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[] Pro Fortnite gamer sues team over 'strangulation contract' 'news' makes the actual news. Edit news SupremeAC
[] first look at Mario Kart Tour for smartphones seems heavily monetisized with Gache elements Edit news SupremeAC
[] EA shows off Frosbite engine's next-gen hair with a trailer that'll give you nightmares. Edit media news SupremeAC
[] Ray Tracing explained: how the lighting tech ​ coming to PS5 can change games Edit gamingeek
[] Sony’s New Published Patent Shows A Controller ​ Camera That Can Sense Your Expressions Edit gamingeek
[] ​Sony CEO: Consoles a 'niche market'  within the games industry Edit gamingeek
[] Edit gamingeek
[] Edit gamingeek
[] RE4 sent the series on a downward spiral ​​ from which it's only just recovered Edit gamingeek
[] Telltale Games titles including Tales from the Borderlands ​ disappearing from some digital storefronts Edit gamingeek
Digital Foundry - Resident Evil 4 Switch + ​ Resident Evil Zero + Resident Evil Remake Analysis Edit gamingeek
Ni no Kuni animated film launches in Japan  on Aug. 23rd, 2019, new characters revealed and synopsis shared Edit gamingeek
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