It's nice that you love PS2. And you will surely love this XCM Mega Cool VGA box too.

I can only say that PS2 is playing like never before. I had never imagined that I would be able to play all my PS2 games with such richness in color and enhanced picture quality.
The colors are truly beautiful through this amazingly Mega Cool VGA box. It is worth every penny I must tell you.

There is no lag whatsoever. You won't see any pixels like you see on SDTV. The picture is perfectly clear and the most important thing is the TEXT appears so clear that I jumped off my chair once the display appeared on my monitor for the first time. Every single character is crisp and clear, which was not the case on SDTV.

In the beginning before placing an order I was afraid about the quality and reliability of this product and the internet didn't help with any good reviews for this. But then I researched a lot, asked the experts and finally made a decision to go for it. And I don't regret a bit.

I was afraid because no one had reviewed this Mega cool thing for a ps2. There are lots of reviews for PS3, XBOX 360, Wii with videos. And they all look fabulous with this box no doubt. But the question was about PS2. Many said that I would be able to play only the games with Progressive Scan option with this box, which really scared me coz I was investing so much into this. That's almost the cost of the PS2. But I am very very happy to be lucky to find the best product.

I will surely create a video and put some images, once I get my cousin's 5 MP camera!

But if anyone out there has a ps2 and wants to play all those titles in full glory, this is the cheapest solution with the best results for sure.(Unless off course you have all the money to get an HDTV)