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[] ​Ghost Recon: Wildlands and rest of the portfolio  help push Ubisoft Q1 sales up by 45% Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendolife review Splatoon 2 as a 10/10 "Nintendo is genuinely listening and wants to deliver the absolute best experience possible" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2: Critical Consensus Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - footage round-up Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - video review round-up Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon 2 devs talk resolution, framerate, tweaks mode changes, online invites, sales potential & more Edit gamingeek
[] ​Nintendo releasing Super Mario cosmetics line in Japan And the bottles look like Dildos and Lube Edit gamingeek
[] Ubisoft announcing more Switch games "quite soon" Steep? Steep 2? Jeep? Edit gamingeek
[] Wired Splatoon 2 review "The sequel to Splatoon is effortlessly witty, light, and fun" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] A Look Back At Some Of Miiverse's Craziest  And Most Beautiful Moments Edit gamingeek
[] Wii U update may signal the end of days for Miiverse Last chance to message Bugs :( Edit gamingeek
[] Digital Foundry: SFANS Switch Pocket Dock Review The Best Replacement Dock? ​ Edit impressions gamingeek
[] ​Kingdom Hearts 3 is taking forever because  Square Enix decided to change game engine to Unreal 4 a year in Edit gamingeek
[] ​Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle  gets second permanent price cut since December Edit gamingeek
[] Agents of Mayhem : new trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Walmart ​20% Off Xenoblade Chronicles 2  and Upcoming Switch, 3DS Games Edit gamingeek
[] Dev confirms the Crash Bandicoot remaster  is harder than the original  Edit gamingeek
[] Insomniac gives us an Inside Look at Spider-Man discusses setting, gameplay and more Edit gamingeek
[] The Ataribox will deliver ‘current gaming content’ And has modern internals Edit gamingeek
​GameStop getting multiple Switch custom bundles  this week, available in-store Edit gamingeek
[] Japanese Switch lottery queue tops 3000 people And you thought finding Switch in America was bad? Edit gamingeek
[] ​GFK details top 3 retail titles of 2017  across countries in Europe & more Edit gamingeek
[] ​USA: Restocking On Switches This Week GameStop, Target, And Best Buy Edit gamingeek
[] Splatnet 2 video tour Like the first games app Edit gamingeek
[] ​Xbox One owners thought they're being pranked  when this bizarre error message about My Little Pony showed up Edit gamingeek
[] ​The Evil Within 2’s Newest Trailer  Challenges People To Survive Edit media gamingeek
[] 90s Super GP Will Be Power Sliding On To Switch Soon The game formerly known as '90s Arcade Racer Edit gamingeek
[] ​Guide How To Invite Friends And Use Voice Chat  On The Nintendo Switch Online App Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo's new online service looks like it could be every bit as bad as you feared             Edit gamingeek
[] ​Koei Tecmo opening restaurant in Japan It looks like Ikea with Koei posters Edit editorial gamingeek
[] ​Switch Online App - SplatNet 2 info  (team voice chat details and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo's phone app has birthed an abomination Thanks Nyko Edit gamingeek
[] ​How to Invite Friends and Voice Chat  Using the Nintendo Switch Online App Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - Salmon Run, Boss Salmonids Training Videos Edit media gamingeek
[] Code Vein screens Code Arteries are blocked Edit media gamingeek
[] ​Here’s a round-up of all the baffling decisions made with the Nintendo Switch Online app Edit gamingeek
[] '90s Super GP​ screenshots 90s arcade racer Edit media gamingeek
[] Bayonetta PC Goes 33% Off Plus Everything RPG Maker On Sale Edit gamingeek
[] ​Play Splatoon 2 at GameStop on 7/22  (more details, participating locations) Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - pictures for Pro Controller, case  and reversible cover Edit gamingeek
IGN Video - How the Nintendo Switch App Works Voice Chat and Splatoon 2 Services Edit gamingeek
[] ​Retro City Rampage DX on Switch  - Could see release next week, contains new tweaks Edit gamingeek
[] RIVE Switch interview - new co pilot mode Specs, resolution and actual gameplay details Edit gamingeek
[] ​Just How Hard Is It To Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan? We hit the streets of Tokyo on Splatoon 2 launch day to find out Edit gamingeek
[] UNIOM Wireless Adapter Aims to Make  Switch Voice Chat Easier Edit gamingeek
[] Sega's just announced a new arcade racing game and it looks amazing             Edit news gamingeek
[] The Witcher 3 can still look prettier as impressive  new mod shows             Edit gamingeek
[] ​Over 50% of global digital console revenue to  come from DLC and microtransactions in 2017 - SuperData Edit gamingeek
[] ​New 2DS XL tops Japan's hardware charts  after 30% fall in Switch sales - shortages? Edit gamingeek
[] ​Yakuza Kiwami gameplay trailer, shows off fighting  and karaoke, takes us back to the 80’s Edit media gamingeek
[] ​Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a free PvP mode  and an open beta Edit gamingeek
[] ​Spider-Man, Frank West, Gamora and more confirmed  for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Edit gamingeek
[] ​Switch Fate/EXTELLA - European launch trailer, more gameplay Good anime hack and slasher Edit media gamingeek
[] Splatoon 2 - Mayo vs. Ketchup Splatfest announced  F*** both! Edit news gamingeek
[] ​Kosuke Yakubi on ARMS updates, the blue shell  and Mario Kart's next steps Edit gamingeek
[] Xbox HW revenue down 29% - lower prices, fewer units sold Xbox software sales up 11% Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2’s Amiibo And Squid Beatz 2  Make Visits To Inkopolis More Appealing Edit gamingeek
[] ​Review: Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (Switch) 8/10 - "Appealing characters and an irresistible sense of style draw you into its world, and addictive, satisfying gameplay and excellent writing keep things exciting" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] ​PS4, Tekken 7 drive June US game sales - NPD Hardware was up 27% y-o-y thanks to PS4 and Nintendo Switch Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft's earnings continue to rise Despite lagging Xbox hardware sales Edit gamingeek
[] ​Telltale announces Batman: The Enemy Within  at Comic-Con, first episode in August Edit news gamingeek
[] ​New Nintendo 64 controller trademark filed  could suggest a N64 Mini Edition in the works Edit gamingeek
[] June 2017 NPD - Top 20 software ARMS at no. 5 Edit gamingeek
​Fire Emblem Heroes brings in over $100 million  in revenue, over 10 million downloads Edit gamingeek
[] ​Splatoon 2 - tons of Hero Mode footage  (worlds, bosses, ending and more) Spoilers obviously Edit media gamingeek
[] eShop struggling to keep up with demand for Splatoon 2 online purchases Edit gamingeek
[] Platinum teases a Switch game! Get hyped (it's in Japanese so don't worry about reading it.) Edit travo
[] Can game graphics finally match the first CG classic Toy Story? KH3 makes a strong case for it says DF Edit SupremeAC
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