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[] Game Under Podcast Ep. 67 Foolz and Aspro redefine podcasting excellence. E3, Witcher 3 and a stolen mp3 to end it all. Edit editorial impressions news aspro
[] Splatoon to get extra mode on Thursday There. Now everybody can stop whining Edit news SupremeAC
[] NX hardware to be developed in the U.S by N.T.D Lead Graphics Architect hired to set future graphics direction for Nintendo Edit gamingeek
Star Fox Zero devs – origins, co-op, amiibo, not a remake GamePad importance, and more Edit gamingeek
[] Approval ratings of Nintendo Directors rise at recent shareholder’s meeting Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft in talks to buy AMD – report PS4 royalties going to MS? Edit gamingeek
[] Miyamoto: 'Star Fox Zero is not so far from a VR experience' Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that one of the firm's upcoming titles would work well with the technology. Edit gamingeek
[] Miyamoto 'not actively participating' in NX development "I’ve pulled myself back out of some of the hardware section" Edit gamingeek
[] Gamer destroys PS3 controller, blames German football star who replaces it for him, Das Ist gut? Edit gamingeek
[] Fallout 4's real life Pip-Boy doesn't work with iPhone 6+ Or larger screen phones Edit gamingeek
[] Naughty Dog scrapped 8 months' work on Uncharted 4 after Amy Hennig left, says Nolan North Edit gamingeek
[] Sony offers free gift to loyal PlayStation Plus fans as service celebrates 5th anniversary Edit gamingeek
[] Arkham Knight guide - how to master the combat system "Button mash, dodge, repeat" Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Targeting 60FPS Single-Player Might Be Lower Edit gamingeek
[] Iwata wants to maintain value of products New membership service will give you more Edit gamingeek
[] Miyamoto: A Single Good game is not enough anymore German interview Edit gamingeek
[] 2 x The Division Artworks Edit gamingeek
[] Visceral Games Star Wars game is like Uncharted Amy Henig involved Edit gamingeek
[] Euro downloads - July 2 Ocarina of Time FE: Shadow Dragon and more Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon - devs on map rotation, upcoming updates and how the development continues Edit gamingeek
[] Earthbound Beginnings - review "It shows its age, with an antiquated script and relentless grinding, but the wit and humor that other Earthbound/Mother games possess shines through" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Those NX/Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumors you've been hearing Yes, we are well aware of the chatter about NX costing $150 and Diddy Kong Racing 2 being in development Edit gamingeek
[] Universal Studios Japan getting new RE attraction Videos here Edit media gamingeek
Cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force immediately!!!! VIDEO - MASKED MAN THREATENS Edit gamingeek
[] Reggie teases colors/variants for New 3DS XL NX development, amiibo sales, mobile approach Edit gamingeek
[] Microsoft claims to have developed superior Oculus Rift lenses Get your Royalty Check hand ready Mr. Rift. Edit news aspro
New DQ8 Footage Battles will also run 1.5 times faster. Edit media news aspro
Steins;Gate Finally Dated Classic game finally coming west. Edit news aspro
[] Arkham PC Fixes "will take some time" And are "significant" Edit news aspro
[] Vetran PSN Members Getting Awesome Gift A personalized print of their gaming experience from Sony. Edit news aspro
[] HoloLens is Blowing Up! No, really. A bunch of them blew up in space. Edit news aspro
[] Mojang is Shutting Down Scrolls Will defer to their Elders. Edit news aspro
[] Australia bans 220 video games in 4 months USA FTW. Edit news aspro
[] NOLAN NORTH MAY HAVE OUTED THE LAST OF US 2 It's OK TLoU2, at least you can marry whomever you want now! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Sony 'probably would have' cancelled The Last Guardian if fans hadn't kept asking Edit gamingeek
Ryo voice actor returns for Shenmue III "Where can I find some sailors?" Edit gamingeek
[] "VR is going to yield this staggering orgasm of the new" Unity CEO John Riccitiello on the company's role in building a market for VR software, and why he's no fan of the "sour grapes" offered by the cynics Edit gamingeek
[] First item sold on Amazon Mexico was Fire Emblem Ike Amiibo Steel was this you? Edit gamingeek
[] 'Reserve judgement' on Kiefer Sutherland as Snake until you play MGS5, says Troy Baker Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted PS4 being made by Koei Tecmo Waters Online: Gran Atlas Edit gamingeek
[] Spector gives thoughts on Nintendo, Epic Mickey "Let's say there are 2500 games being shown. 2400 of them all look exactly alike. You can't even tell which one you're looking at, you know? And it drives me crazy" Edit gamingeek
[] GoNintendo goes Ad-free with sponsorship from Nicalis Inc. For the next year, they'll be sponsored by your friends at Nicalis to go ad-free. No flashing banners, no creepy AdWords with your recent Google searches. Just games and gaming talk, pure and simple. Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo open to bringing other IPs into Animal Crossing "“Obviously we don’t know what the next Animal Crossing is going to look like, but if the addition of other IPs in the next Animal Crossing is going to really excite both fans..." Edit gamingeek
[] Metroid Prime: Federation Force - more than just an FPS "When [other Nintendo employees] see the games I create, they might be unique, and people may not agree with them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to make games that focus on Tingle.” Edit gamingeek
[] Reggie says transforming IP is important Asks fans to trust Nintendo with Metroid Prime: Federation Force Edit gamingeek
[] Shovel Knight exclusive content coming to Wii U/3DS Plague of Shadows/battle mode update Edit gamingeek
Disney Infinity devs say nothing's off the table including Howard the Duck, Monkey Island & more Edit gamingeek
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival amiibo included in set Isabelle and Digby Edit gamingeek
[] David Wise working on unannounced Nintendo project RUMOR - Diddy Kong Racing 2? Edit news gamingeek
Miiverse to undergo extensive changes later this summer Screenshot Album will hold all of your screenshots, up to 100 Edit media gamingeek
[] Iwata's full comments on the Nintendo NX translated Must read - for riddle solvers Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo Aims to Avoid 'Notorious' Smart Device Business Models With Its Releases Edit gamingeek
[] These are the sorts of questions Nintendo gets asked by shareholders "Why can't we get a Princess Peach hentai?" Edit gamingeek
[] Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga "The console had a red ring and I had one too from a recent trip to India" Edit gamingeek
[] What does it take to run Arkham Knight smoothly on PC? An act of God Edit gamingeek
[] Molyneux wants fellow developers to test his next game Fellow developers don't want to Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo to offer NX "through a Nintendo-like solution" "With regard to the launch of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U not necessarily having progressed well and not acquiring sufficient support from software publishers, we intend..." Edit gamingeek
[] Kitchen highlights the strengths and weaknesses of VR Capcom horror Edit gamingeek
[] Iwata aiming to satisfy Wii U owners "To the maximum extent possible" Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo Cross (NX) hardware concept reveal   Fun but fake? Edit gamingeek
[] Blast Ball is only the Tutorial in Metroid Federation Force With an Intriguing Story Promised Edit gamingeek
[] News: The Smart Boy Is Real Will Let You Play Original Game Boy Carts On Your Smartphone Edit gamingeek
[] Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information Leak: Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers dad!!!!! Edit gamingeek
[] Warner Bros aware of Arkham Knight PC problems months ago, report claims Edit gamingeek
[] Buy Fallout 4 from the Xbox Store for £59.99 and get Fallout 3 'free' Edit gamingeek
[] Supply chain players gear up for new Nintendo NX "Mass production will start in May or June 2016, while the console's official launch may take place..." Edit gamingeek
[] Uncharted 4 details Edit gamingeek
[] Metroid Prime: Federation Force will expand the Metroid universe Timeline details discussed Edit gamingeek
Yooka-Laylee - Grant Kirkhope, Andy Robinson video interview Edit editorial gamingeek
[] Splatoon - Tower Control footage Edit gamingeek
[] E3: Nintendo received many proposals for joint initiatives Iwata on third-party collaborations Edit gamingeek
[] E3: Miyamoto Defends Near-Term Focus Rather Than Dream-Like Demonstrations Edit gamingeek
[] A Nintendo NX Release in Summer 2016? The Pros, Cons and Questionable Likelihood of Edit gamingeek
[] Bungie hired Arrested Development guy to make Destiny funny Edit gamingeek
[] MGSV: Special Edition/Limited Pack Edit gamingeek
[] New Development Center lets Nintendo make products that astonish & entertain the world Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo on their approach to E3 this year Recognizing that fans were let down Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo won't devalue their IPs by flooding the market with licensed merchandise Edit gamingeek
[] Iwata on the challenges of Virtual Console releases working with 3rd party content Edit gamingeek
New Ace Attorney 3DS themes available alongside franchise sale Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem Fates' Gay issue causes controversy Woman given a drug that makes her see men as women, thus allowing her to become attracted to someone that's not actually a woman. Edit gamingeek
[] N64 controller hacked to work on Xbox One Who needs the Elite controller? Edit gamingeek
Tom Towers Reviews Witcher III "The dogs are already salivating." Edit editorial impressions aspro
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