Overall 9.30
Doom 2016 was a tremendous achievement, bring back the unbridled joy of running and gunning with incredible fast paced action. It didn't recreate the classic Doom level design but the combat was the shining star. Eternal takes it all one step further and honestly makes the last one feel like the test game for this brilliant shooter.

Eternal refines the great combat of the last game to make it more strategic, almost like a chess game on speed played between two people that can move at the speed of light while on fire in hell. Enemies now have weak points that can be exploited by specific mods of weapons, hitting those weak points can greatly increase your chance of survival during the mayhem that occurs on screen constantly. The rock, paper, scissors system of ammo and life gathering now adds armor to the mix. Need ammo use the chainsaw which now auto fills, need armor use the new flame thrower that has a refill, need life get those glory kills. The whole game is designed on this careful balance of using the right weapons at the right time while keeping some lesser enemies around as a way to refuel while you battle tons and tons of greater demons.

The result is ballet of carnage; blood, guts and fire all over. You moving faster than ever due to the new dash button that allows you to dodge and maneuver around the large battle fields a breeze. Most encounters are thrilling adrenaline pumping moments of bliss. For the first time I felt a FPS had the depth of a hack and slash action game like DMC.

The level design forgoes the metroid like design of the last one for a more straightforward design with loads of optional paths for extra rewards. This means you are always moving forward and the environments play more of a role now, some look like they are straight out of Mario Galaxy with fireballs and rotating flame bars as you platform across the sky. Yes, Eternal has some decent platforming in the mix. Many times looking for secrets in Doom 2016 was a pain, you would run all around empty levels looking for what you missed. This game just pushes you forward, if you miss something at the very end of the level you unlock a fast travel that can take you right to any point of the map to get what you missed and its all labeled. Puzzles usually block your way to the bigger secrets, some lead to awesome challenge rooms, all give you points for the many upgrades that make your Doom guy more badass by the minute.

Its a long game, about 15 hours to see most of it. There are master levels that are a big challenge but for now only for two levels, they say more will be added later. The big negative is the lack of modes compared to 2016 like no arcade mode or the level editor. It seems the game is still a work in progress, all should be free upgrades. There is a 2 v 1 multiplayer mode where two players play as monsters trying to kill one slayer. It's good fun but not deep enough to make me sink that much time into it.

This is the best Doom game since 2, its one of the best action games this gen. It's one of the best FPSs I've played in years. Sure the level design is still not what Doom was originally, instead they lean into the combat and make a brilliant action FPS that is deep and a joy to play.
Posted by Dvader Mon, 13 Apr 2020 23:55:21
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 00:00:40
Chess? Dmc? Oh boy, can't wait for Foolz and Gagan to get here.  LOL
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 10:14:47
It is from all accounts, a game that deserves and rewards respect for gaming, so it is no surprise it got such a good score from you.
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 23:35:34
Yes lure them in!
Mon, 30 Nov 2020 09:51:06
I started it this weekend. Id say its a very defined game in terms of intent. Self loathing almost.
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