Yes, I finally passed my Rigger's exam at Mammoet. Now you might be wondering what a Rigger does. Well a Rigger assist the crane operator. He fastens the load with chains, ropes, bands and other fastening materials.

You can see the rigging in the above picture. The is a metal spreader with two bands that are attached to the crane hook. Two superloops that are attached between the load and the metal spreader. 

He is also the eyes of the crane operator. You give hand signals to get the load to a certain spot, because the rigger has a better view than the crane operator.  Or sometimes when there is no direct view between crane operator and rigger other means of communication like a walkie talkie. 

There was a two day course followed by 2 theoretical and 1 practical exam. The theoretical exams were two simple multiple choice exams, but the awesome part was the practical exam. I needed to fasted a straight pipe to the crane. Give hand signs to assist the crane operator. Manoeuvre the pipe behind a wall and give instructions with a walkie talkie, move it back and lower the pipe back to were it was. 

It went well, but not fast. But who cares, safety first. Another part was to rotate a certain piece. Which was very easy. So it was a great day, I like working outside and doing some physical labour. Oh. almost forgot. The exterminator looked like Super Mario. I am not joking. 

So next Monday to Wednesday I will be in Belgium. I will go there to see a crane build up and help them if necessary. It is meant more as a learning experience than work experience. Mammoet wants their engineers to have some outside experience. 

Oh and the England thing has finally been flushed. The project leader showed the transport pictures of the project. The transport went really smoothly.

Posted by Iga_Bobovic Sat, 20 Mar 2010 18:14:30 (comments: 11)
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Mon, 22 Mar 2010 03:33:56
Amazing how even a b log bout cranes can be derailed!
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