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[] Activision not expanding in the UK Cost of living too high. gamingeek
MGS4 Dominates Europe Latex not involved gamingeek
DFC Intelligence report System Warz! Report gamingeek
C.O.R.E (DS) trailer gamingeek
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Mystery Case file (DS) Screens of the whodunit? gamingeek
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Rare celebrates its sales 100 million units gamingeek
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[] Sony Confirm Trophies July 2nd gamingeek
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[] Crytek: 1 in 20 gamers is a pirate gamingeek
[] Blizzard fans won't notice... ..a company merger gamingeek
THIS WEEK in games gamingeek
Conduit makers want sequel gamingeek
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[] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesias preview gamingeek
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Quantum of Solace pics Bond is blonde gamingeek
[] Too Human: Top 5 Quick Fixes gamingeek
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[] WiiWare Final Fantasy gets content More dungeons gamingeek
Disgaea gets dated Not great at dinner conversation gamingeek
Civilisation IV hands on 1up gamingeek
E3 site confirms nintendo big guns Kid Icarus and A.Crossing gamingeek
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Konami confirm E3 press conference gamingeek
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[] Mushroom Men (Wii) screens Looks like the inside of your fridge gamingeek
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[] De Blob video interview gamingeek
[] Smash Bros smashes into the UK chart No. 1 debut gamingeek
[] Nintendo offer free UK fitness checks A step too far... gamingeek
[] J Allard gets new Job title "The Bald One" gamingeek
[] The Last Remnant images gamingeek
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[] Activision Execs get $6 million bonus Yes I hate them gamingeek
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Better games cost more EA Analyst's advice. gamingeek
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 09:21:36
hiresdes said:
iga_bobovic said:
hiresdes said:
gamingeek said:

Wow, Ong Bak 2 trailer:

It bears no relation to the first movie, but looks brutal. Tony Jaa is one of the most talented martial artists in the world today.

This is awesome Tony Jaa shows he has as much of a background in Kung-Fu as he does in Muay Thai, and that he's the next big martial arts action star...You know the guy does 8 hours of gymnastics, muay thai/kung-fu training a day, right?

I don't think your sig is working hires. I didn't know he trained that hard.

Personally I think that Donnie Yen is great too, but he farts around and poses too much. If he had the right vehicle he could do great, great things. He was good in Hero and SPL.

TRAILER HERE for the guys who haven't seen it:

Ahh I remember the old days. The day when some one called you a Martial Artists, it meant that you could actually fight. Well it seems the public is more interested in flashy acrobatics instead of raw martial arts.

Oh trust me if Tony Jaa wanted to get serious he could easily throw one of the elbows or knees to the face with his Muay Thai background, Muay Thai is fucking brutal.

Yep Muay Thai can be brutal and Tony Jaa has some of the most raw actions scenes, but let's face it most of the so called "Martial Artist" are not known for their technique, but for their flashy acrobatics. You got to realize that a real fight looks nothing like what you see in the movies. I would call them Martial Dancers instead. The real Martial Artist are in my opinion the great teachers in the world who teach martial arts to others and fighters like: Fedor Emelianenko, Genki Sudo, Bas "El Guapo" Rutten, Don Frye, etc.

P.S. Judo > Muay Thai fact!

The VG Press
Country: GB
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Sun, 06 Jul 2008 12:46:05

Ravenprose thanks for that info. I still have never played a tomb raider game.

Okami, I beat orochi and now I'm in the city. Game is better than BGE now, simply because of length. Environments are huge and this is a PS2 game. Truly clever coding can do wonderful things with lesser hardware.

People can troll Mortal Kombat all they want for all I care Happy

Iga, I'm a movie fan and a fan of martial arts in movies in general I like wirework too, in wuxia pics like Hero and House of Flying Daggers. What I don't like is overly obvious CGI. There was a pretty brutal scene in the uncut version of SPL between wu jing and donnie yen:

I think the film was released in the US under the name: Killzone LOL

Has anyone seen Throwdown, Iga if you like Judo you will like it. It's about a bunch of judo experts who sort of go around fighting and challenging eachother. Well, sort of. It's a down on his luck ex-judo fighter who gets back on track.

Basically the throwdown aspect is a huge metaphor, because no matter how many times you fall down... well you get the rest.

Has everyone seen Fearless with Jet Li?

Wish he would do more of these kind of films and less of this US/Jason Stratham bullshit. Fearless has some excellent scenes, fighting and direction. Unfortunately I then bought the directors cut of the film thinking that the extra stuff would be great, but in actuality the directors cut features some pointless bullshit that ruins the atmosphere of the film.

Country: EU
Comments: 9423
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 14:28:00

Good to see Judo getting some attention in the movie business. Most of the time the movies only focus on the striking aspect of the martial arts.

In the early days of the UFC, the competition was mostly style vs style. Like kickboxing vs wresling, muay thai vs gracie jiu jutsu, etc. The results clearly showed that a pure grappler was stronger than a pure striker, but yet we only see striking in the movies. I guess the general public thinks grappling is boring or something.

Here are some old MMA fights. Do not worry I have chosen non bloody ones. You can see here all aspects of martial arts, stiking, wresling and ground fighting. Should be educational too.

Fedor vs Coleman

Fedor vs Randleman

Genki is something realy special, he does things that should not work. Like helicopter punches, dancing, turning your back to your opponent and the robot! But yet he wins the fights.

Genki Sudo Highlights

Genki vs Butterbean (butterbean is 100 kg heavier than Genki)

The VG Press
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Sun, 06 Jul 2008 17:25:50

Tai Chi: When death needs to come in one hit. That's why you don't see high level Chi guys in UFC or any other public spectacle. Its not about show. Some guy would get dropped without anything visually happening, and people would think its fake.


Country: EU
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 17:48:50
edgecrusher said:

Tai Chi: When death needs to come in one hit. That's why you don't see high level Chi guys in UFC or any other public spectacle. Its not about show. Some guy would get dropped without anything visually happening, and people would think its fake.

No fool, the gloves will block the passage of Chi causing the technique to fail LOL. Besides they are forbidden to use their power for personal gain by the secret ninja council.

Besides touching people to death is so not hardcore. It is more hardcore to KO your opponents with mind bullets. This guy is challeging every MMA fighter, and claims he can KO them without touching them. Let's see what happens.

Kiai master vs. MMA guy

The VG Press
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Sun, 06 Jul 2008 19:08:04


Hey dudes,

This cat just randomly showed up in my backyard this morning, so I guess we're going to keep it. It was really hungry and meowing at our door all morning. My mom says it's a girl about 3 months old, I don't know how she can tell. But I want suggestions on a name... can be male or female, whatever you want. Nerdy gamer or "i can has cheezburger" inspired names encouraged. Right now all I can think of is Felix.

Here are some pictures for inspiration:

Country: US
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Sun, 06 Jul 2008 19:11:47

^^^ Iga  LOL


That first part looked like horrible acting for a MK movie.  Then he gets his ass beat, lol.

Country: US
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Joined: 2008-06-27
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 20:39:50

yarcofin: What about "Ceiling Cat", or maybe "CC" for short? Or "Basement Cat" or "BC".

"Meowth"? Nyaa

Country: EU
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Joined: 2008-06-21
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 21:38:30

Holy, holy crap! Did you guys see the Wimbledon finals! One of the best finals yet! Federer is finally beaten! Rafa is the winner!

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