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[] [Bloomberg] Best Buy soars thanks to Switch "The Switch, which debuted March 3, has emerged as a bright spot in a lackluster retail industry" - Target also lifted gamingeek
[] Jim Sterling: Deus Ex MD sequel still in development  [Art director implies no] gamingeek
[] ​Overwatch is a bigger deal on Tumblr than any other game , or TV show or movie - or even GIFs gamingeek
[] ​All four DLC packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3  will be free for 30 days on PC gamingeek
[] ​Microsoft launches Xbox Game Pass Monthly all-you-can-play subscription service arrives with a catalog of 112 games gamingeek
[] ​Softbank buys Nvidia stake, worth a reported $4 billion Makes them 4th largest shareholder gamingeek
[] ​BioShock lead dev got into the industry because  Ken Levine came into his Gamestop gamingeek
Famitsu readers pick their top 20 shooters gamingeek
[] ​ARMS - Global Testpunch to include access to 3 stages This and the following weekend gamingeek
[] SEGA on how anything would sell on Wii  regardless of quality, talk success of Mario & Sonic series gamingeek
[] ​Suda51 on why he chose Switch for Travis Touchdown's revival, general excitement for Switch gamingeek
Far Cry 5 launches February 27; first details trailer, and screenshots media gamingeek
​Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III to launch “in the next three years or so” gamingeek
[] Nintendo Gains Over $2 Billion in Market Value  Following Monster Hunter XX Announcement news gamingeek
[] Seaman creator Yoot Saito ejaculating new game Titled "Don't Panic!" - the condom broke gamingeek
[] Disgaea 5 is a video game drunk on itself "And the Switch version is the perfect place to have a tipple" gamingeek
[] Far Cry 5 introduces airplanes, muscle cars  and far-right fanatics    gamingeek
[] ​This week's North American downloads - May 25  (Street Fighter II, Disgaea 5 and more) gamingeek
Flipping Death - UK trailer gamingeek
​RiME - launch trailer gamingeek
[] GameStop Not even close to catching up with Switch demand "We are all veterans of the Wii launch. The fact that this is ahead of the Wii launch is significant." gamingeek
[] ​NCsoft CEO buys every employee a Switch  and Zelda: Breath of the Wild gamingeek
​ARMS - How to widen your grab range More depth Edit gamingeek
[] Arms TV commercial - In a garage? Edit gamingeek
[] Possible Street Fighter 5 leak hints at online training mode and a second cinematic story​ Edit gamingeek
[] PS4 Gold coming? Edit gamingeek
[] Can You "Button Mash" Your Way to Victory in ARMS? Video Edit gamingeek
[] DF Retro: Soul Calibur on Dreamcast beyond 'arcade perfect'             Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass will 'impact the future... ....sales of consoles,' says MIDiA Edit gamingeek
[] Monster Hunter XX screens and trailer Edit media gamingeek
Dragon Quest XI -no concrete info on Switch version for "adult" reasons Edit gamingeek
[] Dragon Quest XI - info on towns, dev team inspiration Incarnations of Time & Restricted Play feature Edit gamingeek
Splatoon 2 - no voice chat with strangers better integration of unlockable content in various modes Edit gamingeek
[] ​Nintendo Summer of 2017 Play Tour - Free water  bottle for My Nintendo members - metal Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem Switch "something completely different" Fire Emblem Switch will allow for something “completely different” while “breathing life into our characters like never before” Edit gamingeek
[] ​Inside sources claim Nintendo boosted Switch production to 18 million units for the fiscal year Edit gamingeek
[] ​ARMS Global Testpunch - Hoops to replace V-Ball  next week, "Extra Stuff" section screenshots Edit media gamingeek
[] Level-5 CEO on wooing back older Yo-Kai Watch players plans to refresh the series with 4th installment Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom on the importance of using unique features  keeping an eye on Switch Edit gamingeek
[] Easy cheat to play the Arms Testpunch whenever You can play the test area repeatedly with this easy workaround. Edit gamingeek
[] Switch rumble is so accurate it can produce sound effects Like music - listen hear mindblowing Edit gamingeek
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