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And part 2 continues with more from my six year collection of sigs.

This sig is based on Musa: The Warrior. Not to be confused with the Indian movie: The Warrior. It's a Korean epic about a band of soldiers stranded in China who have to face off with the Chinese and Mongol armies. It's a film you would watch and enjoy but not buy. It's notable for the end scene, with lashings of beautiful mayhem, fire, music and Zhang Ziyh looking suitably distressed. Again I should have covered this in the movie blog.

Musa again. The character in the sigs executes one of the best movie decapitations ever, next to the Omen :P

Ah, now this is Nowhere to Hide. A great movie from the director of the Duelist. This is the reason I was mistakenly looking forward to the Duelist. It's a crazy cop chase movie that starts off for the first 40 minutes as a disjointed mess. But then settles into being a stylish, sometimes quiet, sometimes thrilling film.

Ah ha, another film worth owning. I don't know how many people know of Johnnie To, but he is one of Hong Kongs most consistently reliable directors. Nearly every film of his that isn't one of these moon festival comedies is great. I covered several in my movie blog. PTU is about a squad of special police officers who patrol the night lit streets of hong kong. This film renders Hong Kong at night in a glowing neon hue and is notable for it's stunning cinematography and a shootout at the end that will make you smile and fret.

Simon Yam, lead actor of PTU and a Hong Kong great. His best role was probably in either SPL or Exiled, but this comes a close third for me.

Donnie Yen in the film Seven Swords. Seven Swords was a highly anticipated movie from the director of cult classics like the Blade or the Once Upon a Time in China series with jet Li. It's about seven mythical warriors who are called down from an ancient mountain to fight to protect a village. It's based on a famous set of chinese novels. It's a watchable commercial film that is fun but doesn't reach the quality of something like the Blade.

Fire Emblem gba. Nuff said. Too stubby though.

My very first sig! Look how crappy the work is! Rectangular whitening of the notepad, width is far too short, typeface is shite. I did a recent version of this that I will post later.

Just a bit of humour for Oldboy fans.

This is my celebration sig from when I won a couple of GoScors awards from the GGD. Notably as most knowledgable Nintendo.

A fun pic that SupremeAC liked.

Thundercats. Do I need to explain my love of Cheetarah?


I pulled up an old sig I made for Dvader a couple of years back recentely. I remembered that I actually have a folder with all my old sigs in it. Some of them were used more than once, others, discarded. Quite a few never saw the light of day. Whenever I see an interesting pic I tend to save it for a rainy day and knock up a sig when I'm bored.

My skills have improved with time and with better software. So allow me to present to you, 6 years of online life in signature form.

Infernal Affairs 1 and 2 are two of my favourite films and the lead actors are two cool beans. Hence all the sigs relating to those movies.

Shaolin Soccer, a film I probably should have covered in my movie blog. A suprisingly entertaining movie about kung fu monks playing football. It sounds bizaare but it's brilliant and by the director of Kung Fu Hustle and CJ7.

Running on Karma is good movie from Milkyway productions. It's strange but well worth it. I probably should have covered it in the movie blog.

Greatest film ever made. Nuff said.

Bichunmoo is a korean wuxia film similar to movies like Crouching Tiger, but on a lower budget. It packs a huge emotional punch but is unpolished comparitevly.

Ah the Duelist was a well anticipated movie but turned out to be a dud. Great imagery though.

Duelist again.

:lol: Back in the days when I went at it with Pedro on GGD almost daily, this became my sig. A bittersweet life is actually referenced on my movie blog so read up there. Great film.

Zhang Yimou + Wuxia + Andy Lau + Zhang Zi + Takashiro Kaneshiro = movie. Daggers flying, GG crying.

House of Flying Daggers again, great movie.

Part 2 coming soon.

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Posted by gamingeek Thu, 28 Aug 2008 20:47:46 (comments: 8)
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 03:29:20
Greatest film ever made. Nuff said.

Damn straight.
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:38:00
"Greatest film ever made. Nuff said."

Not even the best Miyazaki, and Miyazaki hasn't made the greatest film ever made. Nyaa

"Bichunmoo is a korean wuxia film similar to movies like Crouching Tiger, but on a lower budget. It packs a huge emotional punch but is unpolished comparitevly."

Is it is as boring?
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:38:47
God I hate not having an edit button.

My sister really wants me to see Internal Affairs, but it's bloody hard to track down. Sad
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 10:08:52
Infernal affairs is easy as pie to track down. If you have a credit/debit card and shop online. Try cdwow or yesasia, I use them regularly.

I watched Spirited Away again last saturday night. It's a special film to me so I tend to go for ages without watching it to almost forget how it feels, forget the details and experience it with that little semblance of freshness each time.

Bichunmoo is in the same vein as Flying Daggers, Hero, Crouching Tiger etc. It's just done on a far lower budget and it really shows, the fights scenes are pretty poor and inexplicably done with modern dance music. They also have people's bodys being split apart anime style. But it totally nails the drama aspect, really quite powerfully. It has an ending that rivals Grave of the Fireflies ability to make a grown man cry.

Fri, 29 Aug 2008 15:03:06
Easy to buy I'm sure, but I'd rather rent it first. Her word is worth nothing! Nyaa

Well the drama part was what I found so bad about CTHD. The fighting was kinda cool, but if I just wanna watching fighting I'll look up some martial arts on the net, and find something that doesn't drag on for hours. Nyaa
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 19:24:44
The drama in Bichunmoo is notably less drawn out than in crouching tiger. Still, I cant stress enough that the film is unpolished. It's worth watching if you can rent it, I bought it afterwards but only because it was £5
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 20:20:32
Best movie ever = "The Usual Suspects"

Agree or Kayser Söze will kill you in your sleep!
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 20:38:01
He can try!
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