Google Reader is very convenient, as I can follow a lot of content from a single place.  But what is it that I'm reading?  Time to find out!

RSS The Atheist Experience
The Atheist Experience blog is run by the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) which does a local TV show called The Atheist Experience which has gained popularity thanks to the wonders of the Internet and Google Video.  It has additional information to go along with the show, and just general atheist-related blogging.

RSS Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights
A blog that keeps track of Jim Prentice and the Conservative Party's repeated attempts to undermine privacy and consumer rights with regard to digital media.

RSS Coding Horror
A popular programming blog by Jeff Atwood.  A covers a wide-range of programming topics, including book recommendations, available frameworks and general coding philosophy.

RSS Dwindling in Unbelief
The official blog of the Skeptics Annotated Bible.  Delves into various oddities apparent in the Bible, Qur'an and book of Mormon.

RSS Le roi de ROI
A friend's blog that follows his progress in the Forex stock market, including predictions and results.

RSS Pedestrian X
Another friend's blog about general life occurances.

RSS Pharyngula
Extremely popular science blog by PZ Myers.  It covers his work in embryology as well as his run-ins with creationist stupidity.  Fun all around.  It is updated a remarkable amount.

RSS Six Revisions
An incredible programmer's aid, Six Revisions brings great lists of useful tools and techniques for web-design.

RSS Cectic
A web-comic that draws on human hypocrisy and Yahoo Answers.

RSS Garfield Minus Garfield
Garfield comic strips with Garfield removed.  Somehow, it's actually better -- and I like Garfield.

RSS GraphJam
Satirical graphs about pop-culture and life.

Captioned images about religion.

RSS Lolcats
If I need to explain this, you haven't been on the Internet enough.

Infamous stick-figure comic with technology and mathematical references a-plenty.

RSS CBC | Canadian News
Canadian Broadcasting Corporations news feed for Canada.

RSS CBC | Top Stories
Just as self-explanatory as the last one.

RSS Insert Coin - Gamingeek Weekly
The ultimate gaming news aggregation!

RSS Slashdot
Tech news and discussion.  This updates several times a day.

RSS My Youtube Subscriptions
This wasn't easy to get, but thanks to Yahoo Pipes, I was able to get an RSS feed of updates for my subscriptions.

RSS 1UP Yours
The long-running 1UP podcast hosted by Garnett Lee and commonly featuring Shane Bettenhausen, John Davidson and Mark MacDonald, among others.  It is often rather lengthy clocking in around 2 hours, but I've seen it clear 3 before.

RSS The Atheist Experience
The Google Video feed for the The Atheist Experience show.  It's a 90-minute public access call-in show hosted by Matt Dillahunty and featuring a different guest each week, for the past year rotating between Russell Glasser, Tracie Harris, Don Baker and Martin Wagner.  Russell FTW!

RSS Atheists Talk
An hour-long Minnisota radioshow, I'm only a recent listener and am undecided on it.  The discussion they had two shows ago with Jeff Shell and Lee Michaels (hosts of a Christian radio show) was both cringe-worthy and more anger inducing than I should be subjecting myself to at night.

RSS The Bugle
Hilarious, quirky and just plain awesome, The Bugle is a news podcast from Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver.  It clocks in at an unfortunately short 30 minutes.  More laughter than I should be subjecting myself to at night.

Cheapy D and Wombat bring you the award-winning CAGcast.  A casual and enjoyable discussion often ensues between Cheapy and Wombat, but this sits at the back my podcast pack.

RSS CAG Foreplay
An excellent look at the upcoming releases for the week, CAG Foreplay hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Shipwreck is indescribably enjoyable.  The uncanny chemistry seems to make all the difference.

RSS The Non-Prophets
This bi-weekly podcast is another from the ACA, hosted by Denis Loubet and featuring Matt Dillahunty, Russell Glasser and Schilling.  Between this, The Bugle and CAG Foreplay, it's hard to choose a favourite.  I lean toward the Non-Prophets because usually being around 90 minutes, I get the most of it.  Then again, it's only every two weeks :(

RSS Security Now!
I'm a new subscriber to this one, but it's a nice look into recent news on computer security, lately focusing on the much publicised DNS exploit.

RSS The Wiire
Out of all the podcasts I listen to, I've listened continually to The Wiire the longest.  A great format and a great cast continually make it an enjoyable listen.  Focused primarily on Nintendo, it still covers all topics.  Plus, two Canadians, one a programmer are on it; can't beat that :P

Posted by Ellyoda Sun, 17 Aug 2008 08:09:31 (comments: 4)
Sun, 17 Aug 2008 11:23:59
Have you seen Jesus Fucking Christ?
Sun, 17 Aug 2008 23:40:24
No, and I'm afraid to ask LOL
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 07:25:45
What's the policy on posting hardcore (but hilarious) porn pics here?
Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:27:48
Let's just not go there
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