Every accounting website I've had to rely on in the course of my studies this semester has been disgraceful. They fail without fail.

I've already shown Yodariquo how unreliable one website from one of the most highly respected accounting designations in Canada is, but I think I've found a new low...

Ironically, the Canadian Public Accountability Board, an organization tasked with making sure that auditors are doing their work completely and correctly, didn't bother to check their own website, which is full of broken links.

See here for an example. Click the "How We Work" hyperlink. Apparently they don't. The programmer filled in "website01" in place of the domain name in the link. I encountered this twice within 30 seconds before giving up on that site.
Posted by Yarcofin Tue, 24 Feb 2009 03:39:58 (comments: 2)
Tue, 24 Feb 2009 04:03:26
They designed that site in Visual Studio.  website01 is the project name, and because the domain wasn't specified in the link it seems to have defaulted to website01 instead of cpab-ccrc.ca.  I haven't actually deployed a .NET site, so I'm completely sure of the specifics, but yeah.  Not good.

Also, I hope this page looks as terrible for you as it does for me in Opera.

Tip: If you're going to use white as your background colour, still define the background colour as white.  Mine, by default, is teal.

Lastly, can you please tell me the purpose of this cancel button
Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:53:47
Hey Kettle, call on line 1 from Pot re:Your blackness. LOL
Though I guess your button is functional in that it closes the login so you can use the search bar, which I've never used.

My all-time worst displaying page in Opera goes to www.weather.ca easily. Which really pisses me off because I used to check that site on a regular basis. I filled out a "Contact Us" form telling them that their page displays as a white background with 50 pages of text and links down the left hand side in Opera back in January, but no response or changes yet.
I guess I'll have to boycott them in favour of weatheroffice.gc.ca.
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