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[] Unreal Engine 4.15 released, Switch supported, but in the "experimental phase" We have partnered with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch! Edit gamingeek
[] 54% of Japanese devs are developing for Switch Survey - 25% are considering it Edit gamingeek
[] For Honor reviews round-up critics are in love with the game's multiplayer Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Certain "childish" Valve members are to blame for Half-Life 3 teasers and rumours Edit gamingeek
[] For Honor Launch trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Apocalypse Now  pics Edit gamingeek
[] Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't an open-world game but it is "exploration-based" Edit gamingeek
[] How Ubisoft designed its latest IP to last and last ... For Honor, For Ever? Edit gamingeek
[] Japanese Switch commercials Edit gamingeek
[] 2D Zelda on Switch a possibility Aonuma wants 3DS Zelda dev team to evolve 2D Edit gamingeek
[] Gabe Newell originally thought the DS was "kinda stupid" believed PSP would crush it Edit gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem Heroes - 'New heroes are here' trailer content update for Feb. 15th, 2017 Edit media gamingeek
[] Here's our first look at FIFA on Switch DF suggests it's not running on Frostbyte like PS4/Xbone Edit SupremeAC
IGN looks at 61 Switch titles Edit gamingeek
[] Koizumi on Switch's philosophy, bringing in new gamers importance of two Joy-Cons & more Edit gamingeek
[] SF2's first person mode looks horrible uses SF5 assets Edit SupremeAC
[] PlayStation Now is discontinuing service on PS3, Vita and PlayStation TV Edit SupremeAC
[] Switch e-shop Purchases are Tied to an Account not the Console Halle-frickin-lugah! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Capcom still filing for Deep Down trademarks, but does it actually still exist? Edit gamingeek
[] DiRT Rally VR for PS4 Edit gamingeek
[] Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories Edit gamingeek
[] To understand 1-2 Switch, look back at Nintendo's crazy pre-history Edit gamingeek
[] PewDiePie apologises for offensive video responds to Wall Street Journal coverage Edit gamingeek
[] Take-Two's Zelnick talks mobile, movies and GTA V's continued success Edit gamingeek
[] Someone got a Nintendo Switch early and posted a video Revealing the UI Edit gamingeek
Switch - first unboxing video Edit gamingeek
[] Why Are People Mad About Breath of the Wild's DLC? GameSpot's The Lobby - Edit gamingeek
[] Red Dead 2 May Be Coming To PC Rumor....Christ make it happen Rockstar! Edit edgecrusher
[] A German site opens up a Switch Says it's a Tegra X 2, uses the Pascal architecture - GeForce GTX 1050 estimated power? Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom x Nintendo Switch discussion panel Nintendo doubled Switch memory due to Capcom. Looking to port RE7 Engine - wants to make AAA Switch games. More too... Edit gamingeek
[] A Switch has been taken apart See what's inside Edit gamingeek
[] Kingdom Hearts III : new pic Edit gamingeek
[] FF VII remake screens Edit media gamingeek
There are tons of new 3DS games coming - Aonuma - seems everyone gets the unified pipeline except for Nintendo Edit gamingeek
[] Sumo on Snakepass and Switch Edit gamingeek
[] GAF user has Switch reclaimed by Nintendo It was stolen Edit gamingeek
[] SUDA on Switch development Also wants Travis in Smash Edit gamingeek
[] Why ZELDA SPACEWORLD 2000 FOOTAGE Changed to Wind Waker Edit media gamingeek
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