5. Killzone 2 (PS3)

Going back to the first time the PS3 was announced way back in 2005, one of the first things that Sony showed off was some footage for Killzone 2, a sequel to a game that while had some cool things about it, no-one really dug. But going back to the footage; despite it later being revealed to be pre-rendered footage, it was quite possibly the most stunning CG work that people had seen for a console, and while it didn’t quite match it when it was released four years later, it’s still damned impressive stuff. And easily among the best looking games on any console.

What makes Killzone 2 great is just how different it feels to most first person shooters currently available on consoles. This isn’t the rabbit fast pacing of something like Call of Duty, but more of a deliberate, realistic pacing. It’s slow, but definitely rewarding – as the game feels just fantastic. Everything has a good weight and feel to it, which is refreshing. And it feels very satisfying to shoot someone, which is all you can ask for a good shooter.


The other big different comes in the form of a cover system. It sounds like such a simple and pointless addition, but here, it totally works. And makes dying a lot less painful, especially when you know you can take cover successfully. It can totally change the way skirmishes play out. In fact, it’s such an awesome addition that you do really wish for other games like it to have it, like Modern Warfare 2; or wish that other games that at least used it would do it right, like Rogue Warrior.


Furthermore, the game is just a blast to play online. Why? Well, aside from taking the same base game and allowing the customization elements you’d have in something like a Call of Duty game, there are plenty of modifications to ensure that it’s a different, yet still fun experience. This includes major things like being able to run for infinite lengths, or smaller things like using your own music as the games soundtrack. They add up to make one of the more fun experiences on the Playstation Network.


If anything though, the only real thing that Killzone 2 doesn’t do well is originality. Sure, there are some cool new features and what not, but there’s very little originality, and does feel like yet another space marine shooter. But the games truly biggest success is just how much of an improvement it really is over its PS2 predecessor. And really, if you’re looking for a great FPS experience that you can only really get on the PS3, Killzone 2 is right up your alley.


Posted by darthhomer Wed, 16 Dec 2009 02:08:44 (comments: 3)
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:44:43

I would buy this. There is nothing original about call of duty either or most FPS.
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 00:26:37
Well said Homer, I agree with your sum up.
Sat, 19 Dec 2009 00:20:33
But, "If anything though, the only real thing that Killzone 2 doesn’t do well is originality."
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