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[] Namco To Host Pre-TGS Party Secret & Unannounced Games To Be Revealed? darthhomer
Skate 2 To Lead On PS3!   Wow. That's Something. darthhomer
DSi Software To Be Region Locked   FUCKING STUPID & LAME darthhomer
[] Monster Hunter 3 screens gamingeek
Red Alert preview gamingeek
1up editors chat DSi "My first iPhone" gamingeek
[] 20% of DS owners, repeat buyers? gamingeek
[] Gaming has to be the heart Of DSi - Dunaway gamingeek
[] 360 price cuts are not a reaction To flagging sales - Balmer gamingeek
[] Motorstorm 2: over 90 new screens gamingeek
[] Gears of War 2 Manual now online Grab the scans before they are gone gamingeek
Sarah Palin: The MILF Photoshopped into videogames gamingeek
[] Megaman DLC hits today gamingeek
[] Eurogamer on Wii Great Editorial on the future gamingeek
[] Download Full Spectrum Warrior Legally, for free gamingeek
[] MS show re-designed XBLA portal gamingeek
[] BIA HH: The first 10 minutes video gamingeek
Alan Wake Screen gamingeek
[] Deus Ex 3: PC Zone exclusive gamingeek
[] Away Shuffle Dungeon - more screens Iga_Bobovic
[] GameStop - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia preorder Reserve Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and receive a free Castlevania Soundtrack! Iga_Bobovic
Muramasa developer Interview More action and jumping based than Odin Sphere Iga_Bobovic
Iwata asks: Wii music part one Miyamoto: I wasn't this excited when we created Super Mario Bros. Iga_Bobovic
[] Claymore DS first screenshots If it is only half as good as the manga, if only... Iga_Bobovic
[] Crysis Wars Videos (PC) Iga_Bobovic
[] Gears of War 2 Campaign Hands-on The fight for survival is about to begin Iga_Bobovic
[] LittleBigPlanet: Beta-Built IGN shows some nice levels Iga_Bobovic
[] NBA 2K9 Review A return to dominance for the time-honored series Iga_Bobovic
[] Quantum of Solace IGN Hands-on Console version Iga_Bobovic
[] Mushroom Men screenshots DS version Iga_Bobovic
[] Quantum of Solace DS Hands-on Iga_Bobovic
[] Reggie whines about real Nintendo fans. Whhaaaa....whahaaa... edgecrusher
[] SOE: All future MMOGs console-bound Ravenprose
[] Tomb Raider Underworld exclusive XBL DLC 2 new maps, about 6 hrs content Ravenprose
[] Silicon Knights lays off 26 employees… temporarily Ravenprose
[] FFCC: Echoes of Time - DS screens Ravenprose
[] Knights in the Nightmare demo impressions Ravenprose
[] Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades bundle heading to Europe Ravenprose
[] Nintendo Channel - updates Ravenprose
[] Cave Story WiiWare - site open Ravenprose
[] IGN Mushroom Men Screenshots Ravenprose
[] IGN Wii Music Update Ravenprose
[] MadStone Images Ravenprose
[] IGN MadStone WiiWare Review 4.0 Ravenprose
[] IGN Mario Golf Review 8.0 Ravenprose
[] IGN Tetris Party Hands-on Ravenprose
[] IGN Hands-on Cave Story WiiWare Ravenprose
[] IGN Midnight Bowling Review 4.9 Ravenprose
Treasure interivew: VC 360 shooter and Sin and Punishment 2 gamingeek
[] Analyst urges PS3 price cut gamingeek
[] Wii gets another million seller Take one guess... gamingeek
[] Sony getting new winter bundles No price cut though gamingeek
[] Red Faction interview gamingeek
[] PSW on Dead Space "The new survival horror benchmark" gamingeek
[] Official mags fawn over Far Cry 2 gamingeek
[] Zero Punctuation review Force unleashed - should be funny gamingeek
Little Kings Story interview gamingeek
[] Sam and Max season 1 review Gamesradar 8/10 gamingeek
[] Screens of Animals being Crossed Mixed breeding pics inside gamingeek
[] Legendary images Tom Cruise vs Tim Curry gamingeek
[] Tomb Raider Underworld trailer gamingeek
SF IV scans Chun Li in the shower? gamingeek
[] Last Remnant video gamingeek
[] Ask Monolith or Nintendo Website will forward your questions gamingeek
[] SUDA to reveal new Marvelous title gamingeek
[] Ubisoft spending $10 million On Shaun White adverts gamingeek
[] 360 getting Blu-ray External drive on the cards? gamingeek
New Prince of Persia trailer. Weird ass site wont let me see the video. Dvader
[] Famitsu sum up and scores. Dvader
[] TGS: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts dev walkthrough 6 videos, follow the links on the page. Dvader
[] TGS: Ninja Blade dev walkthrough vid. Three parts, this is a link to part 1. Dvader
[] Marvelous Interview One of the few 3rd parties that is doing awesome things on the Wii Iga_Bobovic
[] SEGA vs Capcom fighter at TGS? gamingeek
Secret nintendo game Yup, start the rumours gamingeek
[] Rune Factory Frontier screens gamingeek
[] Tatsukono vs Capcom trailer gamingeek
Little Kings Story TGS trailer Watch it NOW!!! gamingeek
8 Heavy Rain pics gamingeek
[] TGS: SplatterHouse Trailer Shown Promises Gore and Disturbing Content. Sold! phantom_leo
[] Famitsu reviews Sky Crawlers 8/8/8/8 Iga_Bobovic
[] DSi has more RAM than the DS Used for Opera Iga_Bobovic
[] SEGA planning to bring MadWorld to Australia Austalia planning to ban it! Iga_Bobovic
[] Street Fighter IV screenshots of Sakura Iga_Bobovic
[] White Knight Story online mode details Iga_Bobovic
[] Yakuza 3 new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Tecmo announces Quantum Theory for the PlayStation 3 Iga_Bobovic
[] Arc Rise Fantasia new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Afro Samurai preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Afro Samurai screens Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Tekken 6 Preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Mirror's Edge Progress Report hink leaping across rooftops is tough? Do it in 53 seconds. Iga_Bobovic
[] Tales of Symphonia screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Shining Force II: The Ancient Seal IGN Review A Strategy RPG classic Iga_Bobovic
[] Tales of Symphonia 2 new trailer Iga_Bobovic
[] New MadWorld screens Iga_Bobovic
[] IGN Brothers in Arms: Double Time Video videos "It's lagtastic!" Ravenprose
[] TGS: 10 minute RE5 gameplay video. No sound, shows new controls. Dvader
[] TGS: Yakuza 3 gameplay trailer. Do I see a create your own whore option? Dvader
[] TGS: Dragon Quest IX trailer. Off screen. Dvader
[] Muramasa trailer Drool Iga_Bobovic
White Knight Story preview 1up gamingeek
[] Sonic Unleashed footage gamingeek
[] Arc Rise fantasia footage gamingeek
Discipline WiiWare screens Whaaaaaaaaaat? gamingeek
[] Xbox live new experience up On November the 19th gamingeek
[] Japanese market fall drops nintendo shares To yearly low gamingeek
[] 360 sales up over 60% in Europe gamingeek
[] PSP gets Dualshock 3 support What? gamingeek
[] FF XIII screen Yep, one screen gamingeek
[] Tekken 6 screens gamingeek
[] SF IV videos and screens PC link here, baby gamingeek
[] Sony Deny Secret TGS Conference Web rumours untrue gamingeek
TGS: Prince of Persia Hands-On Sounds promising! Choose your own adventure? phantom_leo
[] TGS: Next Gen CastleVania coming to 360 and PS3. Better be 2D DAMMIT! phantom_leo
[] Fragile video Moody Iga_Bobovic
TGS 2008: Tenchu 4 Hands-on 1up preview Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Tenchu 4 Hands-on IGN preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Muramasa video Shitty quality, but still awesome Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008 Dead Rising Wii Trailer coming out Feb 2009 Ravenprose
Disicpline announced, a new Wiiware game! Marvelous is on Fire Punk Rebel Ecks
[] Solid Snake and Sephiroth in Little Big Planet Greatest thing ever Dvader
TGS: White Knight Chronicles trailer No gameplay Dvader
TGS: SUPER EPIC RE5 MEGA TRAILER!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUCK!!!! Way better than the other one. Dvader
TGS: Space Invaders Extreme, Metal Slug 7 XBLA Plus Arkanoid, R Type, KoF Dvader
[] Call of Duty 5 online footage. Part 1 of 4. Dvader
TGS: Bayonetta trailer Holy... Dvader
[] TGS: Star Ocean 4 trailer Comes out March 3rd Dvader
[] TGS: Halo 3 Recon Teaser Trailer New Halo game comes fall 2009, new hero. Dvader
[] TGS: Sonic and the Black Knight trailer I want!! Dvader
[] TGS: Demon's Soul footage up. Heard its not good Dvader
[] TGS: Tekken 6 coming to 360 on day 1. From the MS keynote. Dvader
[] TGS: 39 new Oboro Muramasa images Beautiful Dvader
MGO Meme expansion trailer. YES! Dvader
[] No More Heroes 2 trailer. Yes you read correctly. Dvader
Resident Evil 5 TGS Trailer Vader Freakout Confirmed. darthhomer
[] Tenchu 4 IGN videos Ninja action Iga_Bobovic
[] Fragile IGN Hands on gamingeek
[] MS: Japanese 3rd parties are leaving Sony For 360 to reach a global audience gamingeek
[] Sony want the 360 to succeed in Japan Find out why inside gamingeek
[] Microsoft denies Blu-ray plans gamingeek
[] 360 Fallout 3 hacked and online Pirates have it  3 weeks before release gamingeek
[] PS2 still outselling PS3 in Japan Wii still outselling them all combined gamingeek
[] Far Cry 2 screens Edge delight gamingeek
[] RIZ-ZOAWD impressions From Wired gamingeek
[] Off Screen MH3 videos gamingeek
[] Fragile hunting videos Looks atmospheric gamingeek
Last Flight Gory Zombie screens WiiWare action title looks good gamingeek
CV Judgement impressions Suprisingly good? Or not? gamingeek
[] Perfect Prosecuter screens and video Miles Edgeworth strikes back gamingeek
Kings Story presentaion video gamevideos alert! gamingeek
[] Capcom dish out MH3 details gamingeek
[] IGN MH3 videos gamingeek
[] Rygar trailer gamingeek
[] Gamespot hands on with Tatsukono vs Capcom gamingeek
[] Gamespot go hands on with Muramasa gamingeek
Why you can't hate on Wii Music By Jeremy Parish gamingeek
[] MH3 Joystiq hands on Awesome? gamingeek
[] Cing and tecmo team up to make dark DS Detective horror game - trailer gamingeek
[] Klonoa impressions gamingeek
[] Rygar Battle of Argus impressions From Wired gamingeek
[] Europe getting two versions of NMH 2 One with extreme violence gamingeek
[] Yuji Naka making Sonic 'like' game At Prope. Like Billy Hatcher?? gamingeek
[] TGS Analysis The state of the big three hardware makers gamingeek
[] Killzone TGS video No sound gamingeek
[] Next gen Castlevania teaser video gamingeek
[] Chop till you Drop screens Nudity gives Bayonetta a run for its money gamingeek
[] RIZ-ZOAWD gameplay video Does Dorothy make it home? gamingeek
[] Valhalla Knights Wii video gamingeek
[] Jaw Dropping video Bionic Commando gamingeek
[] Xbox experience screens gamingeek
[] Ninja Blade video demo and screens gamingeek
[] Halo Wars video demo and screens gamingeek
[] Ninokuni: First video Studio Ghibli game gamingeek
[] White Knight Story pics gamingeek
[] Saints Row 2 IGN Review No Oscar worthy story here! Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Resistance 2 Update Nothing too new here, and it's in Japanese. Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Avalon Code Video Iga_Bobovic
[] My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party Review Steel this one is for you! Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Update Hands-on with the show's most obtusely named game. Iga_Bobovic
[] Bleach: Dark Souls Review More of the same is fine, when the same is this good. 8.5 Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Muramasa Hands-on Possibly the most stunning Wii game of the show. Iga_Bobovic
[] Weapons Locker: The Beam Katana The weapon that defined No More Heroes Iga_Bobovic
[] More Monster Hunter 3 Gameplay More dinos Foolz
[] Deadly Creatures voice cast trailer Billy Bob and Dennis Hopper, GOTY!! Dvader
[] Toy's R Us Buy 2 get 1 Free -All videogames! Sunday and Monday only Ravenprose
High Voltage announces new WiiWare racer Ravenprose
[] Official Monster Hunter 3 trailer High quality TGS - wow gamingeek
[] No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Details A few new details Punk Rebel Ecks
[] TGS: Even better RE5 caves gameplay video!! HOLY jumping zombie tribal ganados!!! Dvader
[] RE: Degeneration movie review Wired did not like it. I will like it. Dvader
[] TGS: RE5 new gameplay video. Shows new location and enemy Dvader
[] Tenchu IV Walkthrough video At Gametrailers: Looking great gamingeek
Halo 3 Recon 1up interview gamingeek
Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility 1up review "Satisfying yet flawed" gamingeek
[] Gears of War 2 is gold So I coloured the story gold gamingeek
[] Crapcom: Tatsukono vs update "Probably" not coming westwards gamingeek
No More Heroes 2 is Wii exclusive "Wii's graphics to get better and better" gamingeek
Gamepro's 28 best FPS of all time gamingeek
[] Arc Rise Fantasia Battle Footage gamingeek
[] 1up previews of Fragile and... ...RIZ-WOAD, Sonic and FFCC gamingeek
Shaun White Wii screens Not bad, not great gamingeek
7th dragon 1up impressions gamingeek
[] Rygar videos at gametrailers gamingeek
[] IGN Hands on with Arc Rise Fantasia "Looking very nice" 70% complete gamingeek
[] Prince of Persia Movie pic Oh, my, God.... gamingeek
[] Gameinformer TGS impressions A ton of games one a couple of pages gamingeek
[] Ton of Nintendo related videos At Gametrailers gamingeek
[] Infamous images In case you missed them yesterday gamingeek
[] SOCOM TGS video gamingeek
[] Wii games montage TGS video gamingeek
[] Sonic Unleashed Wii gameplay video As good as the screens? gamingeek
[] Family Ski 2 gameplay video gamingeek
[] Let's Tap gameplay video Naka gone mad? gamingeek
[] Skycrawlers Wii video gamingeek
[] TGS Last Remnant video gamingeek
[] Secret service announced for 360/PS2 and PC Ex-Naughty Dog guy gamingeek
[] DQ9 TGS video gamingeek
[] Resistance Retribution PSP pics Looks snazzy gamingeek
[] Fragile destructoid impressions Iga_Bobovic
Muramasa 7 minutes trailer eyegasm Iga_Bobovic
[] Diablo III Videos Iga_Bobovic
[] Blizzard Unveils Diablo III's Wizard We've got the first details about the brand new character class in the action RPG. Iga_Bobovic
[] Fable 2 video preview Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: LocoRoco 2 IGN Hands-on Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Resistance: Retribution Update Grayson heads into new territory... and PS3 connectivity! Iga_Bobovic
[] Far Cry 2 videos Iga_Bobovic
[] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Videos TGS 2008: Gameplay (Off-Screen) Iga_Bobovic
[] Nobi Nobi Boy Videos From the maker of Katamari Iga_Bobovic
[] Gundam 2 Trailer Iga_Bobovic
[] Dragon Ball: Origin video TGS 2008: Trailer (off screen) Iga_Bobovic
[] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia video zombie attack (off screen) Iga_Bobovic
[] Tales of Hearts video sinosaur fight (off screen) Iga_Bobovic
[] TGS 2008: Marble Saga IGN Hands-on A Kororinpa sequel is rolling your way. Iga_Bobovic
[] Klonoa IGN preview Iga_Bobovic
[] Space Invaders Get Even screens Iga_Bobovic
[] The DS' Great Adventure How Nintendo's handhold has provided a new home for a displaced genre. Iga_Bobovic
[] World of Goo Eurogamer Review 9.0 Iga_Bobovic
[] World of Goo IGN Review Absolutely phenomenal. 9.5 Iga_Bobovic
[] Little King's Story english trailer So Awesome Iga_Bobovic
[] Castlevania WII trailer Looks pretty good... the graphics anyway. KIRA! Foolz
[] IGN's Dead Space Review 8.7 Punk Rebel Ecks
[] Starcraft II To Become a Trilogy! Three Seperate Games for Singleplayer. What the Fuck... darthhomer
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Sun, 12 Oct 2008 22:38:19
punk rebel ecks said:

For the Akira manga does it matter if I get the new ones (2001 ones) or the old ones (1988 ones)?


One of the site's forefathers.

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Sun, 12 Oct 2008 23:34:58

Damn. I live in Canada so I miss those Toys 'R Us sales. I wish some other stores that are in my are like Future Shop would have those kind of sales. With all the games I'm interested in getting sales like that would help me out immensely.


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