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Weekly Nintendo Download Update Lost Winds, Rygar, and Domo news robio
[] First New Super Mario Bros Review From ONM Score and brief summary available news robio
Chinatown Wars PSP Reviewed 1up gives it an A- (DS got A) editorial aspro
NFS Nitro Launches 2 Weeks Early Nov 3 is new launch date. news aspro
[] Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles "‘Memories of a Lost City’, ‘Game of Oblivion’ videos" media Ravenprose
[] Next week’s ‘Nintendo Week’ feature "to share details of Castlevania: The Adventure - ReBirth" news Ravenprose
[] IGN Reviews WWE Smackdown V Raw PS2 Franchise tries to reclaim crown. editorial aspro
[] The Costs Of Gaming Addiction editorial Ravenprose
[] Yahoo:Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! best sports game of all time news Ravenprose
[] Seniors Wii bowl for world record and for health It's the world's largest senior citizen Wii bowling tournament news robio
[] New New Super Mario Bros. Videos In case you haven't had your fill media robio
[] What if Xbox Live cost $100 a year? WARNING: Pachter makes a prediction news robio
[] Is Rachet & Clank coming to an end? Probably not, but it's a slow news day news robio
[] Hudson Announces Creature Defense for PSP Remember when Tower Defense games were rare and usual? news robio
[] Uncharted 2 Mulitplayer Impressions Just in case you haven't checked it out impressions robio
Exlcusive GTA: Chinatown Wars Content on PSP new missions and a new character news robio
[] A Hobo Gourmet reviews a Boy and His Blob WAIT FOR THE PRICEDROP!! impressions robio
[] Nintendo has another Mario game news gamingeek
[] Moore: MS likely first with next console editorial news gamingeek
[] God of War collection trailer + pics media gamingeek
[] First Look: Pink & Blue Wiimotes media news gamingeek
[] PSP Go bombing in Australia 1000 units sold news gamingeek
[] Black Wii Bundle Launching in Europe news gamingeek
Shadow Walker: First trailer and screens WiiWare Gamearts game media news gamingeek
[] IGN Ratchet and Clank ACIN review Another stellar PS3 exclusive impressions Dvader
[] Wii claims another TV on the Home Shopping Network Time 5:00 media Ellyoda
Borderlands 1up review B+ impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo could face first profit drop in 6 years news gamingeek
[] 3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer media gamingeek
[] Dev Defends Modern Warfare 2 Length editorial impressions news gamingeek
[] Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage Hands-on impressions gamingeek
[] OPM mag: Killzone 3 coming next year news gamingeek
[] Nintendo to cheap out next gen? Miyamoto says that compact and cost efficient is the way forward news gamingeek
[] New Sakaguchi game in final Phase news gamingeek
[] Lust Gameplay of Dante's inferno media gamingeek
[] Daytona HD Official? news gamingeek
[] Mass Effect 2 images For Steelo media gamingeek
[] Bayonetta videos: WTH is this? media gamingeek
[] God of War 3 images Giant troll beast!!!!!!!!! media gamingeek
[] GAME UK selling special Zelda Spirit tracks Tin box news gamingeek
[] Rabbids Go Home Dog webdocs media gamingeek
[] The Calling NOM preview More Japanese Horror impressions gamingeek
[] Awesome Rabbids Go Home screens media gamingeek
Movie news: Hitman 2 and Spyhunter news gamingeek
[] Tales of Graces art and screens media gamingeek
[] NPD Anita Frazier analyis Second best September, ever editorial gamingeek
[] New Super Mario Bros. Wii - ENT 09: Trailer media gamingeek
[] RE The Darkside Chronicles IGN preview impressions gamingeek
[] Tales of Graces DLC video You get Vesperia clothing! media gamingeek
RE Darkside Chronicles 1up impressions impressions gamingeek
[] Gametrailers Mario and Sonic Winter games Review impressions media gamingeek
[] 3D Dot Heroes Loading Screen Imagery Sold. Fucking SOLD. media darthhomer
Best Buy Canada giving $40 trade-in credit Trade in games for good return news Ellyoda
[] 7 Games That Didn't Meet Expectations Very Solid List Courtesy of Yahoo editorial robio
[] 5 Page Epic Mickey feature Including 5 videos of the animation editorial impressions media Foolz
[] Splinter Cell: Conviction Emile Liang interview media Foolz
[] Halo Waypoint debut walkthrough media Foolz
[] Dante's Inferno Lust and interview This should get some Satanists round here impressions media Foolz
[] Borderlands GT Review 8.4 impressions media Foolz
[] Space Invaders Extreme 2 gameplay media Foolz
[] NPD sales September 2009 PS3 first place?! news Ellyoda
2D Boy Pay-what-you-want sale extended Makers of World of Goo news Ellyoda
[] Scribblenauts sells 194,000 in September Misses Top 10 by 14,000 news robio
[] "Mod" Warfare Lives Up To Name Infinity Ward removed dedicated servers. news aspro
Bruce Willis Cast for Kane & Lynch Flick Jack Black to play Gerstmann ;) news aspro
[] Gran Turismo 5 to Have 3 Discs? "one black, one red, one blue" news aspro
Pachter Packs In Music Genre No more encores according to analyst. news aspro
[] Black Controller / Winning 11 Bundle Launching in Japan. news aspro
[] Muscle March Coming to Europe? GG awaits with baby-carrot-like erection news robio
[] Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom kotaku preview impressions gamingeek
[] Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Kotaku preview impressions gamingeek
Avatar video dev walkthrough Wii version built from the ground up by Ubisoft Montreal impressions media gamingeek
Japan review details Sin and Punishment 2, Bayonetta, Tekken 6 etc impressions gamingeek
[] Critical Reception: 2K/Gearbox Software's Borderla "a very entertaining shooter and a rather bland RPG." gamingeek
Famitsu: Bayonetta PS3 has frame rate issues Misses the perfect 40/40 news gamingeek
[] Dead Space Extraction sells 9000 copies in NPD “Electronic Arts didn’t market Dead Space Extraction as much as it does with other titles. And the success or failure of a Wii title usually correlates directly to marketing spend." news gamingeek
[] God of War III DLC Plans news gamingeek
[] Perfect dark XBLA pics media gamingeek
[] Debut trailer for Rocket Knight Adventures PC/XBL/PSN media gamingeek
[] SEGA's Shining Force Cross arcade images media gamingeek
[] Resonance of fate images media gamingeek
[] Yakuza 4 pics media gamingeek
[] Capcom selling Resident Evil music album 10 years worth of music news gamingeek
[] NOM NSMB review snippets "This is the sort of game you bought a Nintendo console for." media gamingeek
[] Pokemon Park scans media gamingeek
[] Gamesradar RE Darkside Chronicles impressions impressions media gamingeek
[] Two new NSMB Wii trailers media gamingeek
[] LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias IGN review "Melodias is an excellent sequel to one of WiiWare's must-have games" impressions gamingeek
[] Castlevania Rebirth: First pic and info news gamingeek
RE Darkside Chronicles pre-order bonus Vader, check this out news gamingeek
Wii Fit Plus G4 review impressions gamingeek
[] Gametrailers preview NSMB Wii impressions gamingeek
[] Top 20 WiiWare Games for week ending Oct. 21 Where did LostWinds: Winter of Melodias end up? news robio
[] First screenshot of Castlevania Adventure (non-Famitsu) Just one image, but it's nice media robio
Arc Rise Fantasia Announced For Wii Summer of 2010 news robio
[] New Post-Apocalptic FPS from THQ in 2010 Just what the world needs - Metro 2033 news aspro
[] Wii software sales slow in 2009 news gamingeek
[] COD World at War DLC nets $70 million news gamingeek
[] No More Heroes 2 Henry trailer media gamingeek
[] Japan weekly hardware sales 18th October PS3 wins by 300 units news gamingeek
[] CVG Rachet and Clank ACIT review 8.0 impressions gamingeek
[] Ignition steal Arc Rise Fantasia from XSEED news gamingeek
[] Rabbids Go Home failed attempt trailer media gamingeek
[] Zombie Panic in Wonderland Media And details media gamingeek
DSi Speak Channel? error code suggests an upcoming DSi channel news robio
Monster Hunter Tri Officially Ditches Friend Codes pay-to-play fee still up in the air news robio
[] SFIV boss will be even cheaper in Super release Super SF IV price might not be though news robio
[] Fallujah dev making Wii shooter news gamingeek
Assasins Creed 2 pics 9 in one click media gamingeek
Natal confirmed for Fable 3 Will Milo make an appearance? news gamingeek
[] Blu-ray add-on coming to 360 news gamingeek
[] Gamasutra NPD In Depth editorial news gamingeek
TGS: Japanese devs sound off editorial impressions news gamingeek
[] Sexy black Wii bundle box Once you go black, Steel never goes back media gamingeek
[] Ridiculously cool Pumpkins media gamingeek
A Boy and His Blob Gamepro review impressions gamingeek
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii Gamepro review impressions gamingeek
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles - preview G4TV impressions media gamingeek
[] Japan Software sales Oct 12th-18th Uncharted 2 at no 5 news gamingeek
[] Toyota make absolutely WTF statement about games And cars news gamingeek
Australia Only Gets Edited Version of Left 4 Dead Toned down version refused classification news darthhomer
[] Atlus: Demon Soul's Deluxe Sold Out Deluxe is discontinued. news aspro
[] Games Radar: 18 Awesome Games That Didn't Sell Some surprises. editorial aspro
Earthworm Jim Drills into Apple (iPhone) $5 news aspro
Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing Screens "winning is only part of the fun" news aspro
[] OFFICIAL: 360 Has Better Graphics Says Microsoft. news aspro
EA 2D to Bring out Browser Based Game Tactical-RPG "Dragon Age Journies" news aspro
History in Videogames - A Closer Look History IN not history OF editorial Ellyoda
Are Game Publishers a Necessary Evil? editorial Ellyoda
[] Castlevania the Rebirth screens More than one this time! media gamingeek
[] NOM review scores NSMB, Super Star wars and more impressions gamingeek
[] EDGE mag review scores Uncharted 2, Forza 3, Mario and Luigi 3 impressions gamingeek
Sony patent one handed controller media news gamingeek
[] EDGE mag reviews Forza 3 9/10 impressions gamingeek
[] Microsoft Q1 sales show decline news gamingeek
[] Marines: Modern Urban Combat Screens media gamingeek
[] Okami Hits Top Ten in Japan news gamingeek
[] The Making of Uncharted 2 media gamingeek
[] Saling the world sales charts Gamasutra looks at amazon worldwide sales news gamingeek
[] Eurogamer hands on Okamiden impressions gamingeek
[] Ballmer was wrong: No Blu Ray for 360 news gamingeek
[] Epic tease Unreal reveal media news gamingeek
[] Bioshock 2 video: New enemies media gamingeek
COD MW2 pics 5 pics in one click media gamingeek
[] NOM mag preview: The NSMB cover impressions gamingeek
[] Tales of Graces: 3 new videos media gamingeek
[] Nintendo made Sin and Punishment 2 harder news gamingeek
[] Avatar previews from Destructoid and Mercury news impressions gamingeek
[] LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias review Gamesradar 9/10 impressions gamingeek
[] EDGE mag 208 preview NSMB and Uncharted 2 reviewed impressions gamingeek
[] No More Heroes 2 - Introducing Henry media gamingeek
[] GTA DS vs PSP Chinatown wars video media gamingeek
[] FFCC Crystal Bearers interview 15hrs to complete impressions news gamingeek
[] James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Updated Hands-On impressions gamingeek
[] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Updated Hands-On impressions gamingeek
[] Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time GT Revie 8.9 impressions media Foolz
[] Alien vs. Predator alien mechanics interview media Foolz
[] Shadow of Destiny For PSP in 2010 media news Foolz
[] Lef 4 Dead 2 exclusive Rain Campaign preview impressions Foolz
[] Metro 2033 Announcement Trailer (I hope it stays underground.) :P impressions media Foolz
[] Borderlands GS Review 8.5 impressions Foolz
[] And Yet it Moves Comes to WiiWare as weird looking of a game as they come news robio
[] The Press Room Episode #32 This time, it's...quite typical acshually editorial impressions media news Ellyoda
Wayforward Talks About Next Projects Clash at Demonhead revival?? news robio
[] UK Retailers Refusing To Stock Muramasa Says Rising Star Games news darthhomer
2K Gets Into Point & Click Scene Axel & Pixel reviewed (XBLA) editorial aspro
Uncharted "Web" Comic Launches Today FREE PSN features voice actors. news aspro
FF13 No Mandatory Install Score one for the little guy. news aspro
New Atari Lynx Game You read it right, now click the link. news aspro
Oblivion Sequel Tipped? Novel spills the beans, "bridges the gap to the next game." news aspro
[] MUST SEE. Oil-Cooled XBOX Trust an Australian. editorial aspro
[] Dante's Inferno Impressions on PSP so far, it's pretty good impressions robio
[] BIT.TRIP 4 And other future plans from Gaijin Games news robio
[] Modern Warfare 2 Hardware Interview impressions news gamingeek
[] Assassin's Creed in 3 Minutes media gamingeek
[] Tekken 6 Video Review  IGN media gamingeek
[] Super Street Fighter IV In-Depth impressions gamingeek
[] Eurogamer: NG2 vs NG Sigma 2 impressions gamingeek
[] An Avalanche of FFXIII media media gamingeek
[] Shaun White: World Stage - Wii Motion Plus Develop media gamingeek
[] Epic Mickey 6 page interview Why did they choose Wii? impressions gamingeek
Gamepro video news: touches on Zelda Wii media news gamingeek
[] Hudson talk Bonk Brink of Extinction Early 2010, and 800MS points or $10 (1000 Wii Points). news gamingeek
[] FFCC Producer discusses 2 player mode A second player can use the pointer to physically manipulate the world news gamingeek
[] WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2010 GT review 8.3 sweaty men never looked better impressions media Foolz
[] Nostalgia launch trailer media Foolz
[] Star Wars: The Old Republic timeline trailer media Foolz
EGM Returns! Mass Effect 2 gets cover. news aspro
Moron Claims iPod Will Eclipse Nintendo And Sony too! (for handheld gaming) news aspro
[] Konami Confident in PES10 Presses 3 mil units for EU distribution. news aspro
NFL Fan Sues EA Used his stupid likeness in a game. news aspro
[] Activision: DJ Hero Sales Will Suck Painted themselves into a corner. editorial news aspro
[] First Ratchet and Clank TV ad. Another quality ad. media Dvader
1up Ratchet and Clank review A baby! I mean it got an A, not "a baby!" impressions Dvader
[] Giant Bomb Ratchet and Clank review 5/5!!! impressions Dvader
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Sun, 25 Oct 2009 22:11:43

Dvader said:

edgecrusher said:

So since Dvader hates me these days apparently and can't be bothered to reply to my questions, I'll ask again: When is the Best Buy deal and does it count for all games regardless of system or price?

You know what happens is that you got lost in Animal Crossing talk. As soon as I see AC talk start in the forums I immediately go to the bottom of the page, if the talk is still going on I go to the next page. You were in the middle of that so I skipped over you. Sorry.

Skipping AC talk, huh? Are you afraid you'll be sucked back into a world of sickeningly cute, fuzzy animal neighbors? A world where collecting thousands of daily household items is considered gameplay?  And a world with absolutely no end in sight? Yeah, be afraid! Be very afraid! Moohahahahahah!

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