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[] Overwatch (10/10) Editor's Choice Award Review! Edit impressions phantom_leo
[] Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Gets Live-Action Film in Winter 2017 hngh! Edit news gamingeek
Nintendo handheld MH investor report queried "They are picturing a scenario" Edit gamingeek
[] Rovio's Angry Birds film has earned $150 million worldwide After a $400 million Sony marketing push Edit gamingeek
[] Sega Hints at New Sonic Game In The Works Boom on PS4 Edit gamingeek
[] Dyack Blames "Unethical" Journalists For Almost Killing Shadow Of The Eternals - it's back on now Edit gamingeek
[] How Disney went from embracing game development to abandoning it Edit gamingeek
[] Paradox pulls Stellaris mod that made all humans white Otherwise known as the Trump Mod Edit gamingeek
[] 'Final Fantasy Disease' threatened series' future director says Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted 4 sales drop 78% Videogamer "isn't as troubling as it sounds" Edit gamingeek
[] 3 x Vampyr pics Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted 4 Game play in REAL LIFE Edit gamingeek
[] Yahoo JP: "NX" will be a non-hybrid home console And Nintendo is preparing a new handheld console Edit gamingeek
[] Shadow of the Eternals teaser trailer reuploaded by Quantum Entertainment Edit media gamingeek
TMNT arcade game figures coming Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade dirty tricks after customers who click on red cross get Windows 10 upgrade Edit gamingeek
[] Zelda Wii U playable at the Nintendo NY Store during E3 for 500 people Edit impressions gamingeek
[] IGN on the power of specialist media 83 per cent of UK gamers trust the specialist games press and 68 per cent of them are influenced by it Edit gamingeek
[] Huey Lewis and the News - Back in Time   Hey, Listen Edit gamingeek
[] Yakuza Director Says 20% Of Their Players Are Female But They’ll Still Keep It A Manly Series Edit gamingeek
[] Why Naughty Dog removed 'fun' from its UC4 focus tests In a conversation with nascent games hub Glixel, Uncharted 4 creative director Neil Druckmann talks "fun" and how the notion of making a game "fun" can get in the way of enjoyment. Edit gamingeek
[] Titanfall 2 leak details larger maps new grappling hook gameplay Edit gamingeek
[] Star Ocean 5 : four vidéos Edit gamingeek
[] E3 Zelda booth/presentation plans Edit gamingeek
[] Tips For Playing Overwatch Just another online shooter? Look at these tips and decide for yourself! Edit editorial phantom_leo
[] Kotaku: Halo is releasing on Windows 10 Microsoft’s new mandate is to release future games–including the flagship Halo series–on both platforms Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft cutting 1,850 jobs as part of Nokia cull 1,850 jobs are to be cut as part of Microsoft’s ending of its $7.2bn Nokia adventure. Edit gamingeek
[] PES 2017 screens Sweet and easily dispensible Edit media gamingeek
[] KingsGlaive FFXV : images Edit gamingeek
[] Edge: VR "horrible" with current PlayStation 4 "PS VR will be a bad experience on the classic PS4. Really horrible and something just a bit more powerful than the low range VR" Edit gamingeek
[] Zelda, Mario Bikinis Announced - pics and deets For a Nintendo Themed Summer Edit news gamingeek
[] LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video Finn character vignette Edit gamingeek
[] The Rise and Fall of Nintendo’s Miitomo Why Downloads Don’t Matter Edit gamingeek
Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice - Revisualization feature detailed Edit gamingeek
[] Turtles: MiM is Platinum's most disappointing game Digital Foundry on a disappointing PS4 and Xbox One showing Edit SupremeAC
[] Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well 89 per cent of YouTube ratings were negative. Edit news SupremeAC
[] No Man's Sky Reportedly Delayed Until at least July or August. Edit news phantom_leo
Xbox...Scorpio? Welcome to his secret lair. Edit travo
[] Developer: working on an Xbox One VR game for 2017 Edit gamingeek
[] Fallout 4 Xbox One mods to be shown live today here's a sneak peek Edit gamingeek
[] TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan – the reviews round-up Where all the scores are bad Edit impressions gamingeek
[] PlayStation has become Sony's cornerstone "PS4 is great, and PSVR/Neo will drive hype - but Sony's success is also down to its competitors' failures giving it a clear run at a thriving market" Edit editorial gamingeek
[] PS4 passes 40m sales milestone  Kaz uses the cash to market The Angry Birds Movie sequel Edit gamingeek
[] Umbrella Corps might just be the strangest Resident Evil "And, if nothing changes, one of the least enjoyable" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] The Last Guardian : new images Edit gamingeek
[] Gravity Rush 2 : new info Edit gamingeek
[] This week's North American downloads - May 26 (StarTropics, Dragon Fantasy and more) Edit gamingeek
[] GameStop: NX market could be worth $7.5 billion if it does even half as well as the Nintendo Wii Edit gamingeek
Good Smile's Link Skyward Sword figurine pics available for preorder Edit gamingeek
[] The Legacy of Kain game that was cancelled three years in lots of details Edit SupremeAC
[] Raid On Abandoned Ship Saves Over 50 Classic Arcade Games Check this out!! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Holy Crap! Overwatch Sold Out on Amazon! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Capcom reveals names and bios of the fighters in the SFII intro Max and Scott - generic names for generic fighters Edit news robio
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