Apparently video games can affect your mind to some degree. At least mine. I went through Days Gone  during most of November and not long after that I played through The Last of Us 2. And for good matter, I followed that up with binge watching Sweet Home (kick ass Walking Dead kind of show that takes place in a Korean apartment building but instead of the infected being zombies they're a variety of monsters.

Anyway all of this has put my head in survival mode. Whenever I drive though town I judge buildings and homes on how easy they'd be to defend, and I now make note of where all the fruit trees are growing wild or in people's yards.

I'm pretty certain that come the infection I'll be making my way to a community college a few blocks from here. It's fairly well hidden and the second floor could be easily fortified. And as a bonus, within a mile are lime, papaya, orange and banana trees. Barring an unusually cold winter I should be able to hold up for a while.
Posted by robio Fri, 08 Jan 2021 01:08:52 (comments: 0)
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