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[] Bioshock 2 single player trailer Those little sisters are toast! media gamingeek
[] Nintendo releasing Big Screen DSi With a 4 inch screen in Japan news gamingeek
[] Two new Rabbids Go Home videos Shopping and manipulating media gamingeek
[] First Castlevania Rebirth footage media gamingeek
[] Excitebike World Rally heading to WiiWare First footage media gamingeek
Light-Up Triforce Belt Buckle You know you want one. news robio
Capcom bringing MT framework to wii More multiplatform games hitting Wii? news gamingeek
[] Goldeneye 2010: Outed for Wii? Eurocom dev outs remake? news gamingeek
[] Dragon Age Ohgren trailer Giant purple beast media gamingeek
[] PSP Monster Hunter spin off coming news gamingeek
[] Exclusive Saw images media gamingeek
[] Heavy rain images: a woman cries media gamingeek
[] FFXIII new images and goodies media gamingeek
[] Super SFIV artwork media gamingeek
Video Game Proverbs Words to live by. editorial travo
[] Assassin's Creed 2 trophies and achievements Rumor: Leaked achievements news travo
[] MW2 To Include Third Person Mode/Replay Viewer? Blurry Vision GO GO GO! media darthhomer
[] Netflix Coming To PS3 Movie Streaming Coming To The Triple! news darthhomer
[] NOM answers NSMB questions Part 2 impressions gamingeek
Shadowplay videos WiiMotionplus game media gamingeek
[] Games TM review scores impressions gamingeek
[] Black Wii controller Euro boxarts media gamingeek
[] Boom Blox team leaving Wii for next gen news gamingeek
[] RE Darkside Chronicles screens media gamingeek
[] Latest Silent Hill Shattered Memories screens media gamingeek
[] Pachter: Nintendo a victim of their success editorial gamingeek
[] FFCC: Crystal Bearers - 10 minute video media gamingeek
[] Tekken 6 Review 9.0 impressions Foolz
[] Dragon Age PS3 released same time as other version Except in Europe. Take that bugs! news Foolz
[] Modern Warfare 2 sys req Actually pretty low. Iga could run it. And he can't run Skype and Audacity at the same time. news Foolz
[] Forza Motorsport 3 GS review 9.5 impressions Foolz
[] 3D Dot Game Heroes Definitely Coming to NA Vader, your GOTY of 2010 is here! news darthhomer
Dad kills son over videogame at birthday party Unsurprisingly, alcohol and guns don't mix news Yodariquo
Rayman headed to DSiWare news gamingeek
[] Darkside Chronicles pics art and screens media gamingeek
[] Shadow Walker screens Quite dark media gamingeek
[] The Grinder: New media will wow you Coming soon says High Voltage news gamingeek
[] PS3 won't be maxed out for 2 -3 years so says Insomniac - and they probably know best impressions news robio
Amazon Gold Box Deals For Wii All Day Great deals on decent games. news robio
[] Harvest Moon Animal Parade Goes Gold We know at least Robio is happy news robio
GameStop To Hire 15K Seasonal Part-time Advisors Ensuring that 15,000 idiots will have jobs this winter news robio
Videogame Character Pick-up Lines editorial Yodariquo
Castlevania Rebirth gameplay Stage 1 media gamingeek
Castlevania Rebirth gameplay Stage 2 media gamingeek
[] Madden NFL Arcade Hands-on impressions gamingeek
[] Aliens vs Predator Eurogamer preview impressions gamingeek
[] Eurogamer hands on God of War 3 impressions gamingeek
Uncharted 2 DLC this year Sales exceeding expectations news gamingeek
RE Darkside Chronicles Japan pack CD, DVD and special book media gamingeek
Earthbound fans get outfit Wow media news gamingeek
Pokemon Park screens media gamingeek
Gamepro review Lost Winds 2 "Wonderful use of Nunchuk and Wiimote, stunning graphics" impressions gamingeek
Final Fight 3 headed to VC news gamingeek
[] NSMB EDGE mag review snippets impressions gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey: screenshot analysis 4 screens dissected by Gameinformer editorial media gamingeek
New DSi Confirmed Bigger screens for digital books and movies media gamingeek
[] Amazon: Spend $80 get $40 credit on games news gamingeek
[] Rygar (Arcade) - Virtual Console Gameplay media gamingeek
[] Zombies Ate My Neighbors Virtual Console Gameplay media gamingeek
[] Golden Axe (Arcade) - Beefcake Gameplay media gamingeek
Pachter: Mod Warfare 2 Will Sell 14 Mil COD4 sold 13 Mill so far. news aspro
Chinese MMO Coming? Raised $120 Mil in development funding. news aspro
[] Analyst: Music Games Were a Fad DJ Hero Pre-orders low. news aspro
Lego Universe preview Actually sounds pretty fun impressions Foolz
Aliens vs. Predator preview impressions Foolz
[] Dragon Ball: Revenge of Piccolo Tiny battle gameplay media Foolz
[] Ravensword: The Fallen King First walkthrough media Foolz
[] Japan Nintendo channel video 10 minute sizzle reel media gamingeek
[] Shadow Walker impressions impressions gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey updates, lots of stuff news gamingeek
Warhammer Online Releases for Mac news aspro
[] Pachter: "Console Fatigue" Has Hit Expects 5% drop year over year. news aspro
[] THQ Extends Agreement With WWE Wil retain game license through 2014. news aspro
[] Monster Hunter 3 Eurogamer hands on "everybody appears to be wandering around in assless chaps and thongs" impressions gamingeek
Miyamoto wants Starfox to be more popular Make a better game then news gamingeek
[] Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! Videos media gamingeek
[] Excitebike: World Rally Hands-on IGN impressions gamingeek
[] Hands on Assasins Creed 2 at Eurogamer impressions gamingeek
[] Hands on Dante's Inferno at Eurogamer gamingeek
[] Hands on Heavy Rain at Eurogamer impressions gamingeek
Castlevania: The Adventure -- ReBirth - preview 1up impressions gamingeek
[] Sega: "Kids love Sonic Unleashed!" Will love needlmouse too news gamingeek
[] Castlevania Rebirth impressions "should tick the boxes for the old-school Castlevania fans " impressions gamingeek
[] Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth - Bat Boss Game media gamingeek
[] Rabbids Go Home - Dogs Featurette media gamingeek
[] Dementium II Hands-On impressions gamingeek
[] Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer Hands-On impressions gamingeek
NSMB Wii Aus release date November 12th news Foolz
[] Tekken 6 GT Review 8.4 impressions media Foolz
[] DJ Hereo GT Review 8.8 impressions media Foolz
[] Australian gets censored Borderlands For once not the OFLC's fault editorial news Foolz
[] Brutal Legend to already get DLC next month But is it on the disc? news Foolz
[] WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 GS Review 7.5 impressions Foolz
[] Analysts comment on Wii HD Blu-Ray rumors Pachter and Divnich make their opinions known news Ravenprose
[] RUMOR: Netflix was on Wii before the year's end, but now Nintendo might wait for Wii HD, analyst says news Ravenprose
[] Spector wants Epic Mickey Nintendo quality Wants comics and movie too impressions news gamingeek
Spector explains Epic Micky Steampunk art Sounds like it was too far for Disney impressions gamingeek
[] DS to DS XL comparison pics That's one big bastard media gamingeek
[] Nintendo Power December issue details news gamingeek
Iwata: "Wii has stalled" "We were unable to continually release strong software, and let the nice mood cool" news gamingeek
[] Wii Fit Plus NOM review Better than the original in every way impressions gamingeek
Bioshock 2 multiplayer footage media gamingeek
Bioshock 2 1up preview "Everything gets twisted here in good ol' Rapture, and even ideas that start with the best of intentions can go astray." impressions gamingeek
[] Square Enix slash profit forecasts news gamingeek
[] BioShock 2 Single-Player Hands-On  IGN impressions gamingeek
[] SEGA Confirms Bayonetta Release Date 40/40 from Famitsu news gamingeek
[] BioShock 2 Video Preview  IGN impressions media gamingeek
[] RE0/REmake Wii dated for america DO NOT buy, archie news gamingeek
[] PSN Update: Demo's, DLC and more news gamingeek
[] 2K Marin Thomas interview news gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2 hands on at Eurogamer "Superficially, BioShock 2 is merely a prettier version of BioShock 1 - no bad thing, since the first game was as artistically lovely as it was technically stunning" impressions gamingeek
OPM review scores impressions gamingeek
[] Pro Evo 2010 Wii trailer media gamingeek
[] DSi XL hits europe Q1 2010, more expensive news gamingeek
[] Fairytale Fights Review  IGN impressions gamingeek
[] Tomena Sanner is Coming to WiiWare Konami announces the game for America. So what the eff is it? news gamingeek
[] PSP 4000 to use UMD? Oh jeeeeez news gamingeek
[] Eurogamer review Ballad of Gay Tony 8/10 impressions gamingeek
[] Eurogamer hands on NSMB Wii "Platform seller" impressions gamingeek
[] 60 FPS Bayonetta videos media gamingeek
[] Left4Dead 2 demo videos media gamingeek
[] Sin and Punishment: The first 10 minutes media gamingeek
[] Nintendo Q2 profits drop 52% Has the bubble burst? news gamingeek
[] God of War 3 demo on District 9 Blu-ray news gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2 images: hot off the presses! media gamingeek
Rumour: Wii 2 specs leaked? Out end of next year: Blu ray, 1080p news gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey Audio tour with Spector media gamingeek
[] First Epic Mickey Screens media gamingeek
[] Castlevania Rebirth Impressions IGN impressions gamingeek
[] Golden Axe Arcade Review impressions gamingeek
[] Climax threw out the survival horror rulebook For the re-invented Silent Hill impressions gamingeek
Epic Mickey - preview 1up impressions media gamingeek
Ton of Sin and Punishment 2 videos media gamingeek
[] Nostalgia gametrailers review impressions media gamingeek
[] DSi LL Officially announced Large screen DSi pics inside media news gamingeek
FF13 Spring 2010 Voice acting company slipped out script for ad. news aspro
[] GT Nov releases footgae media Foolz
[] PlayStation 2 Turns Nine Happy Birthday, PS2! news Ravenprose
Interview With Halo Composer Also wrote Flintstones Vitamin jingle. editorial aspro
[] God Of War 3 Demo Dec 29 Will be included on District 9 BR. news aspro
[] Activision Defends Suicide Bomber Gameplay MW2 mimicks Mumbai bombing. news aspro
Bayonetta 360 vs PS3 a 1up feature "12 hours split between the two versions, and I've ended up very disappointed the PS3 game" gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey First Look IGN impressions gamingeek
[] Sony: Wand is a new hardware platform Not just a controller news gamingeek
Splinter Cell To Remain 360 Exclusive Uppity Canadian comments. news aspro
[] Retronaut? Atari Fan Goes Lunar Makes "real" version of old game. news aspro
[] Activision Stock Downgraded Management has been selling off stock. Gulp. news aspro
[] Konami bringing MSX games to Wii Yes, Metal Gear, Contra and more news gamingeek
[] Ex STALKER devs new game: Metro 2033 Set in a post apocolyptic Moscow subway impressions media gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey Eurogamer preview "easily the best cartoon animation in any non-Nintendo game " impressions gamingeek
[] Famitsu FF CC Crystal bearers scans media gamingeek
[] 3D Dot Game Heroes screens media gamingeek
[] Super Monkey Ball 2 screens media gamingeek
[] Famitsu FFXIII images media gamingeek
[] Playstation losses grow in Q2 Sales decreased 24.2 per cent year-on-year news gamingeek
Insomniac abandoning 60 FPS games news gamingeek
[] Dead Space 2 releases in 2010 news gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2 CVG preview Welcome home Daddy impressions gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 Eurogamer hands on impressions gamingeek
Epic Mickey video presentation NOTICE: Taken down by Disney damnit media gamingeek
[] FFCC Crystal Bearers dev documentary media gamingeek
Epic Mickey preview totalvideogames impressions gamingeek
[] Pre-order Darkside Chronicles Get this cool R.P.D T shirt news gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing City Folk DLC item HOLY OMG YES FULL OF WIN news gamingeek
[] DSi XL video - offscreen action media gamingeek
[] Dargonquest 9 sells 4 million news gamingeek
[] IGN NSMB Wii Video Preview impressions media Ravenprose
[] Bayonetta hitting europe Jan. 5 No Christmas crotch shots. :( news Foolz
[] Capcom six-month profit up 58% Still not fallen off the rails yet news Foolz
[] Metro 2033 first impressions impressions Foolz
[] Epic Mickey GS preview impressions Foolz
[] Sims 3 create a world preview Sounds kinda interesting impressions Foolz
[] Bioshock 2 GS preview single/multiplayer impressions Foolz
[] MSN: How Nintendo lost its stride editorial Ravenprose
[] DJ Hero GS Review 8.0 impressions Foolz
[] GTAIV Ballad of Gay Tony GS Review 9.5 impressions news Foolz
Tekken 6 1up review B+ impressions Foolz
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 1up Review B+ impressions Foolz
[] Lego Rock Band Excluse Tour Trailer media Foolz
[] GTAIV Ballad of Gay Tony GT Review 9.2 impressions media Foolz
[] The Press Room Episode #33 Let's all do the hamster dance editorial impressions media news Yodariquo
[] Target : Buy 2 get 1 free on all Wii games $49.99 and under, starting Nov. 1st news Ravenprose
Film Victoria (AU) Promotes Digital Dist. Offers $75,000 grants per game. news aspro
[] DJ Hero Critical Reception 85 on Metacritic "noteworthy game" editorial impressions aspro
FFXIII & Crystal Bearers scans media gamingeek
NSMB is the hardest in the series And difficult to make impressions gamingeek
[] Crystal Bearers pics, Moogles and more media gamingeek
[] Rumour: Lucasarts and Nintendo sitting on games Completed titles from Factor 5 news gamingeek
[] LucasArts sitting on 2 complete Factor 5 Wii titles? Rumor news Ravenprose
[] Heavy Rain Dev Lashes Out At Peers "This is ridiculous" news aspro
[] Future Publishing Awards Fallout 3 GOTY, Activision best publisher. news aspro
[] Project Needlemouse not coming to Wii? Rumor news Ravenprose
FIFA 10 Sells 1.7 mil in Week 1 EA Europes biggest launch ever. news aspro
[] Sony Eyes PS3 Profitability   PS3 still losing money gamingeek
[] Tons of Dragonage screens media gamingeek
[] Monster Hunter Festa footage media gamingeek
[] FFCC Crystal Bearers: Tons of footage No sound media gamingeek
[] Gameinformer video preview RE Darkside Chronicles impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo's success may never be repeated Says analyst, NSMB wii to be system seller gamingeek
[] Silent Hill Shattered Memories interview How the game paves a new path gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 and Rabbids footage And impressions impressions media gamingeek
[] Red Steel 2 NL Impressions impressions gamingeek
Epic Mickey Video presentation media gamingeek
[] Wii Sports Resort sells 6.97 million "Wii Sports tops 50 million" news Ravenprose
New Peace Walker Demo Highlights (MGS) Includes Konami code. news aspro
[] Halo Waypoint Impressions "Avatar awards and more await the Halo faithful." impressions Ravenprose
[] BioWare Teases Dark Commander Shepard news Ravenprose
[] Red Dead Redemption Screens media Ravenprose
[] Halo: Reach Multiplayer Tease news Ravenprose
[] Black Nintendo Wii Unboxing Video media Ravenprose
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Sun, 01 Nov 2009 23:43:19

Iga_Bobovic said:

Ravenprose said:
I just defeated the boss in the City in the Sky level in Twilight Princess. Now, I can't effing remember where the Mirror Chamber is located! LOL Playing this game over a three year period wasn't the best idea I ever had.

Arbiters ground, you can warp there directly.

Cool, thanks! I was just about to look it up in a guide.

Iga_Bobovic said:
Ravenprose said:

That boss was awesome, though! Best so far in the game. Too bad he was easy as cake to defeat.

That's goes for all the bosses in TP. Awesome but easy. The next one is even better!

I'm looking forward to it. Happy The beast shall be slain tonight!

robio said:

phantom_leo said:

-I'm still not convinced the single-player of New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be as good as the traditional Mario Bros.

Have you seen "Tricks" video for NSMB Wii on the Nintendo Channel (I assume it's available in other places now too).  If not take a look. After watching those videos I'm actually getting a very strong SMB3 vibe from the game.  Now admittedly that means it won't be as good Super Mario World, but it's a strong sign all the same.  

You mean this "Super Skils" video or is there another one?

Edited: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 23:50:53

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From GamesRadar:

               You'll love                
  • Great art style and bright, colourful environments
  • Varied, fun and pleasantly ridiculous gameplay
  • Witty dialogue
You'll hate                
  • Many of its ideas are only skin-deep
  • Some will find Rabbids annoying
  • Occasional camera problems

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