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Are there any Gaming Myths you used to believe?
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Thu, 29 Jun 2017 13:49:15

It was more the shape of the Gamecube that made it seem super small. It's really about the same size as the Dreamcast in total space occupied. What was even crazier was when Sony released the PS2 slim....that thing was fucking tiny. Especially compared to the original PS2. I didn't really like it because it was so was very unimpressive to look at, like you would forget it was there. Which is crazy because that's what my ex girlfriend said about her ex husband.

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Sat, 29 Jul 2017 04:38:13

I thought the Xbox was going to fail and that it was a going to be a stupid set-top box as a trojan horse for MS to invade the living room.

Maybe I was right.

I thought the Gamcube indicated that Nintendo finally "got it" and fell into line with the competition. I was wrong, Nintendo still does not "get it". It was a great system none-the-less.

I thought the Commodore 64 indicated that PC gaming was always going to beat out consoles. Maybe I was right.

: @gameunderphil

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