Just a quick note, the following is not game related and may not even be all that humorous. We'll see as I write it.

Okay so whether you live in America or not, you probably saw some sort of news coverage last week about a white nationalist/supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia that turned very ugly. Hard to believe a bunch of people who identify with Nazis attract negativity huh?  As bad as it is though, it's starting to unite everyone else. Lots of people who might have been on the sidelines no longer are, and that's a good thing. And one thing we're starting to see is individuals who were marching with the white nationalists or whatever you want to call them are being identified and singled out. They're being reported to employers and losing their jobs. Basically they're paying the price for their hate speech. Good. However, I'm starting to worry that the righteous might be getting a little too righteous with their vengeance.

One of the people who was recently singled out and identified as taking part of all of this was a cosplayer who went by the name Alisa Kiss, and she's someone I happen to know. She was never an A-list cosplay celeb (who are all D-list celebs in the first place), but Alisa was one of the first girls out there with a name that you could say and other people in the scene would at least recognize her name and even today a lot of people in the Southeast know her name. This is partially due to a couple reasons:  

1. Her costumes which were good.  

2. The pool of costumers was a lot smaller in the 2000's than it is now.

3. She had a softcore/tease porn site that apparently made her quite a few bucks for a while.

I won't pretend to have ever been friends with Alisa or I even have something nice to say about her. Frankly, she was always kind of a cunt. I first met her 15 years ago when I went to my first big comic convention, DragonCon, and we were all a part of the burgeoning cosplay scene. Sidenote, that's also when I met a pre-boob job Yaya Han for the first time. Anyway, Alisa was not particularly friendly to many people and earned a pretty deserved reputation of giving the cold sholder to anyone who wasn't a photographer and being pretty full of herself. But we were in the same social circles so our paths crossed from time to time and over the years our paths crossed multiple times. She even dated a friend of mine for a few months. And in all that time I learned more than anything else she was dumb as a brick. Brown toilet paper kind of dumb. So now that I hear she is attending a white pride neo-nazi rally? Well it makes a certain amount of sense.

So that brings us back to earlier in the week when it was discovered by someone or something that she attended the event in Charlottesville. I don't know all the details of how that was discovered, but it was. She tried to deny it at first and insisted she was just in the area. That was proven to be a lie. Then the real damage hit. An article about her was posted at Bleeding Cool News and it details everything that went on and even provided video of her alongside her husband who does appear to be a full-fledged cardboard shield carrying neo-nazi. - https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/08/18/supergirl-cosplayer-went-charlottesville-guess-whose-side/

Anyway the fallout for her has been pretty swift. She's deleted her social media accounts or locked them down. Her web host is no longer hosting her porn site. And on social media... yikes. Since we travel in similar social circles we have several mutual friends on Facebook, and man let me tell you I'm seeing the virtual lynch mob up close and personal and it is scary. There are insults, mud slinging and death threats. If I'm to believe everything I hear she's been a racist since high school, and her mom is an even worse and a full fledged neo-nazi.

Surprisingly though I almost feel bad for her.  Almost.  Like I said before Alisa, while cold, was stupid as fuck. I can honestly see her husband brainwashing her to some extent. But that really doesn't matter. She was there, she was chanting, and she earned the fallout. Take away her cosplay fame. Take away her porn site. But the lynch mob mentality that's heating up... I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. There's too much being thrown around, and who knows if its all true. Seeing what's happening to her makes me wonder what would happen if the wrong person got fingered in a case like this. Hell, it did a few years ago during the Trayvon Martin shooting and Spike Lee tweeted the address of the shooter George Zimmerman. But it turned out, it was the wrong George Zimmerman, and the result was an innocent elderly couple got harassed and threatened (there's your additional reason to dislike Spike Lee if you needed one).

So it's all got me wondering about justice and how far people should take things. Hell, I just want this summer to be over. Things always seem to get bad when it gets hot. I think that alone is reason enough to care about global warming.

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Fri, 01 Sep 2017 00:14:47
Yodariquo said:
Something completely overlooked in the American bubble of punditry is the lack of employee rights in the United States. Most states are "at-will employment" states, which basically means you can be fired at any time for any reason. Kind of along the same lines as there being no requirement for vacation, sick leave, or pretty much any other consideration that employees may in fact be humans with needs. Whether or not you can be fired for being at a racist protest should be something defined in the labour laws, regardless of which side of the debate on hate speech you fall.

By the way, you have been in this country long enough now that you should start spelling labor correctly. No "u."
Sat, 02 Sep 2017 20:37:15
Hey now, that's not very neighbourly.
Sun, 03 Sep 2017 04:08:21

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 14:20:16

So awesome. LOL

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