PlayStation 42.50
Overall 2.50
Fuck you Sonic Team. This is the worst thing I have played starring Sonic. Sonic 06 at least tried to be a good game, there was a game that could have been good in there it was just a glitchy mess. Sonic Forces is far more disgusting as its a technically sound game, it runs about as well a 3D sonic runs. The problem is how uninspired the levels are and a complete disregard for the skill based gameplay of all 3D sonics.

These levels are insulting. Most are over in a miniute and a half and most of it is filled with auto shit and boring boosting. Thats when you are sonic, you maybe forced to play as your avatar creation which plays like a broken colors ripoff, I don't understand how you take a great base like Colors and make this shit. There is no challenge, no skill involed, no reason to learn the levels and plan better routes cause there are almost no routes just one shitty one.

I love 3D Sonics cause there is nothing like them, they are roller coaster action games where split second timing and mastery of every inch of the levels allows for high ranks. Mastering these games was the game. I once stopped playing for TWO MINUTES, then slowly took my time and beat the level and still got an S rank. WTF?! The scoring is basically gone, its just collect rings and finish the level in a decent time, even if you go take a shit and come back you can probably finish the level for s rank.

The 2D classic sonic levels are by far the best part though coming after Mania its very easy to see how poorly this controls. But at the very least it sort of feels like a sonic level, they have nice themed levels and have some semblance of a platforming challenge.

There is nothing to do outside the levels. Bonus stages are shorter than ever and not challenging in the slightest. Now harder modes, no nothing. It is a bare bones crap game that thankfully only lasts like 4 hours. The story is garbage by sonic standards as well. This is Sonic for babies, this is Sonic team not giving three shits about anything. I know this engine works, I know the formula is good CAUSE FUCKING UNLEASHED AND GENERATIONS WAS AWESOME. You assholes, over 5 years and you make this SHIT.
Posted by Dvader Wed, 11 Apr 2018 05:10:03
Sun, 15 Apr 2018 14:30:13
I get the feeling Sonic Team hate their job and have no love for making Sonic games anymore.
Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:50:05
I don't get how Colors was so good, now this?
Thu, 19 Apr 2018 20:04:55
I might not be remembering this right, but I swear Nintendo EAD actually consulted with Sonic team when Colors was being developed.
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