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[] Digital Foundry vs Twilight Princess HD "The leap in texture quality is tremendous - Every surface - No stone is left unturned, and it's hugely satisfying to see the upgrade in effect" Edit gamingeek
[] Far Cry Primal : new trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Arslan Warriors : launch trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Unravel : launch trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Metal Gear Solid 5 DLC introduces Quiet & 3 new maps to Metal Gear Online Edit gamingeek
[] StarFox Zero facing development troubles RUMOR - More inside info Edit gamingeek
[] English translation of Nintendo's investors meeting Q&A now available Edit gamingeek
[] Famitsu - This week's scans, Twilight Princess HD Ace Attorney, and more Edit gamingeek
[] Amazon launches free game engine Lumberyard aim is to earn profit through licencing of servers for online play Edit news SupremeAC closing GameOver Edit news Punk Rebel Ecks
[] Hitman GS preview, crazy AI. Sounds like the hitman we all loved. Edit impressions Dvader
[] Takahashi, Eguchi, Koizumi will decide what NX games are made Not like in the past when it was Iwata and Miyamoto Edit gamingeek
[] Two more Shenmue 3 pics Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo working to foster younger developers introduce them to the public Edit gamingeek
[] NX software engineer "It's so secretive that sometimes even I don't know what I'm working on" Edit gamingeek
[] Ace Attorney 6 - more screens Edit gamingeek
[] $12,000 castles - Shroud of the Avatar's booming housing market Not bad for a game in pre-alpha Edit SupremeAC
[] GameSpot: Scalebound and Gears 4 coming to PC then removes comment Edit gamingeek
[] Somebody made Generic FPS: The Movie and it is stupid and amazing Edit gamingeek
[] Free anime on Windows store for PC, Xbox owners So far, we have The Devil is a Part Timer and STEINS GATE Edit gamingeek
[] Sex With A Video Game Controller Is Something People Like Doing Edit gamingeek
[] Zynga posts $117 million full-year loss Edit gamingeek
study on how gaming habits change with age competitive games become less attractive Edit SupremeAC
[] The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries begins February 23 Edit gamingeek
[] Hitman Hands-On Gameplay Preview Edit gamingeek
[] McFarlane Toys Announces Titanfall 2 Toys Pew Pew Edit news gamingeek
[] Ancel on Beyond Good and Evil 'it was hard to sell a heroine who can not handle gun and who does not have a big chest, it was something new' Edit gamingeek
[] Guitar Hero Live idea was mine, I wasn't credited Former Activision dev Edit gamingeek
[] Star Wars x Mario Kart Trailer Amazing Edit gamingeek
How LEGO’s Adapting Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Most Devastating Scene Edit gamingeek
[] Heavy Rain PS4 will cost £7.99 if you've already bought Beyond: Two Souls Edit gamingeek
[] President Obama loves Anime Which makes it Un-American to avoid it Edit gamingeek
[] Ubisoft sales tumble in Q3 Edit gamingeek
[] Need for Speed is coming to PC on March 17 with 4K visuals and unlocked frame rate Edit gamingeek
[] Cross-buy functionality will be an Xbox "platform feature" and cross-save Edit gamingeek
[] Total War: Warhammer The Empire Grand Campaign gameplay walkthrough Edit gamingeek
[] Trials HD, LEGO Batman, Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space Now XB1 compatible Edit gamingeek
[] Ubi: "A Message from the Assassin's Creed Team" "This year, we also are stepping back and re-examining the Assassin’s Creed franchise. As a result, we’ve decided that there will not be a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2016" Edit gamingeek
Dead Island retro revenge spotted Edit gamingeek
[] Destiny coming in 2017 Edit gamingeek
[] [Official] Quantum Break announcéd for PC Alan Wake for One + trailer live & gameplay Edit media gamingeek
[] NPD - Jan. 2016 top 10, analysis and more Hardware down 15%, software down 10% Edit gamingeek
[] Pokemon Splatfest launching worldwide on Feb. 19th Head to the Inkopolis Plaza and select which game is your favorite: Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue! Edit gamingeek
[] Alexis Kennedy on: Redemption comparing Kickstarters to the Crusades Edit editorial SupremeAC
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