I just don't understand cheaters. Why do they
even play? What's the point? Do they think it's cute or do they think
that they're cool or what?

For example, there's a new Modern
Warfare 2 unlimited grenade launcher mod or glitch that recently is
happening. I ran into a couple of douche-bags today spamming this
thing. Actually, there were two of them, one on the other team and the
other on the team I was on. Basically, the mod or glitch let's them
shoot grenade launchers like a machine gun with unlimited ammos. It's
so freakin' annoying! And this was over XBOX Live, probably through a
hacked 360!

And don't get me started with that old javelin glitch!

Where did this come from? Doesn't Inifinity Ward know about this?

my point is why the hell do these idiots even play? What's the point of
it? It takes away the whole point of fair competitive online gaming.

bet a lot of these punks are kids and a few moronic older punks who
thinks this is fun or noobs who wants to rack up points by cheating.
Whatever, it's probably because they suck at the game!

Sorry for the rant but things like this tick me off! Games should be fun but things like this ruin it!

Posted by ASK_Story Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:15:45 (comments: 8)
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:24:33
As I added on the site that shall not be named, once it's started, it becomes a defensive mechanism.  Other people are doing it, so I will too or it's not fair.

Though inevitably, there is to at least a minimal degree the obvious and fundamental problem.  I take it you've heard voice chat on the 360 -- I think the correlation is self-evident.

I do think the prior example is more of an issue than most would think though.  Online, I've played literally thousands of games of chess, and it gets to you eventually, the idea of cheaters, even if it is relatively rare.

In Clubhouse games, I went over 1,000 games without a loss to my record, and winning became what it was all about.  Since I played online and by myself, I had significant experience with chess engines and was able to perceive their style of play so to speak.  So in one such game, I was winning handily, then my opponent made a move that was out of place.  The guy I was playing really shouldn't have thought of that move, but the game was almost over anyway.

The next game, I was ready, and it was glaringly obvious that he was using a chess engine.  I quickly drew the game as black, then admittedly, I used an engine in response the next.  Whether I think that was right or wrong, I don't know, but I didn't lose, and I don't feel particularly bad about it.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:26:21
They're fun is in ruining your fun.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:37:46
I never thought I'd see this on XBOX Live. On the PC, yes, but I would think MS would have some sort of mechanism that can detect hackers.

Hope my security is safe.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 03:17:34
Halo 2 could be unplayable because of laggers or hackers or whatever you want to call them later on.

Going around looking for glitches in a elvel can be fun, though, but it doesn't really affect how other people play.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:45:26
I dont understand the point. Maybe if they are bored and just want to cause shit.
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 16:03:35
OMG H4X!!1

Thu, 17 Dec 2009 07:16:32
Why do kids throw rocks at cars from freeway overpasses?  Why do people who can afford shit shoplift?  I don't get it.
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:34:28
It's a shame it's also common on consoles. I used to play CS since it started all those years ago. Luckily all you have to do is either report the player to an admin or perma ban him if you're the admin yourself. If all else fails you can just jump to another server. Either way I agree they totally fuck things up for everyone.

CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER (sorry i had to say it)
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