Overall 6.80
Very cool concept, recreating a fictional internet circa 1999 complete with hundreds of old school webpages, music files, images, games, and movie clips. Its mostly a detective puzzle game as you use the tools of your fake PC and search engine to locate "criminals" violating the programs laws. Most of the puzzles are well designed with enough direction to give you a nice push but you having full freedom to investigate on your own. I did get stuck a few times but there is an in game hint stuff for the more obscure solutions, one can become stuck and since there is so much to search it might feel like hitting a wall.

Still it remains in interesting for the 6-8 hours it lasts, it progresses well and has so much interesting side content you dont even need to read. The devs clearly put tons of effort into making this feel like a true fictional internet full of made up news, made up sports, made up products. There are fake pokemon, fake video game reviews, fake book clubs and much more. By far the best are the fake music bands and the included songs all throughout the game. Catchy jingles, so bad its great rock songs, I cannot express how incredible the soundtrack is.

Its cool, simple browser puzzle game that stands out due to the creativity on the fictional world they created.

Posted by Dvader Sat, 09 Jan 2021 21:55:59
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