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[] Life With Playstation stalls Delay in the works. gamingeek
[] Sky Crawlers Wii screens Anime cutscenes plus in game shots gamingeek
[] High Quality Kizuna Screens Wii RPG with a unique visual style gamingeek
[] Microsoft turning into Wii? Lifestyle shots of the 360 uncovered gamingeek
[] Castlevania DS 3 screens gamingeek
[] Disaster European websites open Looks like this IS releasing soon gamingeek
Disaster detailed! Drive, swin, run and shoot gamingeek
[] Gradius Rebirth more screens Iga_Bobovic
Rune Factory Frontier screens and art Iga_Bobovic
[] Marvelous interview Working on a wiiware game! Iga_Bobovic
[] Some Disaster details RPG weapon updating Iga_Bobovic
[] Disaster: Day of Crisis - 64 New Screens It's alive Iga_Bobovic
Clone Wars 1up preview Surprisingly tactical gamingeek
Mercenaries 2 1up review gamingeek
[] Microsoft slash 360 price in Japan gamingeek
[] Prince of persia movie pics gamingeek
[] First Ninja Blade trailer Looks like Ninja Gaiden gamingeek
[] Media Molecule recruiting? Make great LBP levels and you're in! gamingeek
[] Gears of War 2 snubs PC It's never coming gamingeek
[] Telltale games interview Strongbad selling best on Wii gamingeek
[] Mushroom men hands on gamingeek
[] The Conduit hands on gamingeek
Captain rainbow videos gamingeek
Frontier talk Lost Winds and More gamingeek
[] Kamiya wants to exceed God of War gamingeek
Death Smiles screens gamingeek
Ninja Blade screens From Software game gamingeek
[] PAX hands-on Nintendo games Iga_Bobovic
[] Kizuna Screens Looks damn good, coming to Japan this winter Punk Rebel Ecks
[] Sky Crawlers : Innocent Aces (Wii) - new pics Innocent hey? Iga_Bobovic
[] SPRAY screens Paint-alicious? gamingeek
Rygar Battle for Argus Screens It's alive! gamingeek
[] Resistance 2 collector's edition revealed. Very nice. Dvader
Viva Pinata 2 1up review an A for A.nimal gamingeek
[] PSP gets Playstation store direct gamingeek
[] Microsoft losing faith in Exclusives? They're not as important gamingeek
[] Spore: The Last trailer gamingeek
[] Latest RE5 screens Tasty naked zombies inside gamingeek
[] Mirror's Edge has exclusive PS3 Downloads gamingeek
[] Bethesda talk censorship gamingeek
[] Legendary Preview at Eurogamer gamingeek
[] EPIC: 360 is running out of juice "Nearing capable limit" gamingeek
[] Fallout 3 DLC to be over 3 hours PC/360 exclusive gamingeek
[] World Destruction new screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Avalon Code new screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Court clears JAKKs in WWE case gamingeek
[] Viva Pinata 2 The first 10 minutes gamingeek
[] Tales of Hearts new screenshots Animated or CGI? Iga_Bobovic
[] High Quality Tenchu 4 Screens Swords and sneaking, can you resist? gamingeek
[] Tenchu IV battle screens Turn based first person sword fighting? Iga_Bobovic
[] Tiger Woods 09 smashes into UK Chart Nintendo dominate rest of the chart gamingeek
[] Godfather 2 Preview gamingeek
PAX Mushroom men video gamingeek
[] PAX The Conduit Impressions gamingeek
[] PAX Sam and Max Impressions gamingeek
[] Facebreaker Wii vs 360 pics Comes off very well gamingeek
[] Disaster finally confirmed for October 24th Press release inside gamingeek
[] Blue Dragon screens impress gamingeek
[] Socom Confrontation trailer gamingeek
[] Infinite Undiscovery video The first 10 minutes gamingeek
Wii music screens of colour gamingeek
[] Capcom confirm RE5 control change Gears of war controls confirmed gamingeek
[] Infinite Undiscovery screens gamingeek
[] Wii Music Instrument videos gamingeek
[] More Wind of Nostalgia screens Nintendo DS? More like Nintendo RPG! Iga_Bobovic
[] StarCraft II video Iga_Bobovic
[] Samba de Amigo Wii new video SAMBAAAAA Iga_Bobovic
[] PlayStation 3 LittleBigPlanet bundle unveiled Awesome Iga_Bobovic
[] Away Shuffle Dungeon new pics Vader sez its like Zelda Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Stardock Plans Micro Expansions for Sins Sins as in sins of the Solar Empire Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Fallout 3 Hands-on Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Afro Samurai Hands-on bleh Iga_Bobovic
[] Mercenaries IGN review 7.9!!! Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Animal Boxing Hands-on Hot, hot orca-on-penguin action Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Hand Sound awesome Iga_Bobovic
[] PAX 2008: Monster Lab Hands-on Monster mash-ups for your DS Iga_Bobovic
[] 50 Shocking gaming moments gamingeek
[] Rygar: A few more screens gamingeek
[] Heavy Rain direct feed video gamingeek
[] TGS to be dominated by PC and DS games Action titles a priority gamingeek
[] First Tier list of Brawl Captain Falcon at the bottom :( Iga_Bobovic
[] First Savage Moon gameplay footage Iga_Bobovic
Sky Gods Announced For PC & PlayStation Networ I like the name Iga_Bobovic
[] Shred Nebula multiplayer explained A XBLA shoot-em-up Iga_Bobovic
[] Viva PiƱata: Pocket Paradise Review DS version has a 8.5 Iga_Bobovic
[] Killer Instinct 3 in development? Musical score sheet leak? gamingeek
[] Spore reviewed PC Gamer says wut? gamingeek
Sky Crawling all over your screen Pics from the Ace Combat team gamingeek
Killzone images gamingeek
[] Fragile trailer Ooooh gamingeek
Skycrawlers impressions From an IGN freelancer gamingeek
[] Kingdom Hearts 3 a PS3 exclusive OPM rumors a TGS announcement gamingeek
Capcom's Inafune speaks Words come out gamingeek
[] SF IV EDGE mag review The best SF ever? gamingeek
[] Viva Pinata 2 video review gamingeek
[] Playstation Home screens BETA goodness inside gamingeek
[] Golden Axe beast rider trailer You all want to ride beasts gamingeek
De Blob screens of squishiness gamingeek
Tales of Hearts trailer gamingeek
[] IGN Super mario RPG Review gamingeek
[] IGN Spray hands on gamingeek
[] Skate it hands on gamingeek
[] SPRAY hands on gamingeek
[] Capcom has licencing issues with Disney No Ducktales etc for the VC gamingeek
[] Final Fantasy IV review Eurogamer 8/10 gamingeek
[] Infinite Undiscovery videos 3 more to be precise gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing City Folk: Screens gamingeek
[] Ninja Blade: More screens gamingeek
[] Shining Force DS Announced by SEGA Spring 2009 release gamingeek
[] GTAIV sells 10 million copies. I'm sooo shocked. Dvader
[] PSN games heading to UMD in PAL land Bundled games at retail gamingeek
[] Gears of War 2 screens Can it out-grey Disaster? gamingeek
[] Fable 2 launch trailer gamingeek
[] Godfather 2 trailer Virtual Brando at your fingertips gamingeek
[] Winds of Nostalgia: trailer gamingeek
[] Japanese software chart Afrika debuts at 2 gamingeek
[] Supreme Commander images gamingeek
[] Capcom show Bionic Commando Screens inside gamingeek
[] EA looking for Japanese partners gamingeek
[] IGN Playstation Home hands on gamingeek
[] Sacred 2 screens, videos gamingeek
[] Vampire Rain videos gamingeek
[] Blu Ray wont last through the PS3 lifespan Samsung speak gamingeek
[] Wired hands on with the Conduit The last best hope for FPS on wii gamingeek
Captain Rainbow video tour Wii is great gamingeek
[] Wired Mushroom men impressions gamingeek
Alien Crush video walkthrough gamingeek
[] Dead Rising PAX interview video gamingeek
[] Nintendo IGN Podcast summary Read the important bits gamingeek
SPRay 1up preview gamingeek
[] Trauma center porn Just click it. gamingeek
SPRay path creation video gamingeek
Tecmo Bowl kickoff trailer gamingeek
[] Mushroom Men walkthrough video gamingeek
[] Fragile: Trailer 2 gamingeek
[] SPRay red video gamingeek
[] De Blob: Metropolis in trouble video gamingeek
[] Spore Eurogamer review 9/10 gamingeek
[] 360 price drop Arcade pack cheaper than Wii gamingeek
[] Sonic Dark Chronicles videos gamingeek
[] PAX LBP videos gamingeek
[] Resistance 2 video gamingeek
[] Tecmo set to reject Square Enix offer Wants to jump into bed with Koei gamingeek
[] Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO Announced bleh Iga_Bobovic
[] Spore IGN Review a 8.8 Iga_Bobovic
[] Three Red Lights Podcast IGN Xbox voice chat Iga_Bobovic
[] Project Origin Blog: The Testers Iga_Bobovic
[] EndWar Blog: We're Watching You Ubisoft goes over the surveillance tech found in its new strategy title. Iga_Bobovic
[] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Review 5.8 :( Iga_Bobovic
[] Nintendo Voice chat Iga_Bobovic
[] SOCOM Confrontation beta begins. Details at the link. Dvader
[] Team ninja lawsuit settled gamingeek
[] Fable 2 screens gamingeek
[] Mushroom Men PAX walkthrough 2 gamingeek
[] Too Human EDGE mag review 6/10 gamingeek
[] MS: We will beat Sony this generation gamingeek
[] Japan Sales: PSP tumbles, DS rises gamingeek
[] Dead Space banned in Japan China and Germany gamingeek
[] DLC gets an XBLA price drop gamingeek
Infinity Ward working on sci fi shooter It's confirmed gamingeek
[] PAX Mushroom Men interview gamingeek
[] Skate 2 trailer gamingeek
[] Ninja Blade: More screens gamingeek
[] World Descruction TV commercial gamingeek
[] Sky Crawlers screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Ngamer review scores Wario Land and Fatal Frame reviewed Iga_Bobovic
[] Take 2 talks about Nintendo Iga_Bobovic
[] Famitsu scans - Glory Days 2 Iga_Bobovic
Rygar so disasterous they had to restart? 1up's Mielke spills the beans Iga_Bobovic
Legend of Neil episode 6 Iga_Bobovic
[] Wario Land Eurogamer Review They don't make 'em like they used to. Still - at least they make 'em. Iga_Bobovic
[] Mega Man 9 - more screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Dragon Ball : Origins new screenshots Ballz Iga_Bobovic
[] Chrono Trigger new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Kizuna new screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Populous DS more screens Iga_Bobovic
[] Left 4 Dead Video Interview Kerry Davis shares the knowledge Iga_Bobovic
[] Diablo III Screens Four hellishly good pics Iga_Bobovic
[] Sacred 2 Blog: Object Design Iga_Bobovic
[] Dead Space Set to Ship Early Will ship one week earlier than anticipated Iga_Bobovic
[] Hands-on de Blob: First Six Worlds paint bukake Iga_Bobovic
[] First Look: Puzzle Kingdoms From the makers of Puzzle Quest Iga_Bobovic
[] My Aquarium WiiWare Review Iga_Bobovic
[] Kizuna music samples listen to the music Iga_Bobovic
[] Sonic Unleashed Wii screens looking fine Iga_Bobovic
[] Wind of Nostalgio very nice screenshots Iga_Bobovic
[] Tales of Hearts new video CGI version Iga_Bobovic
[] Tales of Hearts new video the anime version Iga_Bobovic
[] Avalon code screens newspaper like design Iga_Bobovic
[] Why Wario Land: Shake It! will still sell despite having zero advertising Iga_Bobovic
New Headtracking software made! Used to watch up skirts of anime girls Iga_Bobovic
[] Gleam of Force screens Kawaii anime girls fight it out with super powers Iga_Bobovic
[] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky IGN Review 7.3 :( Iga_Bobovic
[] NHL 09 Review A 9.0! Iga_Bobovic
[] Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star IGN Review Nice 8.2 Iga_Bobovic
[] Vampire Rain: Altered Species Review These nightwalkers still suck Iga_Bobovic
[] MotorStorm: Pacific Rift videos Iga_Bobovic
[] Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Starring Gina Carano and Randy Couture Iga_Bobovic
[] Dead Space video HiRes are you watching this Iga_Bobovic
[] Lock's Quest IGN Review Wow a 8.6 Iga_Bobovic
[] Commando: Steel Disaster videos Punk what is your opinion about this one Iga_Bobovic
[] My Aquarium Videos Fish dance. Iga_Bobovic
[] New Club Nintendo Goodies in Japan Have a look at some items that you'll never get. Iga_Bobovic
[] New Little King's Story IGN preview So freaking awesome Iga_Bobovic
[] New Little King's Story screens See the HUD of the GoTY Iga_Bobovic
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I just got back from playing Mercinares 2 on the 360. Good god that game looks atrocious. I've seriously seen better Wii games. It's not just the artstyle but the texture as well. Just look down at the grass for example. Twilight Princess looks better then this shit.

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