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[] Star Wars Battlefront 2 review round-up Mostly 6/10s Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch  gets another generous free update ​ Edit gamingeek
[] ​EA drops first teases about Jade Raymond  headed EA Motive Studios project Edit gamingeek
[] L.A. Noire - PS4 pro Vs. Switch Edit gamingeek
Skyrim - Switch vs PS4  vs PC vs XB1 vs PS3 vs 360 Edit gamingeek
[] ​ARMS - Version 4.0 due out tomorrow New Stage and character Edit gamingeek
[] Telltale thinks the Switch is "wonderful"  working to move over their back catalog game-by-game Edit gamingeek
[] ​Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - footage round-up  and video preview Edit impressions media gamingeek
[] ​This week's North American downloads -  November 16 (Skyrim, Pokemon and more) Edit gamingeek
[] ​This week's European downloads - November 16  (Pokemon, Rocket League, L.A. Noire and more) Edit gamingeek
[] ​Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap on sale  for the very first time on Switch (30% off) Edit gamingeek
Here is ARMS latest free DLC character Edit gamingeek
[] Digital Foundry: Skyrim on Switch Edit gamingeek
[] ​Max: The Curse of Brotherhood  coming to Switch on Dec. 21st, 2017 Edit gamingeek
[] Switch, SNES Classic take top spots in Oct. 2017 NPD  Super Mario Odyssey the #1 game Edit gamingeek
[] ​Hollow - First 25 minutes on Switch UE4 First person horror Edit gamingeek
[] Skyrim Switch reviews round-up  9s and 8s Edit impressions gamingeek
[] XBOX beaten by every other modern console In Japan Edit gamingeek
[] Sea of Thieves : new trailer Edit gamingeek
[] ​Review Rocket League Switch 9/10 Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendolife ​Review The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 9/10 Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Switches Physical tie in ratio is equal to Wiis Publishers say Edit gamingeek
[] Armature's next game is Fail Factory for Gear VR  Something something Metroid Prime Edit gamingeek
[] ​Ubisoft's new Berlin studio  will start off by working on the Far Cry series Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - Foil Flingza Roller  weapon available tonight/tomorrow Edit gamingeek
[] Miyamoto Thinks The Switch is a Big ol' Pile of Pig Dicks "Truth Be Told, I hate This System" Edit news edgecrusher
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