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - gametrailers Review impressions media gamingeek
[] Rabbids triple pack boxart gamingeek
Gamedaily editorial: Nintendo the GOAT Yes, read why Nintendo is a GOAT gamingeek
[] Gametrailers review No More Heroes 2 So awesome it will melt your face off impressions media gamingeek
[] Tower of Shadow promo trailer media gamingeek
Aliens vs. Predator: Predator gameplay vid Looking good. media Dvader
[] Sonic Project Needlemouse Challenge 2! Next week we get title and info! news Dvader
[] Third quarter presentation by Iwata Zelda Wii at E3 reconfirmed news Iga_Bobovic
No More Heroes Hanafuda times review Hanafuda times best name ever, why the hell did we not think of it? impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] CD Projekt suspends FPS They Metropolis to work on Witcher 2 instead. news Iga_Bobovic
[] First images of FIFA Online heroine for Foolz media Iga_Bobovic
[] EA unveils FIFA Online Combining Foolz obsessions of Fifa and WoW news Iga_Bobovic
[] New Borderlands DLC unveiled More guns! Raised level cap! Etc. news Iga_Bobovic
[] 530 Eco Shooter on WiiWare today It's Duck Hunt with morals. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Star Trek Online update plans outlined Live servers open today. news Iga_Bobovic
[] LOTRO starts Vol. III with next update Book 1 has new skirmishes. news Iga_Bobovic
[] EA Sports has "nothing at all" for 3DTVs Moore's focusing on Natal/Arc this year. news Iga_Bobovic
[] PAL New Releases Roundup - 29/01/10 news Iga_Bobovic
[] Dead to Rights: Retribution dated Canine cop romp out in April. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Eurogamer hands-on MotoGP 09/10 You don't need to play Trauma Center, to feel like a doctor. (10 nerd point for who gets the reference) impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Red Dead Gameplay Documentary 2 Weapons and Death media rragnaar
[] Red Dead Revolver Hands On This game sounds so damn good. rragnaar
[] Gamespot 8.5 review of No More Heroes 2 Outrageously irreverent, eccentric, and self-aware, No More Heroes 2 is a giant robot full of fun. impressions gamingeek
[] Flips Twisted World: Story trailer Higher quality version of this interesting platformer media gamingeek
[] The Best and Worst of Voice Sampling BOOM SHAKALAKA! editorial media Ellyoda
[] Bioware working on Mass Effect 3 And a few PS3 titles gamingeek
[] The Last Story: Mistwalker Wii RPG Details gamingeek
[] Xenoblade: New First party Nintendo game Website opens - aka Monado gamingeek
Metroid Other M site opens Summer release for Japan gamingeek
[] Sony to post $1.1 Billion profit? On LCD and PS3 sales? gamingeek
[] Starwars Battlefront revived? By Socom dev? gamingeek
[] Japan: NSMB wii tops charts.... again gamingeek
[] MAG reviewed by eurogamer 7/10 impressions gamingeek
[] 360 sales down 13% year on year Yet profitability increased gamingeek
[] Heist cancelled by Codemasters gamingeek
[] PS2 Silent Hill Shattered Mmeories pics What? The? F..... media gamingeek
[] Pre-order Fragile from Gamestop Get free soundtrack gamingeek
[] Monkey Ball: Step & Roll - Events Gameplay Tra media gamingeek
[] Nintendo report shows first party games Xenoblade, the Last Story and more gamingeek
[] Nintendo supplemental fiscal report selective third party lineups NA/EU/Japan gamingeek
[] Nintendo fiscal report - million-seller breakdown console hard/software sales split EU/NA/Japan gamingeek
[] Nintendo Wii 2010 Preview IGN impressions gamingeek
[] Iwata unimpressed with iPad gamingeek
[] Vanquish Trailer! New game by Mikami. GOTY!!!!!! media Ravenprose
[] GTA: Episodes From Liberty City coming to PS3 and PC! March 30th! news rragnaar
[] Game Freak Developing New Pokemon Game What a shock. Hits the DS this year in Japan. news darthhomer
[] PS Store Update Meh. news Dvader
[] MS posts record sales in second quarter Thanks to Windows 7 news Dvader
[] Spoiler heavy Heavy Rain video I will not watch it but I hear its incredible. media Dvader
[] Heavy Rain Home space. Gather evidence news Dvader
PS3 Michael Jackson Campaign Begins No zombie games in sight. aspro
[] Sony talk Heavy Rain gamble gamingeek
Level 3 - Episode 160 Dark Void, Army Of Two:40th Day & Irides media darthhomer
[] Endless Ocean 2 Nintendo Life review " it doesn't get better than Endless Ocean 2" impressions gamingeek
Endless Ocean 2: Web trailer 30 seconds of pure WIN media gamingeek
Cursed Mountain studio shutdown gamingeek
[] SEGA would make Shenmue 3 an exclusive In exhange for funding gamingeek
[] Icahn Boosts Ownership of Take2 Again "Yes Icahn?" news aspro
Konami Sues Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Uh-Oh! news aspro
Try Konami Code on Bonus content unlocked. news aspro
[] NO MORE HEROES 2 Video Review Classic Game Room HD impressions media Ravenprose
[] Sudden Attack Takes to the Sea Shark Tail now available for players. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Battlefield Bad Company 2 IGN hands-on news Iga_Bobovic
[] Xbox 360 2010 Preview impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] PlayStation 2010 Preview What's ahead for the PS3 and PSP this year? impressions Iga_Bobovic
Sakaguchi Confirms 'Last Story' Last Story... Final Fantasy... original. news aspro
[] Alien vs. Predator Multiplayer Hands-on impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Red Dead Redemption IGN Hands-on Random acts of evil and a whole lot of gun smoke. impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] New Modern Warfare 2 Patch Fixes XP Hack Now please fix the rest of the game news Iga_Bobovic
[] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PSP Review 7.0 impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Metal Gear Solid Piece Walker Hits Tomorrow! Read the headline closely, and please don't get too mad. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker delayed A month extra wait means Japanese players won't get as much of an advantage. news Iga_Bobovic
[] Dead or Alive Paradise Screens media Iga_Bobovic
[] America's Test Kitchen Comes to DS The Big N announces an all-new, exclusive partnership with ... PBS? news Iga_Bobovic
[] Nintendo DS 2010 Preview impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Editorial: Ready to Rush Again The Atari Games/Midway arcade racer is a timeless design that needs a ten year revival. editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 First Look Wands at the ready, first-year. impressions Iga_Bobovic
[] Editorial: Embracing a Legacy what a positive Wii article from IGN? MADNESS editorial Iga_Bobovic
[] Ray Muzyka from Bioware eurogamer interview editorial Foolz
[] Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo gameplay media Foolz
[] Uncharted 2 Killzone skins trailer media Foolz
[] Mass Effect spoilerific massive montage media Foolz
[] Socom co-op dev diary media Foolz
[] Heavy Rain gameplay engine trailer media Foolz
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 07:44:55

The DS has a lot of good JRPGs, so when a potentially great JRPG comes for the PSP, I think we all should be excited! Well, I know I am.

Anyone else excited for Lunar Silver Star Harmony? So far, it looks like a solid game. I hope it turns out good!

Here are some screens:

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony ScreenshotLunar: Silver Star Harmony Picture

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony Picture

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony PictureLunar: Silver Star Harmony Picture

I know not all of us has a PSP, but this looks pretty sweet! It's been awhile since I've got a good PSP game, so this is refreshing!


Now Playing: Golden Sun Dark Dawn, God of War Ghost of Sparta, and DKC Returns

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:23:48

^I have it for the PS and have never played it, but yeah, I am a big fan of RPGs on the PSP.  It is a great system for it, nice big screen, good button layout, no compromise on 3D graphics when needed.  I'll probably get it.

Country: AU
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:26:53

Dvader said:
From our best friend Pachter at gaf:



That's a pretty good summary actually.  

Obviously EA should have named Dead Space: Extraction, "Wii Dead Space Extraction Party".

Edited: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:27:15

Country: GB
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:42:39

Dvader said:

ASK_Story said:

Score: 8.9/10 (the -0.5 from a 9 is because I'm unfamiliar with half of the roster. If they were all characters I knew than it'd be a 9 for sure!)

I should start scoring games after playing for two hours. Nyaa

I just assumed that's what you always did.

ASK_Story said:
Darksiders, 360 screen tearing, getting patched tomorrow!

Hear that GG? Now you can get the game! Grinning

Oh yeah, you don't have a hard drive! Sad

I'm hoping my bro refuses to pay for his 3rd 360 to be repaired. Then I can scavenge his accessories and games. Gears 1 and 2 will go on ebay immediately. Nyaa

Iga_Bobovic said:
I send my Wii over to repairs. I checked the prices and in the worst case scenario I will have to pay 85 Euro's for a new Wii console. Which is still more efficient than buying a new one.

If it's the GPU maybe they will repair it for free like mine.

phantom_leo said:

Dvader said:

phantom_leo said:
Picked up No More Heroes 2 today too...

Wasn't a big fan of the first. I'm hoping for an Ass Creed 2 part deux...

...but we'll just have to wait and see!

Its out already, impressions impressions! Wait what are your thoughts on NMH1?  Forget that fighting game and play NMH 2.

Lotsa boob shots. Lots of flaccid/erect penis innuendos. You DO NOT travel around the open world AT ALL anymore. You are given a map and that map is really ONLY used to pick your next destination/job/assassination match TO which you are instantly transported.

I don't understand GG's excitement for this game. To me, I think he will ab-so-lute-ly H-A-T-E it! I haven't read ANY impressions AT ALL... Does GG realize that ALL the jobs you do to earn spending money are played out as 8-bit games?

I've read all the previews and I know I will like it. You dont have to scrounge cash to make the ranked battles, they've cut the fat including the crappy driving from the first game.  

Dvader said:

phantom_leo said:

I already made up my mind to rent it, this just reassures me.


You're taking advice from the man who hyped Deadly Creatures?

aspro said:

Dvader said:
From our best friend Pachter at gaf:


That's a pretty good summary actually.  

Obviously EA should have named Dead Space: Extraction, "Wii Dead Space Extraction Party".

Wii Dead Space Extraction Penis Party.

Maybe sales for hardcore games are lower because penises like Vader buy every blockbuster HD game out there and then rents fucking wii games Nyaa

*you know I'm joking D*

Didn't both on-rails game release at the end of the year? Weren't they both heavily derided upon announcement?

Edited: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:45:07

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:59:57

Dvader said:

Yodariquo said:
Dvader said:
That Nintendo is gone article is a giant piece of shit.

Even just skimming it, two things are blatantly wrong

1 - "Gone is the company that shaped the industry as we currently know it. Gone is the company that pioneered ideas that have become integral to the way we play games."

^ Nobody is doing that more than Nintendo is right now, and sure as hell they're doing a lot more now than they have since the NES

2 - "The impostor Nintendo of today is hardly concerned with providing the next epic Mario or Zelda masterpiece"

^ WTF do you call Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess?  Because those are masterpieces in my eyes.


Its true though that Nintendo doesn't have the hardcore as their priority anymore. They still make the games they are expected to make, and that's about it.

Gone are the days when they went out of their way to sign up companies like Rare and Retro who could match Nintendo's games with new IP's as well as growing their hardcore appeal, too.

Not to mention putting some kind of effort into having modern hardware to work with.


Country: GB
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:12:34

Edge, Nintendo makes the same games they always do. The ones they are expected to make yes. That's what they've always done, so yeah not much has changed, except that they've become more prolific.

On GC we got one zelda, one mario, one metroid, one Fire Emblem, one Paper Mario.

On Wii we are going to have two zeldas, two marios, one metroid, one fire emblem, one Paper Mario.

Seriously, as a first party they haven't changed at all. It's because they have a weaker system there is no 3rd party output because publishers always want to take one product and milk it for all its worth, and they can't do that on wii. That's not a slight on publishers, I would be thinking the same.

They still own Retro who are working on their next game, they signed up Team Ninja to make a Metroid game, they bought Monolithsoft to make Monado and Disaster Day of Crisis, they forged a relationship with Tecmo to make Fatal Frame 4 and worked with CING to get Hotel Dusk and Another Code, Arika to make Endless Ocean.

It was because of their relationship and communication and providing of tools that Ubisoft are making Red Steel 1 and 2.

Their relationships in the cube era failed, F-Zero GX, Metal Gear Twin Snakes, Starfox Assault, all fell below expectations, so they stopped it.

Edited: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:13:57

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:22:30

Hey fuckers, No More Heroes 2 got 5/5 stars at Gamespy

"Grasshopper Manufacture has written a brilliantly twisted love letter to the videogame medium, scrawled in blood and pixels."

Country: UN
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:24:48

gamingeek said:
Iga_Bobovic said:
I send my Wii over to repairs. I checked the prices and in the worst case scenario I will have to pay 85 Euro's for a new Wii console. Which is still more efficient than buying a new one.

If it's the GPU maybe they will repair it for free like mine.

His disk drive failed.

The VG Press

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:36:44

Updating now with a shedload of No More Heroes 2 reviews Happy

Reasons to be interested in Trauma Team?


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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:40:30

Ravenprose said:

gamingeek said:
Iga_Bobovic said:
I send my Wii over to repairs. I checked the prices and in the worst case scenario I will have to pay 85 Euro's for a new Wii console. Which is still more efficient than buying a new one.

If it's the GPU maybe they will repair it for free like mine.

His disk drive failed.


Still updating.

Last Flight ScreenshotLast Flight Screenshot

Last Flight Screenshot

Last Flight Screenshot

Last Flight ScreenshotLast Flight Screenshot

Last Flight ScreenshotLast Flight Screenshot

Country: GB
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:47:21

Still updating, No More Heroes 2 is a must buy.

NMH2_Wii_Screenshot_SampleAmbiance2 by gonintendo_flickr.NMH2_Wii_Screenshot_BossFightHS2 by gonintendo_flickr.

Did everyone miss this?


- named 'Death Disease Contamination Dead Rising'
- Keiji Inafune's debut as a director
- live-action
- takes place in a specific area of Japan, which has been quarantined
- Shin and Jouji are trying to escape the town
- Inafun and Ikehara have worked on the script
- produced by Capcom and Digital Frontier
- will be released on the web and 'other locations' in 2010

Direct link here

Official site here
Edited: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:53:07

Country: GB
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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:49:33

Also, Europe collectors edition


- 20-page booklet, filled with artwork
- an iron bullet with the Red Steel 2 logo
- 4 brand new weapons to unlock (2 guns and 2 blades)

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:00:23

Jap mag scores


God Eater (PSP, Bandai Namco): 9 / 9 / 8 / 8 - (34/40)
Moe Moe 2-Ji Daisenryaku 2 (PS2, System Soft): 6 / 6 / 6 / 5 - (23/40)
Pop 'n Music Portable (PSP, Konami): 7 / 8 / 8 / 8 - (31/40)
Moe Moe 2-Ji Daisenryaku 2 (PSP, System Stoft): 6 / 6 / 6 / 6 - (24/40)
Misshitsu no Sacrifice (PSP, D3): 5 / 6 / 5 / 5 - (21/40)
Kunio-Kun no Chou Nekketsu! Daiundoukai (NDS, Arc System Works): 5 / 6 / 6 / 6 - (23/40)

Dengeki PS

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International (PS3, Square Enix): 80 / 80 / 90 / 70
Ar tonelico III: Sekai Shuuen no Hikigane wa Shoujo no Uta ga Hiku (PS3, Bandai Namco): 75 / 80 / 80 / 60
Valkyria Chronicles 2 (PSP, Sega): 95 / 90 / 90 / 90

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:11:07

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata was offered the chance to sign up the device that became Project Natal - but turned it down as he didn't believe he could launch it at a mass-market price.

That's according to a top insider (and we mean top insider) at the platform holder's Japan HQ, who told us that Israel firm 3DV Systems showed an early demo of the technology to Iwata and other Nintendo bigwigs at the end of 2007.

Despite being impressed with the prototype, Iwata was reportedly unsold on it as a peripheral for Wii - leaving the door open for Microsoft to snap up the
tech and its creator a year later.

"Iwata-san only ever invests in something he can guarantee will work for a Nintendo audience," the exec told us.

"3DV showed off a camera that detected motion in 3D, and had voice recognition - but Iwata-San was unconvinced he could sell it at a Nintendo price point. He also had some worries around latency during gameplay."

The new information appears to confirm 3DV's involvement in the creation of Natal, which Microsoft has never certified.

first showed off Natal at E3 2009. - with Peter Molyneux in particular stunning the audience with boy-sim Milo.

"Honestly - I've heard Iwata describe the prototype he saw at length, and it's definitely Natal," added CVG's source.

"What we witnessed at E3 was smaller and the facial [reading] stuff had improved, but it's the same technology. We remain unconvinced Natal will deliver on the more sophisticated elements of what Microsoft is promising at the price they're aiming for."

Microsoft will no doubt internally disagree with the claims. MS has dubbed Natal
a'new console' in itself. The hardware is set to launch late this year, with an expected price point of around £50.

Iwata's alleged belief that the device would be too expensive
fits with recent reports that Microsoft removed a chip from Natal to save on R&D costs, whilst some prominent development figures have also questioned whether Natal will have potential latency issues.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has previously admitted: "This type of motion-sensing camera technology has been around for quite a while. [We've] ultimately made the decision not to take advantage of what they can do."

Unsurprisingly, both Nintendo UK and Microsoft would not offer us a comment on the "speculation". (Trust us, it ain't).

What do you reckon, readers - was Iwata right to say "no" to Natal? Or will he look back on the one that got away?

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:20:29
Hells yes, he should have said no. Natal sucks! W00t, Iwata!

The VG Press

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:33:28

Saw this on Criterion's Twitter: 

"NFS will be shown for the first time today at internal Electronic Arts meeting! Let's put the pedal to the metal and hit it....!"

In case you're still unconvinced, there it is.

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 13:03:39

darthhomer said:

Saw this on Criterion's Twitter:

"NFS will be shown for the first time today at internal Electronic Arts meeting! Let's put the pedal to the metal and hit it....!"

In case you're still unconvinced, there it is.

Kinda sucks.

Criterion makes Burnout which is better than NFS. EA buy them and make them work on NFS.

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 13:14:06



Endless Ocean 2 review "The sequel retains it's realistic credentials, but expands things to include a adventure experience, multiple locations and more varied interactions." EditDelete

Endless Ocean 2 is serenity perfected. But unlike the meandering first game, this Nintendo Wii sequel is a often tense and directed experience.

I have a soft spot for Endless Ocean. It's one of the few games that my other half really got into. I even came home from work one day to find her furtively playing it, much to the kid's delight. But more than that, it's a game like Flower on the PS3, that walks its own path.

Endless Ocean 2 takes the serene underwater elements of the first game, and punctuates them with action, surprise and puzzles. Within the first hour I had literally jumped at the encounter with a Tiger Shark, been awe struck by an underwater city and solves some platform game 'locked-door' type puzzles.

The main story, if you pursue it with intent, soon becomes a well paced experience. In the first Endless Ocean you had to really push at the game to discover what was going on. A clue here, a hint there and eventually you were allowed to piece things together. The sequel though is almost the reverse.

There you go, stuff to do, action, tension. But for fans of EO1, still relaxation to be had.

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Wed, 27 Jan 2010 13:33:14

Silent hill dev

ONM: Are Capcom and Sega within their rights to complain about the sales of mature games on Wii?

Sam Barlow: Without badmouthing people, a lot of the games they've been complaining about are rail shooters and a rail shooter wouldn't have sold no matter what platform you put it on because it's a rail shooter and that's a niche genre that had its heyday back in the Dreamcast era.

Ultimately the way we looked at it was that there's a huge audience who own Wiis, we own Wiis and we know that amongst that audience there is a sub-sect who love dark stories, thrillers, mysteries and horror movies and so the development was all about removing the obstacles to those people enjoying this game. If they really enjoy a good horror story, they should enjoy this so we've tried to create a product that has broad appeal but does something really good and unique.

ONM: So would you say it's up to developers to make better games and stop moaning?

Sam Barlow: To be honest making a game that sells on any platform is hard and there are countless examples of great games on huge budgets that haven't sold and games that have been runaway hits that no one saw coming and I think making a sweeping statement about the Wii is maybe a bit of a cop out.

ONM: Are you thinking about sales when you're making a game?

Sam Barlow: We're thinking 'is there a market for it?' To make any game that costs a million pounds to make, if you make it knowing that it's only going to appeal to a certain amount of hardcore strategy/RPG fans in Denmark, you're basically stealing money. You're saying give us all these millions of pounds and we'll give you nothing.

So at the start when you've got your initial idea and direction you've got to be thinking 'this is something that people will want to play' and often as a developer that's because you know you want to play it and the reason you want to play it is shared by lots of other people. After that you just have to remain true to the tradition and hope that people respond well to it.

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Hate to see that Marvelous Interactive is struggling these days.  Hardly surprising, but still disappointing all the same.  I'm not sure how they're doing in Japan, which is obviously the market they focus in, but I know none of their series have seen much success in this country since the original Rune Factory on the DS.  

I do hope this doesn't signal the end of the Harvest Moon franchise, though if it does I can't say after the last 2 installments that I'm too disappointed.  Technically those games have been near disasters, and the changes they've made to the series just aren't working to make them compelling to play.  

I think they may just need to go back to simpler gameplay.  That's always what made the HM games so successful and that series is their bread and butter.  More varied and complex mechanics worked for Rune Factory, but they really need to get away from it in HM.

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