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[] 2016 is the Year of VR; but is VR ready? gamingeek
[] Nintendo Selects Range on 3DS Has Price Point in Europe £16 for a Link Between Worlds gamingeek
[] Yacht Club scraps Xbox One's physical Shovel Knight release “Publishing policies” have been blamed for the decision to scrap the release of indie platformer Shovel Knight on Xbox One. gamingeek
[] Super Meat Boy Wii U release teased gamingeek
[] Star Wars Battlefront resolution is 900p on PS4 720p on Xbox One - Report gamingeek
[] Halo 5's campaign is 8-12 hours long gamingeek
[] Metal Gear Online is good fun...when it works "Which, sadly, isn't a lot of the time." gamingeek
[] Videogamer Transformers Devastation Review Four hours long and feels cheap impressions gamingeek
[] Witcher 3 patch to be around 15gb on consoles Praise this generation gamingeek
[] Umbrella Corps : nouvelle vidéo (gameplay) Vader buying this? gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing amiibo cards compatible with more games in the future gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing: HHD - Isabelle is still upset If you left her behind in New Leaf gamingeek
[] Splatoon - a look at the sales in Japan MK8 vs Splatoon gamingeek
Project X Zone - 14 minute trailer Is this the biggest crossover videogame in history? media gamingeek
[] Monster Hunter X - Hunting Styles detailed gamingeek
[] Splatoon - Custom Range Blaster coming and Custom E-litre 3K Scope gamingeek
[] New Leo Mega Topic To combat the apathy on this site lately! editorial phantom_leo
[] User-created Super Mario Maker levels are a... “huge motivation” for devs “to do better” gamingeek
[] X-boss wants original Xbox game support And 360 games on PC gamingeek
[] It's Cats Against Dogs in the Next European Splatfest It's a Cat-ashtrophe that dogs suck gamingeek
[] Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - more footage A Wii U horror only Robio will buy media gamingeek
[] Game Informer preview on Xenoblade Chronicles X "If you thought Xenoblade Chronicles was big, you will be surprised just how much Xenoblade Chronicles X dwarfs it" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Minecraft Streamer Buys $4.5 Million House Makes You Question Your Choice Of Career Edit gamingeek
[] 8 Things You Need To Know About Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3's Campaign and Zombies Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Until Dawn Sales Surpassed Expectations Already Talking Internally About a Sequel Edit gamingeek
[] Battlefront - PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison Digital Foundry concludes that Splatoon is better Edit gamingeek
[] The Division will work as a single-player experience but with a few differences Edit gamingeek
[] SAO Hollow Realization : premières images Sword Art Online Edit media gamingeek
[] No Man's Sky new trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Halo 5 Guardians : launch trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Euro downloads - October 15/16 (Dragon Ball Z, Rakoo & Friends and more) Edit impressions gamingeek
HOLY CRAP!! Check out the Actors involved with Star Citizen!! Gollum meets Scully meets a certain Jedi Master!! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Nintendo lists Shovel Knight amiibo as compatible with Smash Bros. The Amiibo functionality rumor that just won't stay buried... Edit news phantom_leo
[] Is Alex in Street Fighter V or not? PS: Laura is Sean's sister! Edit phantom_leo
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