TheAlexJonesChannel has been suspended from Youtube for simply showing a newspaper article under Fair Use laws that was discussing HIMSELF. (Alex Jones, founder of,, prominent "conspiracy theorist")

The channel had 40,000+ subscribers and 1.5 million channel views, videos usually got 1 million + views within a week. Now apparently the channel is staying suspended unless they can get the newspaper to drop the (baseless) copyright charges, which would basically involve having to sue them. And it isn't just this channel, it seems like Youtube is starting an effort to purge all "Alternative media" off the internet.

Along with videos like Loose Change and Zeitgeist, most of Alex Jones' videos being #1 at some point on Google Video is probably one of the main reasons Google Video decided to remove their view counts and Top 100 page.
Posted by Yarcofin Wed, 06 May 2009 15:54:57 (comments: 2)
Wed, 06 May 2009 16:59:36
Welcome to the United States DMCA.  Here's how it works in general:

-DMCA complaint is filed
-Material must be removed
-Counter-DMCA is filed
-Investigation decides whether it stands

At Youtube, I believe the number is 3 DMCA claims and the account is suspended.  It will be unsuspended pending the counter-DMCA claims, but that takes a week.
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