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[] Doom trailer! Release date  May 13th! it kind of looks like doom!!!! media Dvader
[] Mirrors edge 2 trailer! looks really good media Dvader
[] Star Wars and Halo collide to create Podracing Halo 5 No Anakin No Sale gamingeek
[] XCOM 2: Your New Obsession? Fragrance coming soon media gamingeek
[] Square Enix doesn't offer any actual sales figures For Tomb Raider or Just Cause 3 gamingeek
[] GTA V passes 60 million shipped gamingeek
[] HITMAN - World of Assassination Trailer World of Ass trailer on Brazzers media gamingeek
[] Pokkén Tournament Tutorial Trailer gamingeek
[] Grand Kingdom | Announce trailer | PS4 & PS Vita NIS media news gamingeek
[] LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - new info on canonical content not found in the movie gamingeek
[] Smash Bros. Wii U - Bayonetta/Corrin Final Smashes victory screens, gameplay footage media gamingeek
[] PAX South - cosplay gallery gamingeek
[] Twilight Princess HD - GamePad footage, more screens This click is worth it guys media gamingeek
[] Twilight Princess HD - info on the GamePad Miiverse Stamps, amiibo & more gamingeek
[] Reminder: The Basic Wii U Sucks Even if the ONLY game you have is Smash, you can't fit all the updates on the Basic U. phantom_leo
[] Nintendo doubled down on motion controls for Star Fox Zero NWReport rumor gamingeek
[] Complaints About Excessive Cheating In The Division Ubisoft Responds gamingeek
[] No, Nintendo isn't going to make VR games editorial gamingeek
[] This week's North American downloads - February 4 (Shutshimi, Smash DLC and more) gamingeek
[] Nintendo investor Q&A - Kimishima won't talk NX yet explains mobile plans, Nintendo's strategy gamingeek
[] IGN - More footage Twilight Princess HD Hands on preview impressions media gamingeek
[] Dave Mirra passes away at 41 Commits suicide gamingeek
[] Ico Tribute game The Girl and the Robot dev update - The Maze gamingeek
[] Today Marks Street Fighter II’s 25th Anniversary HAppy birthDay to yOU, KEN! news phantom_leo
[] Platinum: A brief history of Edit gamingeek
[] Red Dead Redemption 'accidentally' released on Xbox One backwards compatibility Edit gamingeek
[] The Division lets players 'disable certain lighting aspects' to improve framerate on PS4 & Xbox One Edit gamingeek
[] PC version of The Division has to be kept 'in check' with PS4 & Xbox One, says dev aka gimping Edit gamingeek
[] Insider source: key partners in possession of NX dev kits late 2016 release looking plausible Edit gamingeek
[] Kimishima - Big 3DS games coming NX work continues, mobile goals detailed Edit gamingeek
[] Platinum's Kamiya talks goals with Bayonetta harsh directing style & more Edit gamingeek
[] The Legend of Zelda Suite performed live by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra Edit gamingeek
[] Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - How Sticker Star influenced the game, how tutorials were handled Edit gamingeek
[] This week's European downloads - February 11 (Bravely Second Demo, Oddworld and more) Edit gamingeek
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