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Resident Evil 6 Remaster coming to Xbone and PS4 Just when you think Capcom has pulled their head out of their ass news robio
[] The Xbox 360 Is Ten Years Old Today A decade ago today thousands of people stood outside electronics retailers in the bitter cold, waiting for their chance to sell an Xbox 360 on eBay. news phantom_leo
[] UK: Fallout 4 sales drop 80% Star Wars Battlefront has record launch Edit gamingeek
[] Nicalis "Wii U Not Much More Powerful Than a PS Vita" Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Coming to Wii U Edit gamingeek
[] UK Star Wars Battlefront sold almost 50% more physical units on PS4 than Xbox One & PC combined Edit gamingeek
[] Star Ocean V : nouvelles images Edit gamingeek
[] Europe - daily deals coming between November 27 and 30, 40% discount on Nintendo titles Edit gamingeek
[] This week's European downloads - November 26 (Tons of NES VC titles and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Game Under Podcast Episode 77 Stealth episode from Tom Towers. Edit editorial impressions media news aspro
[] Donkey Kong diva denied in Cartoon Network depiction lawsuit GBF appears as a non-human creature, a giant floating head with no body from outer space, while Plaintiff is a human being Edit SupremeAC
[] Clannad Was Outselling Call Of Duty: Black Ops III And Grand Theft Auto V On Steam Edit gamingeek
[] Musician Asked To Promote Star Wars: Battlefront Goes On Vicious Rant instead Edit editorial gamingeek
[] Windows 10 update accused of uninstalling programs without permission Edit gamingeek
[] Halo 5, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate & Star Wars Battlefront all sold below expectations - GameStop Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo selling Wii U Gamepads separately In Japan for 100 euros Edit gamingeek
[] Unravel : 9 minutes de gameplay Edit gamingeek
[] Rainbow Six Siege : le trailer PC Edit gamingeek
[] Affordable Space Adventures a success 3DS port & more DLC being considered Edit gamingeek
[] TIME picks their top 10 games of 2015 Edit gamingeek
Namco, Koei Tecmo, Marvelous, SEGA - latest trademarks “Sega Cyclone Development Kit” Edit gamingeek
[] After 7 years, Noby Noby Girl reaches Pluto   Still doesn't count as a planet though Edit news SupremeAC
[] AMD ends support for almost all graphics cards released before 2013 Edit gamingeek
[] XCX - FULL LIST OF ENGLISH VOICE ACTORS Many Funimation regulars Edit gamingeek
[] Just Cause 3 street date broken over a week ahead of launch Just Paws 3 delayed till 2016 Edit gamingeek
[] Gabe Newell invests in cooking tool maker Half Fried 2? Edit gamingeek
[] Tearaway Unfolded Christmas DLC lets you dress up as Santa or a Snowman Edit gamingeek
[] How To Get Good Video Game Reviews From Journalists (In 5 Easy Steps) Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Tom Clancy's The Division Teaser Edit gamingeek
[] "I'll give you $1M for the rights to publish DOAX" "in the states. Serious offer, for whatever it's worth.") Edit gamingeek
[] République : trailer PS4 Edit gamingeek
[] NES designer talks about failed collab with Sony laments graphics over gameplay Edit gamingeek
[] Kamiya asks fans what sequel, spin-off they'd like to see from Platinum and Okami tops the bill Edit gamingeek
[] Europe getting Xenoblade Chronicles X data packs prior to release as well Edit gamingeek
[]  SEGA 3D Classics: Archives 2 Collection Games listed Edit gamingeek
[] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Game store items coming soon Edit gamingeek
DOA Xtreme 3 won't be heading West ... camera mode is Playstation VR compatible Edit SupremeAC
[] Splatoon is $25 on Black Friday. For cheap Americans. Edit travo
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