I've done some digging on the sudden disappearance of our beloved and dearly missed fellow forumite Robio.  He was last seen around these parts some 57 days ago today.  Seeing as he was, up to that day, a pilar in the pantheon of our favorite forum, a shining beakon of manpretty within our small community, a fountain of wisdom and wisecracks from which we qould quench (free spelling to accomodate to form) our thirst for companionship within the premiere passtime of our choice; we can only conclude that his disappearance must be down to some grave upheaval imposed upon him over his daily routines.

Further evidence that I have uncovered points towards aspro, friend of man and animal alike, former resident podcaster and henchman to Foolz in their cooperative endavour downunder.  He too disappeared, a mere single day before Robio.  Now aspro's commitment to this here particular nook of the internet has been more shakey, with frequent a smaller hiatus.  He has a habit of turning up again when you least expect him.  However, I feel that it would be naive to see this convergance of events as pure happenstance.  Clearly, Aspro has travelled the globe to Florida and once there has localised our good friend Robio.  The question is to what end.  Now I can hardly image Aspro travelling there with the intent to do Robio any harm.  Aspro has been very outspoken against violence, and if he did develop a knack for torturing forumites, he could have saved on travel costs and paid a visit to Foolz instead.  Therefor we must deduce that his motives were more philantropic.  If not violence, what other base instinct can propel someone to cover such distance?  Why only love!

I rest my case with this final statement: Aspro and Robio are now travelling the globe together, deeply, madly, manly in love.  Both have been so blinded by hormones that they have travelled off the grid, to some unspoken place where wifi nor LTE are available.  I wish them all the best together, and may they both resurface soon as better, happier men.

Posted by SupremeAC Tue, 10 Apr 2018 14:21:54 (comments: 22)
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Mon, 16 Apr 2018 21:29:22
LOL at the trump tweets.
Mon, 23 Apr 2018 09:46:01
LOL indeed!
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