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Defenders of the Earth

I got this for around $12, it's the first half of the complete series. It comes on 5 discs, double sided with 33 episodes. Firstly, the picture quality isn't great, this cartoon was made and aired in 1985 so you can't expect a crystal clear picture. The story begins on Mongol where Flash Gordon's wife and son Rick are held prisoner by Ming the Merciless. Mongols resources are running out so he wants to invade the earth. Flash, chased by Ming's ice robots, crashes on earth outside Mandrake's mansion. Mandrake is like a middle aged English magician with a man servant -Lothar- and a young adopted asian boy. *cough*

They both join up with Flash and later recruit the Ghost who Walks: The Phantom to the team of....... THE DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH!

This is one of those toons so bad it's good and totally 80s kick ass experiences. I have laughed so hard. For a start they are all single dads, the Defenders that is and bring along three sons and one daughter who all live with them and are like junior defenders. The junior defenders are all like in their late teens and wear 80s style tight jeans and bomber jackets

There was this part of an episode where the Phantom's daughter (who is followed around by a Black Panther) uses her phychic ability to tell the panther to follow a van. So this panther jumps off a bridge, 80s style on top of a truck and follows it.

Then in the next episode, Ming's Ice robots are attacking in jets and Flash goes off to fight them, so this kid, Mandrake's adopted asian son, goes onto the mountain with the typical Snarf-like fluffy 80s cartoon mascot. And he throws a rock and somehow manages to hit the glass of the cockpit of a supersonic jet and destroy it. At which point Flash Gorden, flying by gives him the thumbs up :lol:

Just buy it.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

I got this one disc set for $6 which is less than the price of a sandwich over here. It has the entire first series which is 5 episodes long. Unlike Batman the Animated series, this is no classic. It's definetely not something that holds up today and to be honest it's pretty crap in places. You would buy this for the memories and because you can get it for less than the price of a sandwich. It is though, hugely enjoyable. The story goes that the real knights of camelot are frozen in a cave so merlin goes into the future and abducts an american football team and takes them back in time to replace them. It's one of those shows that is so obviously geared towards young sword wielding wanabes that it's just hilarious in places. So bad it's good. For instance, I just watched this episode where they go to the top of this tower to fight a dragon, the dragon turns out to be an illusion and it was a trap and soldiers are making their way to the top of the tower to kill them.

So, basically the knights have magic armour that has emblems for instance arthur touches the sword on his chest and a sword appears. So they are stuck at the top of this tower and about to be killed so arthur shouts to his buddy "build me a glider!" and so his buddy knight for some reason, instead of having a weapon crest, has a hammer and chisel on his chest and touches it and the tools appear. Arthur then shouts "You have about 30 seconds before we're dead!" so this buddy builds a ramshackle glider out of some rotting wood. Arthur then whips off his cape, attaches it to the frame and 5 heavily armoured knights, with weapons, somehow manage to all fly off the tower on their glider. As they sail away the bad guys now on top of the tower shout "What manner of magic is this?!"

Then to top that off, their horses run beneath them and line up perfectly at the same speed and each knight then drops from about 50 feet in the air onto the horses back and they ride off. But what makes it worse is that later on they are attacked. Now like the weapon crests they have animal crests on their shields. So this one knight brings out his eagle crest and they fly off and escape the attackers. So... this is the same episode and they could have just used the eagle, but instead build a 30 glider. This show is awesome.

UPDATE: I just watched an episode where 6 year old kids wearing saucepans for helmets wreck the warlords with sticks and catapults. This show is double awesome.

Batman the Animated series: Volume 1

This is one show that has held up extremely well. The dvd comes in a glossy, lavish packing with a great documentary on the making of this emmy award winning series. 28 episodes over 4 discs for a bargain price. The art is amazing in todays context. It almost seems like TV animation has degraded from this high point. The city itself becomes a character, everything is drawn in an art deco style. The characters taking inspiration from old superman comics. This is almost like the foreshadow for the new Batman films. It has thrilling chases, adult humour, dark moments and that essential batman feel. This comes highly reccomended.

The Adventures of Tintin

Is a 10 disc boxset, celebrating 75 years of Herge. So far I have watched Tintin in America which was pretty lame to be honest. But Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharoahs reminds me of why I used to love this series. An suspenseful feeling, almost like hitchcock at times, with comic flourishes, the stories still hold up well. These cartoons are quite old so the transfer quality isn't amazing but it still looks good if you can overcome that.

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Posted by gamingeek Sun, 07 Sep 2008 12:07:01 (comments: 53)
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Sun, 07 Sep 2008 12:27:13
Any more good ones or requests and I'll add them. Gummi Bears! I'd forgotten about that one.
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:16:53
that's a great collection, sure brings back memories
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:19:43
I'm adding more, keep an eye on the top of the list, more keep on coming!
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:22:55
The memories....the MEMORIES....
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:24:13
Anyone remember COPS?

It seems familiar but I cant say for certain if I was a regular viewer.

From the list, you have to check out Defenders of the Earth, Muppet Babies live action, Gummi Bears and Fraggle Rock.

Ah so many classics. Can't believe I used to watch them all, maybe not care bears but I do remember the movie at the end when they all shot beams out of their chests.
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:43:31
WTF is Jem BTW?
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 14:56:01
You spelt Darkwing Duck wrong!

Man that show was so awesome. *cries*
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 15:11:38
Yeah I know. But I've added like 6 batches of updates to this blog and couldn't be bothered going back to fix it. I was searching on amazon and, most of these shows are on DVD.

The second series of thundercats is hideously expensive though.
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 18:11:41
Bah you forgot Mask and Adam West's Batman, Batman, BATMAN, nenenenenen BATMAN.

Galaxy Rangers is badass, Gooseman FTW. I hate that they never finish the Western cartoons though!

P.S. where is Bravestar?
Sun, 07 Sep 2008 18:51:30
Ohh and Botsmaster and G.I. Joe where are they?
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