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[] Jaffe blown away by God of War 3 Iga_Bobovic
[] Fable II to get downloadable content Iga_Bobovic
[] Shaun White Snowboarding (Wii) Eurogamer Review 7/10 Iga_Bobovic
[] Age of Empires: Mythologies - more screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Microsoft - The Wii doesn’t even have online Really? Iga_Bobovic
[] de Blob wins big down under Iga_Bobovic
New FFCC: Echoes of Time Screens Iga_Bobovic
[] The Last Remnant gametrailers review Iga_Bobovic
[] What would Aonuma change in OOT? The iron boots, me and Aonuma see eye to eye! Iga_Bobovic
Nintendo Power news Up, up in the butt Iga_Bobovic
[] Final Fantasy XIII: more pics of Snow Iga_Bobovic
[] Nintendo Dominates in Australia "Wii and DS AU sales figures will blow your mind" Ravenprose
[] Sonic Chronicles 2 nearly confirmed Ravenprose
[] ECA boss talks used game sales They are not bad for the industry Ravenprose
[] Bonus Round: Nintendo Online Services Michael Pachter rules! Ravenprose
[] PlayStation 3: Two Years Later Iga_Bobovic
Harvest Moon: Welcome to the Wind Bazaar more screens, art Iga_Bobovic
RIZ-ZOAWD - more art Iga_Bobovic
[] Game pirate takes cash, buys boob job for wife Iga_Bobovic
[] Monolith Soft has ideas for Disaster 2 is ready to make a new Baten Kaitos Iga_Bobovic
[] Sony - The Wii is great…but the EyeToy is better Okay... Iga_Bobovic
[] Prince of Persia Trailer Ravenprose
[] IGN Last Remnant Video Review Ravenprose
[] IGN The Last Remnant Review 5.3 Ravenprose
[] Wanted: Weapons of Fate Trailer Ravenprose
[] Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer Ravenprose
[] IGN Pit Crew Panic Screenshots Ravenprose
[] New Mushroom Men Video Ravenprose
[] Has Nintendo Lost the Hardcore Gamer? IGN Editorial Ravenprose
[] Prince of Persia IGN Review Wow a 9.3! Wait a second it is reviewed by Hilary "Oscar Worthy" Goldstein Iga_Bobovic
[] TrackMania DS Eurogamer Review 8/10 Nice Iga_Bobovic
[] Banjo-Kazooie Eurogamer Review 5/10! Ouch Iga_Bobovic
[] Sonic and the Black Knight - preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Marble Saga: Kororinpa - preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Aonuma won’t quit Zelda until he betters OOT Newsflash: Majora and Twilight > Ocarina Iga_Bobovic
[] Suikoden Tierkreis - more screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Wii breaks 7 million in Japan Iga_Bobovic
[] ELSPA Sales Awards UK (November 08) Iga_Bobovic
[] Angry Video Game Nerd: CD-i Part II Zelda CD-i, Vader in crying Iga_Bobovic
[] Valkyria Chronicles GT Review Iga_Bobovic
[] Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom new video Iga_Bobovic
[] Afrika new Japanese TV commercial Iga_Bobovic
[] Tenchu 4 announced for the PSP Iga_Bobovic
[] Shantotto in Dissidia : Final Fantasy Who? Iga_Bobovic
[] Summon Night X : Tears Crown scans Iga_Bobovic
[] Dragon Quest IX new female characters Iga_Bobovic
[] The Godfather II: new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Fallout 3 DLC Revealed Editing tools and new content in '09. Iga_Bobovic
[] Gamers Not Addicts Clinic says problem mainly social, not psychological. Iga_Bobovic
[] Grand Theft Auto IV's PC Multiplayer Modes Same modes, but now with support for up to 32 players. Iga_Bobovic
[] Halo 3: Recon Name Changed Now with more acronyms. Iga_Bobovic
[] Hacked on Xbox 360: A Victim's Tale Plus, seven tips on how to avoid the same fate. Iga_Bobovic
[] Fixing Square's RPG Machine Just buy a DS Iga_Bobovic
[] The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Video Good to Be Bad Trailer Iga_Bobovic
[] PowerUp Forever Video Infinite Trailer Iga_Bobovic
[] No PS3 Price Cut Sony responds to rumours. Iga_Bobovic
[] PlayStation 3: The Year Ahead A Sony suit answers IGNs questions about the PS3, Home, and the future of the PSP. Iga_Bobovic
[] LocoRoco 2 IGN AU Review Happy happy joy joy: the game. How can you resist? 8.8 Iga_Bobovic
[] Devil Survivor Screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Harvest Moon Screens Iga_Bobovic
[] New DS Bundles for Black Friday Does your blood run Mario Red? Iga_Bobovic
[] Boingz IGN Review Play with a dildo Iga_Bobovic
[] Carnival Games Mini Golf IGN Review The lowest score wins, right? 3.5 Iga_Bobovic
[] Shaun White  (Target Edition) IGN Review A great example of how to handle the Wii version of a multi-platform game. Iga_Bobovic
[] The Top 10 Games That Might Make You Whack .. ...your Friends in the Nuts Iga_Bobovic
F.E.A.R 2 Banned in Australia ANOTHER ONE!? darthhomer
[] Personal Trainer: Cooking Review Better than Left 4 Dead! Foolz
[] New Zelda Movie fan trailer gamingeek
[] Sonic Unleashed (Wii) GT Review Iga_Bobovic
[] Left 4 Dead GT Review Iga_Bobovic
[] Bayonetta: new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Fragile new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] WoW: The Wrath of the Lich King IGN Review Bringing the battle back to Azeroth in Blizzard's second expansion. 9.0 Iga_Bobovic
[] The Godfather II Video Families Trailer Iga_Bobovic
[] 50 Cent Talks Blood on the Sand Iga_Bobovic
[] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 IGN Review 7.2 Iga_Bobovic
[] Street Fighter IV screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Dead Space DLC Impressions What's good and what's not. Iga_Bobovic
[] Prince of Persia IGN UK Review Much better than the Hilary Review Iga_Bobovic
[] PlayStation 3: Home-ward Bound Iga_Bobovic
[] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Guide Be master of glyphs and bosses with our in-depth walkthrough. Iga_Bobovic
[] Top 10 Videogame Turkeys Let us celebrate magnificent videogame flops. Iga_Bobovic
[] Adult video game maker calls out industry "Why have ESRB ratings when no one will allow ‘Adult’ rated games?" Ravenprose
[] Gamespy Castlevania Judgement review 1.5 stars out of 5 Ravenprose
[] Top 15 Most Bizarre DS Games Ravenprose
[] Ys Being Re-translated for DS Ravenprose
[] IGN Reboot: Luigi's Mansion For Wii, DS "Why Nintendo should give Mario's cowardly brother another mansion to explore" Ravenprose
[] NGamer - review scores Sky Crawlers 88% nice Iga_Bobovic
[] Marvelous Entertainment - midterm results/forecast See the expected sales of LKS, Rune factory, etc. Iga_Bobovic
Monster Games producing new game for Nintendo Top Secret - EXITEEE? Iga_Bobovic
[] Yakuza 3: new video gamingeek
[] Asian Aquanaughts Holiday has English option! Import it now, or face GG fury gamingeek
Hope for HDTV upscaling? Toshiba has new tech for SD signals gamingeek
[] Capcom shares hit five year high Chop till you drop responsible? LOL gamingeek
[] Rare talk avatars So they planned for minigames? gamingeek
[] PSP2 Processor being worked on? Will it allow you to jack into the matrix? gamingeek
[] 360 sales double in Japan Last Remenant still leaves console lagging gamingeek
[] Gaming graveyard Where canned games go to die gamingeek
[] Dreamcast 10th birthday gamingeek
[] Resistance 2 review Suprisingly, unsuprising gamingeek
[] Stormrise screens SEGA total war devs gamingeek
[] Ninja Blade videos gamingeek
[] Uh oh, bad news for FFXIII. Delays? 360 version hasn't been worked on gamingeek
[] PSP vs DS The Gamasutra sales showdown gamingeek
[] Ubisoft profits slip Endwar bad, Shawn White Wii good gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing selling big in Japan gamingeek
FF XIII Interview Will make Edge happy? gamingeek
[] Star Ocean the Last Hope screens gamingeek
[] Suikoden Tierkreis screens Konami DS game gamingeek
[] RE5 screens gamingeek
[] Japanese hardware sales - Nov. 17th to 24th DSi > DS Lite in sales Ravenprose
[] The internet has Shenmue fever Fans plan to mass email Sega requesting a sequel Ravenprose
[] Capcom: WiiWare file sizes too small for Bionic Commando Rearmed/SF2 HD Remix, still hope for SFIV Ravenprose
[] Why adding 3D graphics to games was a bad idea Opinion Ravenprose
[] Sonic Unleashed Eurogamer Review Wii version 6/10 Iga_Bobovic
[] Sonic Unleashed Eurogamer Review The HD version 4/10 Iga_Bobovic
[] FRAGILE G-station TV programme special Please come to Europe Iga_Bobovic
[] 428-preorders jump after perfect Famitsu score Reviews do matter Iga_Bobovic
[] Broken Sword DS announcement soon So says point and click legend Charles Cecil. Iga_Bobovic
[] The Trader's Dilemma Iga_Bobovic
[] Reading Aloud Play Wii - screens series of WiiWare picture books Iga_Bobovic
[] Mikami - Resident Evil 5 will "just cause me stres "I won't like it, because it's not going to be the game I would have made," Iga_Bobovic
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Sun, 30 Nov 2008 19:48:52
I updated the Soul bubbles thread. If you have a DS you need to check this out. The demo is on the Euro Nintendo channel right now.  Look what GAF has to say about the game:


finally, i'm holding soul bubbles, the full game, in my hands, in my ds, and..


that could be the single most ingenious, high-quality game on a handheld i've seen in my life, and i just finished the first couple of non-tutorial levels in it.

the sound, the vision, the feel of this game are just so right. not to mention the serious technology so unobtrusivley making the game tick.

big thanks to the powers at play, and all the kind gaffers who drew attention to this masterpiece. you guys rock.


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Sun, 30 Nov 2008 22:44:47


My comic is on the frontpage! Awesome

The VG Press
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Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:17:24
Archangel3371 said:

Dvader said:

Punk Rebel Ecks said:

What show were you guys obsessed with when you were young? To me that show was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" when I was 7-9 this was THE show to me. I recently discovered the episodes on Youtube and have been watching them again and wow is this show epic. It's JUST as good as I remembered it.

TMNT for me as well.

I'll third that as well TMNT all the way.

Really? I always thought you were really old because you state that you've been gaming since gaming has existed.

gamingeek said:
Punk Rebel Ecks said:
gamingeek said:
Punk Rebel Ecks said:

What show were you guys obsessed with when you were young? To me that show was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" when I was 7-9 this was THE show to me. I recently discovered the episodes on Youtube and have been watching them again and wow is this show epic. It's JUST as good as I remembered it.

Are you watching the original 1984 series or the 90s series? I have the original volume 1&2 on Dvd. Just did a blog on the movies.

The original tv series is from 1987, the comics were from '84. But yeah the original series. There's also the new 2k series too.

At the end of the credits it says 1984, but I wasn't sure because one of the writers also did Defenders of the Earth which has a 1985 credit listing on. I love the voice actor for Shredder, he's hilarious. Splinter is actually voiced by Mandrake the Magician in Defenders of the Earth. Volume 1 is a bit crappy but Vol 2, the second series is fun. I like how the turtle blimp defies all logic. They are suppossed to be hidden ninjas and yet they ride about in a branded turtle blimp that detaches so they can fly. And the turtle van LOL A shell for a roof, a turtle logo, green all over and they still go out wearing trenchcoat disguises. Happy

This is the best episode so far:

The case of the killer pizzas

No it said 1984 from the studio that did the comics and 1987 from when the cartoon was published.

Edited: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:20:54

One of the site's forefathers.

Play fighting games!

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