Well as promised I will explain all the references in the Fedor vs Arlovski webcomic. I will try to make it an enjoyable and educational crash course in the world of MMA. But before I do that, let me start by posting the whole comic for the guys who missed it the first time around!

Okay let me now explain panel by panel

Fedor is going to fight Arlovski this Saturday. You can see the picture of their staredown below

Check out Arlovski fangs he always wears fangs when he fights, his nickname is the Pitbull!

About the 3 commentators, I do not know who the bald one to the left is, but the one in the middle is Big John McCarthy (former ref) and next to him is Frank Trigg ( mixed martial artist and pro wrestler).

The statement Trigg makes about Fedor looking like he is going to do his taxes, is about the way Fedor enters the ring. No single trace of emotion on his face, he looks very relaxed. When people see Fedor for the first time, his stoic attitude is one of the biggest thing people notice about him.

Oh and the penis picture behind Arlovski, is a reference to "How taste my peepee". Arlovski had a hot girlfriend, but after they broke up, she was seen with Arlovski's arch rival Tim Sylvia. When a reporter asked him about this, Arlovski said they have to ask Sylvia how taste his peepee!

Patrycja Mikula

Not much here, except the referee. I think it is Dan Miragliotta.

Yep, it is him alright

Ahh, there are more references here. Ahh Casting, Fedor has weird loopy punches. Igor Vovchanchyn used them too. Here you can see an Igor highlight, Igor was a very dangerous striker! The punches look weird, but they are proven to be effective! Even against good strikers with a more traditional style.

But that has not stopped some people critizising Fedor's technique. One of the most vocal one is Freddy Roach a legendary boxing trainer. He said that Fedor is flat-footed and has no technique!

Oh I almost forgot, Roach is Arlovski's Boxing trainer.

The MEGA MASS 2000 can be explained by a picture of Fedor's younger years.

Fedor is ripped!

A quick explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the rules of MMA. When someone is on the ground the ref can stand them up if nothing is happening. As you can see here Fedor is trying to finish Arlovski with a kimura, but the ref stands them up anyways.

This is exactly what happened in Arlovski's last fight against Roy Nelson. Nelson was going for a submission, but the ref standed them up anyways. See here around 3:10 mark.

The next part you can see Joe Rogan (Presentor Fear Factor, comedian and UFC commentator) and Eddie Bravo (Jiu Jutsu guy). Both are known to be for Marijuana legalization. So that explains the hash pipe thrown by Rogan. Eddie is the creator of the "Rubber Guard" a technique that requires high degree of flexibility, that explains him holding his foot in a weird way. About the isolation tank, Rogan has a flotation tank in his basement!

Ahh, the stange chicken dance Fedor did when Fujita punched him real hard!

Ahh the Arlovski = Leonidas comparison! He does look like him 

The sentence about food is something Fedor mentioned in a interview! He said when he was younger he and his family had hardly anything to eat, so now when he fights he remembers those times, and see his opponent trying to take food away from his family. They must be eliminated. (sorry I can't find the interview)

Ahh the rocket fuel guy is Renzo Gracie, he made this comment in the Fedor Emelianenko documentary (around the 5:50 mark, but watch because the whole ducumentary because it is awesome)! If you want to know more about the Gracie family, see the Gracie Jiu Jutsu documentary

The last panel is quite funny. The guy on the left is Tsuyoshi Kohsaka!

He is the guy who is responsible for Fedor's only loss in MMA. Which was due to a cut.You can see the video here. The cut was done by an elbow, which is illegal under Rings. But because it was a tourmanent and Fedor could not go on, they gave Kohsaka the win!

The guy next to him is Blagoi Iavonov. This is the guy Fedor lost to in Combat Sambo. He lost because of a takedown! More info here

Ahh the third panel has so much references. As you can see he is watching it from his PC illegaly, like most "hardcore" MMA Sherdog fans. He can't wait to see a gif, well in Sherdog that is quite common to ask about GIFs. Here is one example. Pay close attention to the dog, the dog looks like the Sherdog dog!


He is also holding the dog in a rear naked choke. Which could be a reference to Arlovski with him being the Pitbull and all, or it could be this.

You can also see a Kimbo Slice poster, he is the most hyped fighter ever. Until he was defeated by a nobody!

The guy bragging about his 400-0 record is Rickson Gracie. The 400-0 is inflated with sparring matches against amateurs and he has only 11 MMA fights. He even claimed he could beat Fedor.

The old guy is Helio Gracie, Rickson's father and creator of Gracie Jiu Jutsu. He said the 400-0 record is BS in a interview. You can see the interview here.

Trigginomics is Trigg's company

Check out Fedor's face, looks exactly like after the CroCop fight.

He also has this weird smile

And check out his broken thumb. Fedor has throughout his career had trouble with hand injuries. In his last fight against Sylvia, he has chiped his thumb. He fought Crocop with a broken right hand. He had many injuries with his right hand.

The last row of pictures is about Asses who always critique Fedor. These guys never give him any credit. Always discrediting his opponent if Fedor beats them easily! The biggest one has to be Dana White, the UFC president! He made many statements about Fedor, like he is not even top 5 Heavyweight. The real reason; Fedor is not in the UFC.

The last part is about the Fedor facts. They are the old Chuck Norris jokes, but with Fedor. Which makes a whole lot more sense, because Fedor is truly badass.

The giraffe thing is Fedor Fact 21 "Giraffes were created when Fedor uppercutted a horse" Or in this case an Ass (donkey) instead of a horse!

I hope you guys enjoyed it, and be sure to watch the Fedor and Gracie Jiu Jutsu documentaries!

Oh be sure to watch Fedor vs Arlovski this Saturday. I am hyped for the fight, may the best man win!

Posted by Iga_Bobovic Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:57:41 (comments: 8)
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 04:01:47
Ah, it finally makes sense! Great explanation.

Is that a penis in the first frame btw? (Third pi c in the first frame, in the back ground being held up by a fan).
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 04:19:15
Wow. That makes it so much easier to understand.
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 09:19:58


I added it in the blog. It is "How taste my peepee reference. Check it out it is kinda funny!


I glad you understand it better, that was the reason I made it.

Sat, 24 Jan 2009 03:50:55
It is now complete! Grinning
Sat, 24 Jan 2009 04:23:04

Pfft, obviously you haven't heard of... this guy.

Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:18:59

Yes it is Foolz

Yarco, actually I have. He lost against Pat Miletic (correct spelling)

Sat, 24 Jan 2009 16:13:02
I mean the guy on the left, look at those hooks! Grinning
Sat, 24 Jan 2009 23:17:24

Finally read it, great stuff.

Tonight is the big night. Go Fedor!!

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