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[] The Witcher almost became a Diablo clone. Vader would have been so happy. Edit news travo
[] Is Dragon Quest XI Coming to PS4? Cor Blimey! Robio may have to buy a new system! Edit news phantom_leo
[] Capcom Bringing Nintendo Exclusive RE0 To Every Modern Gaming System But The Wii U Edit gamingeek
[] First Screens of SteamWorld Heist on 3DS Edit gamingeek
[] Perception: new horror game from some BioShock devs Starring the dude from Will and Grace Edit gamingeek
[] What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco? Honest trailers Edit media gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem: Awakening nearing 2m sales Fire Emblem: Awakening is nearing – and possibly already surpassed – 2m sales, according to developer Intelligent Systems Edit gamingeek
[] Mad Max: Savage Road Story Trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Project Cars: Wii U-Version kommt nicht in Fahrt My German lessons lead me to believe this means: the Wii U version is not a fart Edit gamingeek
[] Resident Evil Zero HD screens Edit media gamingeek
[] FFXIV Heavensward : new images Edit gamingeek
[] Resident Evil 0 HD : Capcom confirms Not coming to Nintendo one would guess Edit gamingeek
[] Link and Zelda Get Married at GameStop on Memorial Day Weekend Edit gamingeek
[] Dyack says Shadow of the Eternals still alive announcements coming 'in the future' Edit news gamingeek
[] Fire Emblem If - Another round of Famitsu interview details (gameplay, characters, classes and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon - soundtrack samples playlist Ad music featured? Edit gamingeek
[] Details on an N64DD game that never released - worked on by Shigesato Itoi (Mother), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) and Tsunekazu Ishihara Edit gamingeek
[] Yoshi's Woolly World - Over 40 amiibo supported to give woolly #Yoshi adorable patterns in Yoshi's Woolly World! Edit gamingeek
[] European downloads - May 29 (Splatoon, Fossil Frontier and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Dragon Quest VIII - More details StreetPass functionality, no Stereoscopic 3D Edit gamingeek
[] Project Cars on the Wii U basically dead Developers moving production to the NX Edit news Nintyfan17
[] Sony featured on Watchdog 28th May, 8pm UK - theft and "no refunds." Edit gamingeek
[] Natsume says PC/3DS/Wii U titles at E3 says more Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley DLC coming Edit gamingeek
[] RUMOR - LEGO Worlds in development Minecraft like Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon reviews megathread Lots of 9s and 8s Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Wii U Bloodstained will be handled by Metroid guys Armature aka Ex-Retro Studios trio will be handling it Edit gamingeek
[] 10 Great Doom Features That Need To Make A Comeback How about GAMEPLAY iD? Edit gamingeek
[] Greed, fear, and the potential to change the world will drive VR Analysts say - everyone else knows porn will drive it, drive it right into that gi*** ******* Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo Wanted To Make Humble Bundle A Global Offer Expects To Do So "Eventually" Edit gamingeek
[] Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night gets Wii U stretch goal See Capcom, it can havz gamez Edit gamingeek
[] Take a Look at the Lighter Side of Ultra Street Fighter IV' Poor PlayStation 4 Launch Edit gamingeek
[] Rogue Legacy : trailer Launch Edit gamingeek
[] Sword Art Online : double Remastered for PS4 Looks like Hamster will get some use out of PS4 Edit gamingeek
[] The Technomancer : new images Edit gamingeek
[] Itagaki discusses how Devil's Third is different from their previous games, consider it a 'war' game Edit gamingeek
Splatoon - Single player commercial See ma? There is single player Edit gamingeek
[] GoNintendo Review - Splatoon "Splatoon shows that Nintendo has what it takes to make an existing, over-saturated genre feel fresh and captivating" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Splatoon - review round-up "Beautiful and wildly addictive, this joins Mario Kart as one of the finest multiplayer games available." Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo World Report's Splatoon review in progress "Overall, Splatoon makes for an amazing online game, likely the most engaging online experience Nintendo has ever made. The multiplayer is sublime" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Gamersyde review Splatoon "For a first attempt Splatoon is nothing less than a master stroke" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] The Verge reviews Splatoon "Splatoon is a game that takes one of the most intimidating genres and reimagines it as something anyone can play. And it proves that Nintendo can still surprise." Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Splatoon review in progress by Nintendo Life "Splatoon is easily the freshest shooter in years and delivers superbly on all fronts" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Nintendo Everything reviews Splatoon "Pretty much top to bottom, every part of it is a dance between polished comfort and excited brilliance" Edit gamingeek
[] The Guardian reviews Splatoon "Beautiful and wildly addictive, this joins Mario Kart as one of the finest multiplayer games available" Edit gamingeek
[] Forbes review Splatoon "'Splatoon' Is The Fresh IP Nintendo Has Needed For A Decade" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] GameXplain video review Splatoon "The multiplayer is straight-up the most fun I’ve had on the Wii U. And the online worked flawlessly" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] US Gamer reviews Splatoon - 4 out of 5 "The game's single-player is an absolutely amazing puzzle platformer that deserves some expansion" Edit gamingeek
The Escapist reviews Splatoon 9/10 "The game's single player is surprisingly in-depth for a title that has been marketed as a multiplayer game, combining elements of platforming and shooting in a style of game that reminds me of..." Edit impressions gamingeek
NSider review Splatoon 9/10 "Nintendo have done it again. Splatoon feels incredibly different to anything that you’ve played before, and is all the more refreshing for it" Edit impressions gamingeek
[] Oculus: will cost you ~$1,500 The headset and computer to run it Edit gamingeek
[] Sony introduces PS Plus Specials for exclusive members-only discounts and deals Edit gamingeek
[] Splatoon: One Giant Leap For Nintendo One Small Step For Inklings Siliconera Edit gamingeek
[] Bonuses should be tied to innovation, not profit - Raymond Good luck with that Edit gamingeek
[] PDP announce Metal Mario 30th Anniversary Pad Wii U pad, looks like a GC controller only in shiny metal mario casing Edit news gamingeek
[] Oculus Rift price teased; new input solution to show at E3 in June Place your bets - Power Glove or another Wii remote rip? Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom pulls PS4 Ultra SF4 from its own tournament "We're that shit" - they may or may not have said Edit gamingeek
[] What does it take to run The Witcher 3 at 1080p60? An act of God Edit gamingeek
[] Sony admits 'sparse' PlayStation 2014 line-up promises to sign more third-party deals Edit gamingeek
[] A new Xbox One controller looks set to launch in June Just what XB1 needed? Edit gamingeek
[] Capcom addresses Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 problems The problems are Deep Down Edit gamingeek
[] 10 x Batman: Arkham Knight pics Edit gamingeek
[] Killer Instinct : trailer - Aria Edit gamingeek
[] Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus -clips F****** awesome Edit gamingeek
Game Informer Test Chamber - Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition Edit gamingeek
[] Humble Bundle team discusses region locking on Wii U deal Edit gamingeek
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