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[] ​Tech journalist and Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott: "Xbox has never been profitable" Edit gamingeek
[] (5 x The Evil Within 2)​ pics Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon’s Manga Gets A Fresh New Animation Check Out Its First Episode Edit gamingeek
[] Translation of BOTW Japanese Ending  Prompts Interesting Debate Edit gamingeek
[]  One idea for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3  was Darth Vader and Starkiller co-op            Edit gamingeek
[] SW Battlefront 2 will have ‘vastly improved’ air combat Aside from Porkins Edit gamingeek
[] ​Overwatch is getting Deathmatch modes, another map  and more tweaks to Heroes Edit gamingeek
[] Sales of Nier Automata saved Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya says Edit gamingeek
[] ​Batman: The Telltale Series for Switch pops up  in GameStop's system, available to preorder Edit gamingeek
RiME's Switch delay explained Edit gamingeek
[] ​Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer shares a detailed look at the immense scope of the project Edit gamingeek
​EA testing Switch support with FIFA  "and maybe a couple of others" Edit gamingeek
[] ​Rayman Legends Definitive Edition - demo returns to Switch eShop in EU/Austraila Edit gamingeek
[] GameStop Gets Major Nintendo Switch Restock  in the US, But Only In Stores Edit gamingeek
[] Titanfall's smartphone game offers a possible insight into why the series is struggling Edit gamingeek
[] ​Ubisoft talks Mario + Rabbids, working with Nintendo and renewing the strategy genre Edit gamingeek
[] ​ Review Agents of Mayhem review Edit gamingeek
[] ​Sonic Mania - launch trailer Edit gamingeek
[] ​Masuda became ill due to the stress of keeping  the Pokemon franchise growing after Gold/Silver Edit gamingeek
[] Windows Central: Sonic Mania Review "Best Sonic game in years " 4.5/5 Edit editorial impressions aspro
[] ReCore Definitive Edition​ pics Edit gamingeek
[] Sonic Mania Runs Brilliantly on Switch With One Tiny Drawback Edit gamingeek
[] Dragon Quest XI and Nintendo Switch Still Dominate  the Japanese Charts Edit gamingeek
[] Deadly Premonition dev has announced a game  where everyone turns into a cat - Nyankoi? Edit news gamingeek
[] ​Uncharted: The Lost Legacy characters  make their way to Uncharted 4 multiplayer Edit gamingeek
[] New The Evil Within 2 trailer  Edit gamingeek
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