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[] Massive Update coming July 1st for Street Fighter V Story Mode, Daily Challenges, Ibuki --AND-- Balrog... Get a glimpse of Juri and Urien in the video too! Edit media phantom_leo
[] Xbox Co-Creator Confirms That Microsoft Discussed a Partnership With Nintendo Edit gamingeek
[] Resident Evil 7 won't be a supernatural ghost story No Sam and Dean, confirmed Edit gamingeek
[] What the hell is a teraflop anyway? Digital Foundry explains Edit gamingeek
[] Xbox defends E3 line-up: 'We wanted to show games people can buy soon' Edit gamingeek
[] A new Kinect game came out today Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom explains why Resident Evil & Biohazard names have merged for Resi 7 Edit gamingeek
[] Aonuma: Zelda: BotW not inspired by Skyrim meaning to Master Sword in logo Edit gamingeek
[] SEGA on building a relationship with Nintendo appreciating their partnerships Edit gamingeek
[] Reggie - Zelda: BotW struck a chord with gamers talks East/West market differences Edit gamingeek
[] This week's European downloads - June 30 (LEGO Star Wars, BOXBOXBOY! and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Everything you need to know about Berserk Edit gamingeek
[] Sony forces Saudi gamer called Jihad to change his PSN ID Edit gamingeek
[] Watch: What's new with Yooka-Laylee? Edit gamingeek
[] Inside (10) Masterpiece! Review Archie! Pay attention! Edit impressions phantom_leo
[] Scalebound Hideki Kamiya interview "I'm not really concerned about making it so everybody loves it" Edit gamingeek
[] EA, Ubisoft and Activision think Neo and Scorpio Are great ideas Edit gamingeek
[] Link can jump in the latest Zelda. Here's why that's a big deal Edit gamingeek
[] Characters from The Witcher, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and BioShock - beautifully re-imagined Edit gamingeek
[] Fatherhood isn't the shortcut to emotional complexity games wish it was - GOW4 related Edit editorial gamingeek
[] Batman: Return to Arkham collection delayed You deserved the delay Edit gamingeek
[] New Ninja Gaiden project in the works; first details coming in July Edit gamingeek
Miyamoto teases a special element to NX "If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker" Edit gamingeek
[] Zero Escape series director thanks fans for making the latest entry possible Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted 4's multiplayer gets an update. An all new map and leveling system. Edit travo
[] Nintendo AGM 2016 Researching VR to have core technology, NX and financial stuff Edit gamingeek
[] Yakuza 6 pics Edit gamingeek
[] New God of War 4 interview Edit gamingeek
[] Sony Doesn't Plan to Imitate Microsoft's Xbox and PC Unification Strategy Edit gamingeek
[] Hands-on with Injustice 2: will the new gear system cripple or crown Nether Realm’s next fighting game? Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo Reconfirms NX’s March 2017 Launch And More At 76th General Shareholder’s Meeting Edit gamingeek
[] Zelda: Breath of the Wild must sell 2m copies to be profitable, report Edit gamingeek
[] PlayStation Plus subscriptions have almost doubled in the last 18 months Edit gamingeek
[] Humble PC & Android Bundle 14 includes Badland Please Don't Touch Anything & much more Edit gamingeek
[] Video: What's new with Yooka-Laylee? - Developer Video interview and gameplay Edit gamingeek
[] Monster Hunter Generations devs talk dev goals future series goals, not going annual Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft shifts one million Xbox One Elite controllers Hey Big Spencer! Edit SupremeAC
[] Nintendo is running low on time to show NX to the public Arstechnica Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft is giving students a free Xbox One with Surface Pro 4 purchases Edit gamingeek
[] Sony Talks PlayStation VR Controllers Duration of Experience and Marketing Strategy Edit gamingeek
[] Shenmue III First Anniversary Video Edit gamingeek
[] Here’s the Final Fantasy 7 licensed Monopoly nobody ever asked for Edit gamingeek
[] PS4 Neo news, rumours, specs and more: what we think we know about Sony’s new console Edit gamingeek
[] Zelda: BOTW is Nintendo's Boldest Step Into Contemporary Game Design Edit gamingeek
[] The GamePad Screen is, Tellingly, Largely Redundant in Breath of the Wild's Demo Edit gamingeek
[] LA hotel can't tell the difference between GTA 5 screenshot and actual LA Edit media gamingeek
[] AMD Radeon RX 480 review Edit gamingeek
[] Dragon's Crown pulled from PSN amid NIS America and Atlus fall out Edit gamingeek
[] New Ninja Gaiden isn't a game Edit gamingeek
[] Big in Japan Sale launches on PSN Edit gamingeek
[] Solid Snake Gets Naked Edit gamingeek
Pokémon TV Comes to Apple TV Edit gamingeek
[] BioShock: The Collection Includes All 3 Games, All DLC Coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One in the US on Sept. 13th! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Splatoon's final Splatfest asks the ultimate question Callie or Marie? threesome sadly not an option. Edit SupremeAC
[] Splatoon headed to mobile unofficially, thanks to some shady chinese company. Edit SupremeAC
[] Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (7.6) Good Review Edit impressions phantom_leo
[] Zero Time Dilemma (9.2) AMAZING! Review Last part of the 999, Virtue's Last Reward trilogy. Edit impressions phantom_leo
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