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[] Ubisoft is teasing a new announcement Edit news gamingeek
[] Is Sony declaring defeat on handheld? Edit gamingeek
[] Battlefront's styling is pure Star Wars, but...'s a Battlefield game at heart Edit gamingeek
[] LEGO Dimensions 'comfortably' outselling Skylanders Superchargers & Disney Infinity 3 Edit gamingeek
[] Titanfall is celebrating reaching 10 million... something The question is what exactly the 10 million figure refers too Edit gamingeek
[] Assassin's Creed Syndicate is over 40GB on Xbox One Worth it Edit gamingeek
[] Street Fighter V - Laura pics leak Edit gamingeek
[] Havok to join Microsoft Rumour has it Cyclops may also join Edit gamingeek
[] Shenmue III : Yu Suzuki recruits NoconKid Guy who made Shenmue fan project Edit gamingeek
[] New Shin Megami Tensei for 3DS Edit gamingeek
[] The Legend of Zelda 'Zelda bust' cake Wow... Edit gamingeek
[] Miyamoto, Tezuka discuss the struggle of finding the right amount of challenge for Mario games Edit gamingeek
[] Euro downloads - October 8 (Starwhal, tons of VC games and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Interbrand drops Nintendo from list of top 100 brands Interbrand Japan CEO Yuki Wada said Nintendo was snubbed apparently because the Kyoto-based game-maker is not keeping up with changes in people’s lives, pointing to its failure to jump on the smart. Edit gamingeek
[] Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Curse uncovered Unseen64 video feature - Edit gamingeek
[] There is no news, no news at all Keep calm and carry on Edit SupremeAC
[] Far Cry Primal trailer Coming Feb 2016. Edit media Dvader
[] Destiny microtransactions confirmed Pay enough real money and you can afford Splatoon Edit gamingeek
[] Far Cry Primal leaked ahead of official reveal is set 'in the Ice Age', Edit gamingeek
[] Can your PC run Star Wars Battlefront? Probably not Edit gamingeek
[] MGSV now lets you buy insurance to protect your base – using real money Edit gamingeek
[] Far Cry Primal leaks from Ubisoft Edit gamingeek
[] Zelda: Symphony to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Edit gamingeek
[] Hyrule Warriors Legends - Skull Kid to be playable Phantom Ganon to be a boss Edit gamingeek
[] MGS5 is getting microtransactions, more of them we encourage stealing from other bases. Now buy insurance! Edit news SupremeAC
[] Destiny is getting microtransactions Pay to W... err, Dance Edit SupremeAC
[] Cape Coming to Minecraft Allows players to soar around their worlds. Edit news aspro
[] MGS Insurance Microtransaction Yeah, it's over. Edit news aspro
[] Oculus Will Be $350+ Let's face it, it comes down to how much you'll pay for VR porn. Edit news aspro
[] Transformers: Devastation (8.5) Review Edit impressions phantom_leo
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