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[] A Way Out dev criticises PS4 "This is like a five-year-old PC" Edit gamingeek
[] 22 x Dragon Quest XI Edit gamingeek
[] ​EA Tiburon's Jon Sullivan killed Parking lot dispute Edit gamingeek
[] Switch game coming that teaches players to make Switch games It's like that episode of the Twilight Zone Edit gamingeek
[] Assassin's Creed Origins hunting, underwater night gameplay demoed in hour of footage             Edit media gamingeek
[] Metro Exodus looks like the STALKER 2 fans have  waited years for  Edit gamingeek
[] Mario Odyssey: Switch's next big technical showcase? Digital Foundry Edit gamingeek
[] Modern Warfare Remastered reportedly going on sale  as standalone game Edit gamingeek
Composer Yuzo Koshiro not sure why Switch exists feels it doesn't offer anything novel Edit gamingeek
[] IGN - Rocket League devs talk multiplayer features HD Rumble, 60fps/720p and more Edit gamingeek
[] ​ARMS devs have lots of lore planned Game could see even more new content if its popular enough Edit gamingeek
[] Why it's taken so long for another 2D Metroid Metroid: Other M criticisms Edit gamingeek
[] ​Switch - Firmware update 3.0.0 now available Patch notes, lots of new stuff Edit gamingeek
[] WWE fan push for Mother 3 localization AGAIN Motherf****** Edit gamingeek
[] Analyst says Switch to faces supply issues through 2017 due to component shortage Edit gamingeek
[] ​Switch firmware 3.0.0 - video tour Lots of new features - still no Netflix or web browser Edit gamingeek
[] ​GameSpot - Pokken Tournament DX footage Who's double dipping? Or in this case, Pokking? Edit media gamingeek
[] ​3DS accounts for more than 50% of Nintendo's business Says man in Captain Obvious T-shirt Edit gamingeek
[] Someone beat Threes and it took 3.33 years for that to happen too. Edit news SupremeAC
[] ​Arms first week sales in Japan rivals Tekken 7’s and Street Fighter 5s combined debuts Edit gamingeek
[] Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever Free games, one every two weeks Edit news SupremeAC
[] ​Rumour: LA Noire remaster to feature VR support  and first person mode Edit gamingeek
[] Rumor: Here's Bully 2 concept art Edit gamingeek
Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Kennedy Won't Be Voiced By Matt Mercer, Capcom Teases SDCC 2017 Showing​ Edit gamingeek
[] We went back to Super Mario Odyssey's demo  and discovered even more      Edit gamingeek
[] Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood connection issues  DDoS attack             Edit gamingeek
[] NPD results, PS4 back on top Switch hardware supply constrained Edit gamingeek
[] EA looking at IP for Switch - watching sales And "what the technology connections need to be for that" i.e Frostbite support? Edit gamingeek
[] ​Level-5 once again shows interest in Switch development "Well, l""I think it’s time to increase our foreign trade development department with the Nintendo Kingdom" Edit gamingeek
[] ​Nintendo/Ubisoft on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle  - collaboration details, Ubisoft praise for Nintendo/Switch Edit gamingeek
[] Snake Pass Patch Adds Trials and Leaderboards  for Switch - Fixes and Improvements Across All Platforms Edit gamingeek
​HORI releasing Air Stereo Switch headset Edit gamingeek
[] New PS4 firmware update released improves the thing you suspect it would Edit gamingeek
[] Knack 2 : gameplay videos Edit gamingeek
[] ​Texas judge calls for an end to Oculus and ZeniMax's "big, hairy fight" Edit gamingeek
[] Scibetta: Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon Switch for 2018 release Update: From 2018 Edit gamingeek
[] ARMS devs talk character design, Helix creation process challenge of making a new IP Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo apologizes for Switch shortages in Japan production ramping up starting July Edit gamingeek
[] Angela Merkel to open Gamescom 2017 *Que Darth Vader theme* Edit news SupremeAC
[] Amy Hennig's Star Wars game called 'Project Ragtag' set between New Hope and Empire Strikes Back - rumour Edit gamingeek
[] Square Enix Has Been 'Tenacious' in Ongoing Conversations About Final Fantasy XIV on Switch Edit gamingeek
Splatoon 2 - new song by Wet Floor named ''Endolphin Surge'' - listen here Edit gamingeek
[] ​ARMS - UK overview trailer Edit gamingeek
[] Pro Evo Soccer 2018 not coming to Switch BBut Konami will consider future entries for the platform Edit gamingeek
[] ​Steam Summer Sale 2017: here’s the list of games featured in daily highlighted deals Edit gamingeek
[] Why Monster Hunter: World Leaves Behind Handhelds  "Cause Nintensucks" says Capcom. Ok, no. Edit gamingeek
​de Blob 2 now available for PC De Wait is over Edit gamingeek
[] Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed  after poking fun at Xbox             Edit gamingeek
[] ​PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits 4 million sales in 3 months Edit gamingeek
[] ​This week's North American downloads - June 22  (Ever Oasis, RPG Maker Fes and more) Edit gamingeek
​GoNintendo Video Review - Ever Oasis "An absolutely astounding blend of multiple genres, including the resource management of Animal Crossing" Edit impressions gamingeek
​Hey! Pikmin - Demo Trailer Edit gamingeek
​Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle's creative director reflects on his emotional reaction Edit gamingeek
[] ​This week's European downloads - June 22  (Hey! Pikmin demo, Runbow Pocket, Sonic Sale and more) Edit gamingeek
[] Samus Returns Euro special Edition Is truly special Edit gamingeek
[] ​Naughty Dog, Sony look back on filming the infamous Crash Bandicoot yelling at Nintendo commercial Edit gamingeek
[] TumbleSeed sales did not reach expectations  on any platform - dev postmortem here Edit gamingeek
[] Nintendo - Switch shortages aren't intentional miscommunication on NES Classic, 3DS support, fan-games & more Edit gamingeek
[] Former Metroid Prime devs hopes for the series' future "Imagine cyclopean bosses pursuing you under the skin of a verdant moon across kilometres of terrain, scatting buildings and native life in its wake until you finally lure it to a battlefield..." Edit gamingeek
[] ​Cyber Japan releasing Switch grip Makes it as comfy as the Wii U pad Edit gamingeek
[] Arms: Conan O'Brien vs Will Arnett Video Edit gamingeek
[] GameXplain's Discussion of Super Mario Odyssey Ignore it it's not an Analysis. Edit impressions Nintyfan17
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