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Best Mario Games - Rank 'em and Tank 'em
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Tue, 13 Feb 2018 16:40:42
Dvader said:

Explain 3D world?! Its the most 2D 3D mario ever. It feels like the best translation of classic mario in 3D.

I agree.


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Sun, 01 Apr 2018 22:12:47


-Super Mario Bros 3

-Super Mario World

-Super Mario Bros.

-Super Mario Bros 2

Fuck the rest, albeit I still need to play NSMB WiiU. Allegedly it's not wack. 3 n World could be swapped, but I don't care for some of the levels in World, where as 3 is divine all around. Mario Bros is simple, for the most part, but I actively enjoy chasing high scores in that game. It's snug in a way that the new super mario bros games I have played (og, wii, 2) aren't. Like they feel nice, better even, but they offer nothing in the way of a challenge. Ever. Where as Mario Bros can keep more more honest, while arguably having less depth mechanically.


-Galaxy 2

-Mario 64


Push between 3D World, Sunshine n Odyssey

Didn't play 3D land, no interest in playing 3D Land at this point.

Galaxy 1 gets way too much credit for new car smell, its easier than Galaxy 2, by extension less varied than Galaxy 2, has less content than Galaxy 2, has less mechanics than Galaxy 2 so in any meaningful way as a game it has less going for it than Galaxy 2 other than "but mah magic" of which I don't give a fuck about. Great game, Galaxy 2 happens to be said great game, but better. I'd take 64 over Galaxy on just how robust its mechanics are, how free form it all is, and bitchin speed runs. The snugness n level by level excellence of Galaxy 2 is enough for me to put it over 64, even if I recognize that the Galaxy games are a downgrade in core mechanics from 64 n sunshine and even recently Odyssey. It be easier to punish Galaxy 2 if it literally just only did shit Galaxy 1 did, but it didn't. It had its own gimmicks to go along with it. Also fuck Mario Galaxy 1 for what has to be some grade A level bullshit where the only way to get the final star in the game, the final platforming challenge mind you, is by replaying the game you already fucking beat to completion and getting those same 120 stars with luigi, who really only has a slight difference in his movement mechanics in that he slides a bit more. In a game where you have so much room to work with given that 3d games by their nature aren't going to be about as precise platforming as a 2d game. The fact that Galaxy 1 has escaped that criticism for a decade is the level of horse shit I usually expect with Nintendo games. Because god forbid anyone questions Nintendo, majestic saviors of video games.

3D World is a lesser Galaxy 2 to me on two fronts. One it's less varied in terms of power ups, and two its mechanically even more regressive. Outside of that I couldn't think of one gimmick in 3d world i didn't see in galaxy 1 n 2. Even it's equivalent of the perfect run was meh. It's the worst mechanically of the 3D Marios. I don't care that its camera is friendlier than sunshine. Git gud. 3D World feels stiff, I can not stand the ghetto 2d/3d thing it has going in with its game feel. Galaxy feels buttery smooth, ditto the other 3d mario games, and 2d mario games are divine. Odyssey n Sunshine have the best mechanics in the entire franchise, but way way way way way way way way way way way way way way too much filler. Gun to my head I might put Sunshine last, because yeah it is more irritating. But when it lets me platform n go ham man is Sunshine satisfying. On the flip side Odyssey is pretty good, so I guess it's 4th among the 3d games, but fuck me what a waste of time that game is for large stretches. only 300 moons in that game actually are some sort of product of the platforming challenges. In a game with like 900 moons or some shit. The fuck out of here. And then I remember that all the captures are secretly the biggest downgrade in terms of Mario power ups, and yeah fuck that Odyssey isn't 4th on the 3d ranks.

Then again Odyssey has the single greatest 3d camera yeah nintendo lord n saviors -_-

Overall I'd go



Galaxy 2



Fuck the order after that because I don't care after that.

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Mon, 23 Apr 2018 09:39:01
Ravenprose said:

3D World is awesome. I need to replay it soon.

You guys are crazy Nyaa

: @gameunderphil

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