The 2008 American Presidential Election was a historic one. Not because the winner was black, not because the loser was old, and not because by the end of the campaign Obama hadn't given American voters a single policy. No, it was historic because for the first time the proud capistalist nation elected a socialist leader. But with their dwindling economy, and their impending recession, perhaps there were capitalist motives to electa socialist President.

Socialist Power!

Capitalism—as I'm sure you are all aware—shall now be bastardised by me so that it is easier to understand. In its strongest essence Capitalism is about those involved in the economy making money freely as they wish. Of course, this means that a very small percentange of people get the money, while the rest of us make it for them.

Socialism however—as I'm sure you are all aware—shall now be bastardised by me so that it is easier to understand. In its strongest essence Socialism is about the government stealing the money from the small percentage of people who make money, and giving it back to those who made the money for them. In reality of course, the government keeps the money so that nobody except the government makes money.

Money makers. Look at her shirt, it must have been all she could afford.

With one of the highest American voter turn outs (64%) in the last 100 years, there were more likely to be those who were making the money for the people that get the money, voting. And with the economy shooting itself in the foot many of those that get the money have lost it. The thing about Capitalism is that at the very core of it, the important thing is profit, regardless of how a profit is made. So it would appear that those who were making money, realised that the money they were making wasn't going to them, so to make a larger profit the only option was socialism. They would make more money, and the working structure would not have to change:

they would still make little money for making the money, while those at the top will still make the profits, however a percentage of those profits will be taken from them, and given back to those who worked for the profit, thus completing a perfect circle of capitalism where everyone is free to profit, instead of just those at the top

Posted by Foolz Thu, 06 Nov 2008 11:35:14 (comments: 3)
Thu, 06 Nov 2008 15:32:12

Putin > Obama. Fact Tongue out

Thu, 06 Nov 2008 16:02:49

I'd be inclined to agree.

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 03:53:24

Putin has already featured on my GS blog! Grinning

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