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[] Link's Awakening Story Trailer ​ Shows Off Stunningly Beautiful Gameplay Edit media gamingeek
[] We played modern games on a CRT monitor  and the results are phenomenal Edit gamingeek
[] Nicalis boss responds to allegations of racism discrimination, and controlling behaviour Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom producer responds to Project Resistance​ criticism from RE fans Edit gamingeek
[] Sunset Overdrive is owned by Sony now Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem: Three Houses most likely the best-selling ​ game in franchise history in the U.S. when digital sales are factored in Edit gamingeek
[] Fairy Tale 'characters' trailer released new details shared (battle system, development 50% complete, and more) Edit media gamingeek
[] ​Image & Form working on a 3D project Edit gamingeek
[] Marvelous gives an update on Rune Factory 5's​ development, Rune Factory 4 Special dated for release in Hong Kong/Taiwan Edit news gamingeek
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered  Favorite Memories trailer Edit media gamingeek
[] Fight N Rage trailer, beat em up Switch and XB1 Edit media gamingeek
[] ​Link's Awakening: Critical Consensus Edit gamingeek
[] Link's Awakening Review - A Magical Remastering  Nintendolife Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch review - a dream come true ​ Eurogamer Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is a new RTS ​ based on the Netflix TV show Edit gamingeek
[] Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition getting ​ Switch eShop demo tomorrow Edit gamingeek
[] This week's North American downloads - September 19 ​ (Link's Awakening, Untitled Goose Game and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Digital Foundry Links Awakening Video A stunning remake Edit gamingeek
[] Luigi's Mansion 3 to feature paid DLC for ScareScraper​ and ScreamPark modes Edit gamingeek
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